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Shaul Turner has covered everything from politics to celebrity news, joining FOX31 News in Denver from WXIA-TV (NBC) in Atlanta, GA where she was a weekday news anchor and franchise reporter. Shaul was previously the evening weekday anchor at WEYI-TV (NBC) in Flint-Saginaw, MI., host/ general assignment reporter at WLNS-TV (CBS) in Lansing, MI., and a writer and press associate for the U. S. Department of the Interior in Washington, D.C.

Shaul earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Arts and Sciences at Michigan State University.

Shaul is the recipient of two Emmy nominations, the CABJ “Journalist Of The Year Award”, the “Excellence in Journalism Award” presented by the Colorado-Wyoming Donor Awareness Council for her work in raising awareness of organ donation, the “YWCA Women Of Achievement Award” and the AALI Unsung Hero Award.

As part of her ongoing community commitment, Shaul is passionate about causes that benefit area youth and works with the Big Idea Project, launched FOX31’s “Reading Is Cool” event and coordinated a FOX31 Faces Of Hunger Summer Campaign in conjunction with the Food Bank Of the Rockies.

Shaul served as a host of the Dumb Friends League Pledges For Pets Telethon for more than five years and supports other animal programs in memory of her adopted dog Sybil and horse Sierra-Shambala. As well, Shaul hosted and covered Denver Polo Club breast cancer awareness events and served as an Evergreen Rodeo Queen judge and Honorary Rodeo Queen of the “Bill Pickett National Invitational Rodeo” to benefit scholarship programs.

You can email Shaul at Shaul.Turner@KDVR.com

Recent Articles
  • Greeley parents protest location of well near Bella Romero Academy

    GREELEY, Colo. — Controversy continues to brew over the placement of an oil and gas drill near the Bella Romero Academy campus in Greeley. A group of parents and activists held a rally on Friday saying a nearby 24 well pad project presents a potential safety risk to students. They are concerned about the effects of any explosion or chemical leak. UNC Earth Guardians founder Megan Meyer tells FOX31, “The bricks in the building are protected but the children are […]

  • Employee sheds light on situation at assisted living centers shut down by state

    LAKEWOOD, Colo. — An employee is revealing some alarming details about how some assisted living centers fall short of providing expected standards of care. The employee, who wants to remain nameless, talked about conditions at two Nurturing Care Home Assisted Living centers closed down this week by the state health department. “I’ve seen what goes on behind the doors once they close, once the families go home it`s a completely different environment,” she said. While the employee makes it clear […]

  • Prepare your family for an active threat: Training resources in Colorado

    DENVER — A coalition of emergency responders across Colorado are reaching out to families to make sure they are prepared for active threats. Colorado has several safety training programs available. Many of them are free. Loa Esquilin of the Denver Office of Emergency Management said training conducted for emergency responders can also help residents prepare for, respond to and recover from active threats. “We’re focusing on teaching teenagers on how they can take charge and respond to an emergency,” Esquilin […]

  • Big changes coming to busy Denver intersections

    DENVER — Pedestrians and drivers across the Denver metro area are getting frustrated with the effect the construction boom is having on many intersections. The growing pains are especially obvious along 19th Avenue and Grant Street east of the downtown area, where a private construction project is taking place. Many pedestrians are left without a sidewalk and must travel out of the way to get to their destinations. Construction companies must adhere to a traffic safety plan, which is strictly […]

  • Mysterious man turns apartment hallway into personal bathroom

    AURORA, Colo. — An Aurora apartment resident tells the FOX31 Problem Solvers a mysterious man is effectively turning her building’s hallway into his own  bathroom. The concerned mother says the man leaves excrement and cigarette butts in the area when he appears at approximately 9 p.m. and doesn’t leave until 7 a.m. The building is located near South Sable Boulevard and East Kentucky Avenue. The resident says she does not want to reveal her identity out of fear of the […]

  • ‘DeepFake’ video software attracts those looking to harm, embarrass others

    DENVER — New artificial intelligence technology  is allowing those with creative talent to do some amazing things, but in the wrong hands that same technology can cause heartbreak and grief. Viral videos show the face of actor Nicholas Cage superimposed onto other actors’ bodies, making it appear that he stars in the films. These are called “DeepFakes,” A.I. technology that allows the user to replace one person’s face with another in a video format. Cyber security expert Mitch Tanenbaum said […]

  • Avoid IRS phone scams targeting personal information

    DENVER — The Better Business Bureau and the Internal Revenue Service are warning of scams designed to steal personal information. An Aurora man said he received a threatening voicemail that said, “There is a legal petition notice filed under your name from the IRS for tax evasion and tax fraud … failure to return the call will result in law enforcement action against you.” The Denver Better Business Bureau said this is a perfect example of the type of scam […]

  • Understand the contract before renting to own appliances

    DENVER — Renting to own is a great choice when you can’t commit to buying expensive appliances,  but if something goes wrong once you plug them in you could be in hot water. Gareth Erwin and Heidi Knight told the FOX31 Problem Solvers they decided to rent a washer and dryer because it was convenient. The home video they shared with FOX31 shows while using the washing machine, water started shooting from the hose, threatening the hot water heater and […]

  • IRS looks into mysterious tax refund case

    DENVER — A family is out of thousands of dollars after their tax return was botched. Andrea Dean had big plans for the nearly $6,000 tax refund she expected last year, including finishing her home renovation. But that money is sitting in a bank account that isn’t hers — and no one has come forward to report the unexpected deposit. “I work all year for this, I expect to have the money back,” she said. Dean said a friend who […]

  • System allows parents to track students after they get on school bus

    DENVER — Concerned parents have options when it comes to keeping track of kids who ride the school bus. Amy Hawkins contacted the FOX31 Problem Solvers when she became frustrated about her son’s school bus arriving late, “I would like to know I have a qualified bus driver, someone who knows their route knows where they’re going especially since my son can’t speak.” Denver Public Schools has more than 200 schools and more than 90,000 students. While buses run smoothly […]

  • Family’s belongings lost after mother’s suicide

    DENVER — Antonio Smith wipes away tears as he describes his loving mother, Vanessa. “She was such a loving mother, I just wish I could have her back,” the 14-year-old said. “She would give anything to help somebody out,” Vanessa’s brother Samuel Kelley said. Kelley said his sister committed suicide on Sunday after receiving devastating news. “The doctor said if she delivered this baby there was a 90 percent chance that her and the baby would not make it so that […]

  • How to help paramedics help you

    DENVER — Jennifer Cardinale said her brother Vincent became ill on Saturday. “He could barely get out of bed, he was throwing up several times, he was getting chills,” she said. With more than 2,000 flu cases in Colorado and a warning from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention saying that number is likely to rise, the natural assumption is that Vincent had the flu. It turns out Vincent’s symptoms were a result of a condition called Serotonin Syndrome, […]