Pinpoint Weather: Colorado's Most Accurate ForecastFrom Meteorologist Chris Tomer

Warmer Today, Cloud Cover: We’ll start mostly cloudy then turn sunny this afternoon across the Front Range.  Highs around 65.

Mountains: Mostly cloudy to start then turning sunny this afternoon.  Windy on the Divide, 20-60mph.  Highs in the 30s and 40s.

Warm Thanksgiving: Skies go partly to mostly sunny for your Thursday through Friday including your holiday.  Temperatures will reach the 70s for Thursday & Friday.  The record high for November 23rd & Thanksgiving is 73 degrees.  We are forecasting 72.  So, if the temperature hits 74 degree or higher it would make for the warmest Thanksgiving on record and the warmest November 23rd…two records!

Kink in Mountain Forecast Friday: Windy with a few snow showers in the Northern Mountains.  Gusts 30-70mph.

Quiet Outlook:  The temperatures will cool into the low 60s on Saturday with plenty of sunshine.  We quickly return to the upper 60s on Sunday & Monday with more sunshine to enjoy.  We are looking at a sharp drop in temperatures to the upper 40s to about 50 degrees on Tuesday.  Right now that swing comes with no snow or rain.  However, we will have to watch it closely for a possible storm.

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