Joshua Maranhas is the 2014 National Press Photographers Association Best of Photojournalism Editor of the Year.

He’s a six time regional Emmy Award winning editor, writer, producer, photographer and storyteller with nineteen years of journalism experience.

From Columbine and the Aurora Theater Shooting, the tough times, to photographing television about distilleries and candy makers, the good times, Josh Maranhas tells the stories of Coloradans.

Now the Chief Editor at KDVR/KWGN he leads a staff of ten highly talented and diverse award winning editors. In addition, he’s editing special projects, producing 30-minute television specials on politics, sports and human interest. Josh oversees 77 hours a week of news programming on two television stations. He’s moving 24 hours a day, working with both AM and PM editing staffs.

One of his greatest rewards is teaching, from AVID, Adobe, to Apple FCP, there’s nothing about editing or television production he doesn’t want to discuss or pass on. Why you should stop using dissolves and start cutting sequences, the difference between jump cuts and match cuts, these are topics he’s spent a career sharing with others.

Josh is a winner of over 30 NPPA quarterly and annual editing awards. He is twice runner up in Best of Photojournalism Editor of the Year. Josh served as chair of the NPPA Quarterly Editing Contest. He’s been nominated for many regional Emmys. Regional Emmy Award winning as an editor in Program, Magazine, Interview Discussion, Environment, Politics and Government, Sports Editing. He’s an Emmy winner in Business Consumer, as a photographer.

Josh is a still photographer and a former darkroom rat. These days he’s an Adobe Lightroom rat. He loves to shoot music, portraits, travel, classic cars and all automotive.

In addition to television storytelling, Josh is passionate about loud music, road trips in his Ford and anything that can be “hot rodded.” He can be found traveling the Interstates and bi-ways of America making memories, photographs and lasting stories on the way.

Recent Articles
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    Denver — Marc Okubo, guitarist of Veil of Maya, thinks of Heavy Music wisely, he’s an evolutionist in genre. Heavy Music can require an acute lens, otherwise a blind eye will not see the genius. It’s played by musicians with great technical skill and often incredible knowledge of music theory. If you’re a fan, you get it, you love it, it makes you think. “There’s this Jazz artist named Tigran Hamasyan that I’m like really really into. I’ve been keeping […]

  • Photos: Pearl Charles from Desert Daze to Bluebird Theater

    Denver — Pearl Charles has a soul that’s neither young nor old, it’s current, it’s deep and thoughtful. Her music, her sound, covers decades. She may not know where she’s going, but she knows where she’s from — Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. Red Bull Sound Select brought her to Denver and that’s where she shared some of the things she’s gained along the road from California to Colorado. Her geographical roots are between Laurel Canyon and Joshua Tree. “I grew […]

  • Photos: Seaway at the Marquis Theater

    Denver — Seaway brought a whole lot of fun to the Marquis Theater last week. They’re touring to support their latest record Vacation, out now with Four Year Strong and continuing to tour with Silverstein in November. Check them out. Guitarist Patrick Carleton said, “we’ve been playing a few new ones. I think the song “Apartment” is my favorite right now. That was the first single off our new record.” Singer Ryan Locke explains the show this way, “Expect a […]

  • Photos: Courage My Love headline Lost Lake in support of Synesthesia

    Denver — Courage My Love’s new record Synesthesia is evolutionary in their writing and performing architecture. It’s got a real electronic vibe by comparison to their older EP’s like For Now. It’s been three years since their last recording and they’re celebrating the changes. They came to Lost Lake on the way from Vans Warped Tour and on the way to tour with Simple Plan. Talking about their latest record. They didn’t set out to make a concept record, but […]

  • Photos: Catching up with Schuylar Croom and He Is Legend at the Moon Room

    Denver — He Is Legend’s Schuylar Croom is someone who is a great music maker, he’s rooted in rock and roll and reality. He’s down to earth. They’re out riding around in an RV on tour. Croom and the band are making their way enjoying mountains, lakes and nature. Schuylar says, “It’s changed our perspective on tour. Stopping at a campground rather than a hotel. You get to see friendly people, families, dogs. Cookout, see nature, more than the inside […]

  • Photos: “Feel This” Descendents Hypercaffium Spazzinate at Fillmore Auditorium

    DENVER — Writing a review of a Descendents show is something I am doing knowing it’s been done many times and it’s been done very poetically and accurately. I could easily write, it is something very special and add an exclamation point. Then insert some photographs and walk away from the keyboard. I’d be safe. That would not be going for “All.” I’m going to do my best to review the show and tell a brief history of Descendents. Descendents are […]

  • Photos: The Wrecks perform We Are The Wrecks at Fillmore Auditorium

    Denver — Standing outside the Fillmore Auditorium and keeping dry during a light rain, I caught up with newcomers The Wrecks. Nick Anderson, Nick Schmidt, Aaron Kelley and Westen Weiss all dodging raindrops with me as we talked. Drummer Billy Nally was absent and out enjoying Denver as we caught up on the Last Young Renegade Tour. Nick Anderson says, of touring with All Time Low, “crowds are awesome, they line up, get here early and are really accepting of […]

  • PHOTOS: Heavy words about heavy music an interview with Thrice

    Denver — Thrice has a career almost two decades long. Punk rock music has a long history that grows and changes with each band that forms. Musicians come from garages, basements and practice spaces around the world.  Subgenres of punk are constantly being added and there’s evolution in the music scene. Thrice through the decades continues to evolve. On a timeline since the 1970s, punk rock added the subgenre “hardcore” punk rock in the 1980s and then “post hardcore” in […]

  • PHOTOS: Vans Warped Tour spins through Pepsi Center

    Denver — From Valient Thorr and Sick of It All, to Creeper and Bad Cop / Bad Cop, there’s something for everyone at Vans Warped Tour. The Warped Tour is a whirlpool, not just in the mosh pit, it’s a busy day of seeing live music. One of the first festivals and the longest running, Warped Tour is a wave of hardcore punk rock, post-hardcore, horror-core, emo, screamo, feminist punk, good old punk rock, plus some rock and roll and […]

  • From Bonnaroo to Boulder Theater Bad Suns thrill live

    Boulder, CO — “Rearview,” the Bad Suns song from the album Language & Perspective, is a great song. Great song, but in life Christo Bowman, Ray Libby and Gavin Bennett don’t seem to be spending much time looking back. They’re rising stars, more precisely rising suns. Their success is due to an incredible work ethic. They’re touring, writing and recording continually. As nonstop as they’re moving, the three are taking things in stride and as they come. They possess a […]

  • Face to Face Econo Live Tour takes a detour to play Punk Rock Bowling Denver

    Salt Lake City, UT — Having a long career in a punk rock band takes a lot of heart. The heart is what keeps you true as you get older. You have to believe every word that you say. Trever Keith is a man to say what he believes. Face to Face is true to their roots in the 90’s and true to the music they make today. Their music is motivating, current and mature. It’s not a dull dwell […]

  • New Future and now songs from Candace live at Summit Music Hall

    Denver — Candace is a band (formally known as Is/Is) not a single person, but three axe wielding rockers. Specifically two bassist / guitar players, who switch off during sets, and a drummer. Sarah and Sarah play the axes, Mara bangs the drums. They got their start in Minneapolis where Sarah Rose and Mara went to middle school together.  Sarah Rose says, “We’ve known each other forever.” They moved the operation to Portland following Mara. “We had some fill in […]