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Kim Posey is the weekend anchor on FOX31. You can also see her reports on FOX31 and Colorado’s Own Channel 2 during the week.

This Emmy award winning journalist has lived in Colorado for many years, and knows the area well. She’s traveled the state and the country covering everything from wildfires, to the JonBenet Ramsey case, to the Rockies trip to the World Series.

Kim came to Denver from Phoenix where she worked at KSAZ-TV as a reporter and fill-in anchor. She also worked at KRDO-TV in Colorado Springs and at KAAL-TV in Austin, MN.

Kim earned a Masters Degree in Journalism from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. She received a BA in Political Science from UCLA. Go Bruins!!!

Kim loves Denver. She has a busy home, keeping up with two little boys and their puppy named Lexi.

You can email Kim at Kim.Posey@KWGN.com

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  • Family that adopts kids with special needs gets one child life changing surgery

    DENVER — The Salem family is pretty special.  Adeye and Anthony have three biological sons named Connor, Kellan and Cade. Now the Wellington couple has adopted six special needs children from around the world. “We wouldn`t have life any other way. It`s just  such a joy,” Adeye said. They say their journey started after a visit to a Chinese orphanage. “Nothing could prepare us for what we saw that day, just so many children with, a lot of them very […]

  • Changes in concussion treatment mean patients start moving sooner

    LONE TREE, Colo. – Jordan Green is one of the fastest cup stackers in the state. But her coordination took a hit, after she took a hit on the head, while playing around with some friends. “I fell back and hit the back of my head,” Jordan said. The 17-year-old from Highlands Ranch had symptoms that wouldn’t go away. “As time went on I got more anxious, and I was more stressed out about things, and I was tired all […]

  • Project Sanctuary helps military families re-connect

    GRANBY, Colo. – Whether its horseback riding through the Colorado mountains, hiking or rafting, Project Sanctuary gives military families the chance to re-connect. Alex Canaan is an Air Force officer based at Schriever Air Force Base in Colorado Springs.  He came to a Project Sanctuary retreat in Granby with his wife and two kids, Annie and Andrew. “I think it’s a great place to come and unwind and reconnect and really get away,” he said. The family got to rollers […]

  • Summer food show highlights school lunch trends

    DENVER — School lunch options have come a long way.  That was apparent at the Colorado School Nutrition Association’s Annual Summer Food Show at the Colorado Convention Center. Staff from more than 50 districts were able to check out options from 150 approved vendors. One of the noticeable trends this year was meals that students can customize.  For example, there was an Asian food bar that allows the child to choose rice or noodles, then choose the kind of protein, […]

  • Expectant mother and her father end up at Swedish Medical Center

    ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — It has been quite a month for Lindsay Hand. First, she just gave birth to her second son, Austin, at Swedish Medical Center in Englewood. It was such a happy moment. But while she was there for delivery, her father was rushed by ambulance to the same hospital after suffering a severe stroke. Her joyous time changed in an instant. “I thought this can’t be happening,” Lindsay said through tears. “I want him to be around for […]

  • 2 types of skin cancer are on the rise among women

    A report published by Mayo Clinic is showing two types of skin cancer are on the rise among women. Though tedious, experts are urging people to start adopting a year-round all-body sunscreen routine. Mayo Clinic researchers discovered between the year 2000 and 2010 new basal cell carcinoma diagnoses rose 145 percent. New squamous cell carcinoma diagnoses rose 263  percent among women. FOX31’s Kim Posey has more.

  • School community hopes to find kidney donor for beloved teacher

    DENVER — Andy Klaus-Corritore is a teacher making a difference. Now his students at Denver Academy want to make a difference in his life. Mr. K., as they call him, needs a kidney transplant, and the school community is launching a campaign to find him a donor. “Having Mr. K. as a teacher has really changed my life,” ninth-grade student Niko Hilton said. “I just want to see him get a new kidney.” On Tuesday, the school held a celebration […]

  • How a simple cheek swab can save a life

    DENVER — The need is undeniable.  The majority of cancer patients in need of a stem cell or bone marrow transplant are not able to get one, in part because they can’t find a match. Doctors hope more people will register to be a donor, and say all it takes to get started is a simple cheek swab. Paige McCoy, of Parker, did find a match.  After she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia at age 28, she needed a […]

  • Cosmetic treatments for long, full eyelashes put to test

    DENVER – Ladies, getting those long and full eyelashes can be tricky. There are plenty of over the counter cosmetic treatments that promise to help. We put three of them to the test. Carisa Scott, a personal trainer and producer at our station, used the Rodan+Fields Lash Boost that sells for $135. She applied it to her lash line every night and says it worked! “I was shocked! I thought it was great, I thought I had a great outcome!” […]

  • Toddler having a tantrum? Call in for advice

    CENTENNIAL, Colo. – As parents there are many times we wish we had an instruction book that came with our children. But now, if your toddler is having a tantrum, Kaiser Permanente families can set up a call on a “parent hotline” of sorts. Trisha King, a Centennial mom, has used the service multiple times to help with her son Roman, who is now 20 months old. She’s had questions about sleep issues, eating issues and behavior issues. “I was […]

  • Strokes in young people are on the rise

    LITTLETON, Colo. — Strokes in young people are increasing at an alarming rate, and unfortunately 70 percent of young Americans are not familiar with stroke symptoms. At the Rocky Mountain Stroke Center in Littleton, people of all ages are able to get different therapies when their insurance benefits have run out. Joanne Heim is there every week.  The mother of two, living in Highlands Ranch, was just 38 years old when she had a massive stroke. She was running on […]

  • Staged procedure helps back patients

    DENVER — Brian Caldwell is back on the golf course, and feeling good thanks to a unique back procedure.  Watching him play golf, it’s hard to believe that just last year the Centennial father was in so much back pain, that he couldn’t function.  “The quality of life was just miserable,” Caldwell said. Brian had had several spine surgeries for a pinched nerve, and then developed a very serious staph infection that required another surgery to clean it out.  “My […]