We have a very quiet weather pattern shaping up across Colorado and most of the western United States.  The jet stream is retreating up into Canada taking all storms with it and targeting the cold and snow toward the Great Lakes and New England.  So, that leaves us with high pressure as our main weather influence which will result in a good deal of sunshine each day through the end of next week.  Temperatures will warm into the mid to upper 40s on Saturday with breezy conditions.  On Sunday it will be cooler with highs in Denver returning to the chilly 30s along with some gusty wind.  That will be followed by a steady warming trend that gets the metro and Front Range quickly into upper 40s and warm 50s for most of next week.

BRONCOS GAME FORECAST:  The same weather pattern will bring plenty of sunshine to Levi stadium in Santa Clara, California for Sunday’s big game along with kickoff temps in the 70s and end of game temps still in the 60s.  GO BRONCOS!

Chief Meteorologist Dave Fraser