• Surveillance video of Denver deputies struggling with Marvin Booker in July 2010

    Denver agrees to record-setting $6 million settlement in excessive force case

    DENVER — The city of Denver agreed to a record-setting settlement with the family of Marvin Booker Friday. It’s worth $6 million. Booker died in July 2010 while he was being held in the downtown Denver detention center. Surveillance cameras recorded his struggle with Denver Sheriff’s Office deputies. The agreement still needs to be approved […]

  • baby

    Chiropractic care may help solve some babies’ health issues

    DENVER — I covered this story as I do all stories, as a journalist: fair, unbiased, presenting both sides. But just know that I am a mom, whose newborn spent the first four months a miserable mess. We tried everything and nothing helped. We were sleep deprived and at wits end. Until someone turned us […]

  • Smart car accident

    Regulator tells Chrysler to begin exploding airbag recalls by Monday

    NEW YORK — Federal safety regulators are demanding that Chrysler must begin recalling cars with the exploding Takata airbags by Monday, December 1. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Tuesday fired off letters separately to both Chrysler and Takata asking the companies to immediately step up their efforts nationwide to repair cars that put […]

  • donut

    Put down the doughnut: Trans fat may hurt your memory

    If you can’t remember where your car keys are, you may want to eat fewer muffins. It turns out the more trans fat you eat, the less you may remember, according to a study presented at the American Heart Association’s scientific conference last week. Maybe that explains why some people don’t know how they pack […]

  • Emergency room, Emergency Department

    Avoid Thanksgiving Day emergencies

    DENVER — Getting that holiday meal on the table involves lots of preparation.  Unfortunately,  emergency rooms see an increase in injuries the day before Thanksgiving. Doctors say many injuries result from the improper use of carving knives and burns from cooking surfaces. Here are a few simple guidelines to keep your holiday safe. Avoid wearing […]

  • Jerry Hamilton and his family

    Colorado veteran’s appeal for caregiver benefit denied

    DENVER — A U.S. Army Veteran profiled by FOX31 a week ago has lost his appeal with the Department of Veteran’s Affairs to have a key benefit restored. Jerry Hamilton, 43, has PTSD from three combat tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan.  He moved his family in June to Colorado Springs from Tennessee so […]

  • Demonstrators surround a police car parked under the harbor freeway in Los Angeles. They chanted no justice no piece no racist police. Thee were angry words but no punches thrown. Photo: CNN

    Ferguson decision protests across the country clog streets, highways

    Large protests took place in major cities across the U.S. Tuesday night as a result of the grand jury decision not to indict the police officer who killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. The following are details as they happened. [Breaking news update at 12:48 a.m. ET] The situation in Oakland, California, got more unruly […]

  • officer-punching-suspect

    Denver Police accused of using excessive force, illegal search

    Editors Note: Updates to this story can be found here. DENVER — FOX31 Denver has obtained video of a Denver Police officer punching an unarmed suspect in the face six times, then moments later, tripping the man’s seven-and-a-half-months pregnant girlfriend. A witness who recorded the August arrest on his Samsung tablet said police then seized […]

  • Ferguson

    Ferguson grand jury: No indictment in shooting death of Michael Brown

    FERGUSON, Missouri — A grand jury decided not to indict Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown, setting off fresh confrontations between protesters and police in the tense Missouri city Monday night. By early Tuesday morning, protesters had set a row of businesses on fire in Ferguson. There were so […]

  • photo (24)

    Think Your Thanksgiving is Crazy?

    I think the reason I like Thanksgiving so much is that it’s not attached to any gift-giving tradition:  it’s all about being thankful and it’s all about the food. I’ve been through too many Thanksgivings to count, and while there have been a few blips here and there, our family wasn’t one of those with […]

  • Dutch Glow Amish Wood Milk

    Kirk, Does It Work? Dutch Glow Amish Wood Milk

    Most of us clean or polish furniture in our home every week.  Typically we reach for a can of that standard furniture polish.  Dutch Glow claims those classic products are creating layers upon layers of wax build-up.  Dutch Glow Amish Wood Milk promises to clean those layers off and “bring furniture back to life.” We […]

  • (Photo:

    Use this app to get the lowest prices on your holiday shopping

    NEW YORK — Shopping for holiday gifts usually goes something like this: Check to see if the same item is cheaper on Amazon. Buy the better deal. But what if there’s a better deal at another store close by or even online? A new app from called PriceJump does just that. It helps shoppers […]