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Kim Posey is the weekend anchor on FOX31. You can also see her reports on FOX31 and Colorado’s Own Channel 2 during the week.

This Emmy award winning journalist has lived in Colorado for many years, and knows the area well. She’s traveled the state and the country covering everything from wildfires, to the JonBenet Ramsey case, to the Rockies trip to the World Series.

Kim came to Denver from Phoenix where she worked at KSAZ-TV as a reporter and fill-in anchor. She also worked at KRDO-TV in Colorado Springs and at KAAL-TV in Austin, MN.

Kim earned a Masters Degree in Journalism from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. She received a BA in Political Science from UCLA. Go Bruins!!!

Kim loves Denver. She has a busy home, keeping up with two little boys and their puppy named Lexi.

You can email Kim at Kim.Posey@KWGN.com

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    DENVER — After the terrible deaths of two children in Colorado Springs, many people are talking about the subject of mental health. Many Coloradans have family members who struggle with mental health problems, but how do you know when it’s time to take action? Dr. Sheryl Ziegler, a psychologist at The Child and Family Therapy Center at Lowry, has some guidelines. She said if a person says they want to kill themselves or anyone else, that is an immediate call […]

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    DENVER — Improving the healthy food options in the metro area is a big issue to tackle, and it has big health impacts. Just ask Gary Pyle. He lives close to East Colfax Avenue in Aurora. With no car, he walks or takes the bus to get groceries, and with limited cash, he ends up buying food from the corner store many days. “If all you can get is junk food, then that’s what you are going to buy unfortunately,” […]

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    AURORA, Colo. — About one in eight American women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, and many choose to have a mastectomy. Lenora Cater from Colorado Springs is one of those women. She was diagnosed 11 years ago, and at the time, her doctor said she was not a good candidate for implants because of her radiated skin. “She said yeah, you can`t get implants, because your skin is too fragile,” Cater recalls. So Cater wore a prosthetic on the […]

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    AURORA, Colo. – Stacy Fairbanks still gets emotional talking about the 30 days her baby girl spent in the neonatal intensive care unit at University of Colorado Hospital.  “Our daughter Poppy was born at 34 weeks.   She was born at about 3 pounds 8 ounces,” Stacy said. After a difficult start, Poppy is now 3 years old, and doing well.  “I know she`s healthy now, and good, and it’s what we had to do,” said Stacy. The family’s experience in […]

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    DENVER — The violence in Las Vegas has left many feeling helpless and wondering what can be done to change the sometimes scary world. One Colorado author says don’t give up. “We are not powerless. We can make changes. We can change our community,” said Myra Isenhart, the author of  “Forgiving Others, Forgiving Ourselves: Understanding and Healing Our Emotional Wounds.” She suggests taking practical steps to be peacemakers. “All of us, regardless of what we do, have opportunities in our […]

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    DENVER — With all of the frightening images circulating on TV, the internet and social media, many parents are wondering how to talk to their children about the Las Vegas shooting. Dr. Larry Curry, a Denver therapist, said it’s important to ask kids what they know, and then talk about it. He said don’t lie. Give them basic information, but not graphic details. “Reassure them that things are going to be OK,” Curry said. “Reassure them that you’re going to […]

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    DENVER — It was a deadly summer on Colorado 14ers, especially on Capitol Peak near Aspen, where five climbers died. One Denver man was almost the sixth. Joseph Seeds had climbed 48 of the the state’s 14ers, and Capitol Peak was going to be No. 49. As an experienced climber, he knew it was one of the most difficult climbs and said he was prepared. He and his climbing partners summited about 11:30 a.m. on Sept. 6 and were on […]

  • High school football team honors mom who died from brain aneurysm

    CENTENNIAL, Colo. – September is Brain Aneurysm Awareness Month, and one local family is asking you to wear burgundy this Wednesday to mark the day. It means a lot to one Eaglecrest High School Student. Tyler Dufour’s mother, Molly,  died from a brain aneurysm nine months ago, but now his football team is helping to honor her and raise awareness about this potentially fatal condition. “My team always has my back,” Tyler said. The team has placed aneurysm awareness stickers […]

  • 14-year-old Denver entrepreneur says online school is part of her recipe for success

    DENVER – A 14-year-old entrepreneur from Denver is running her own baking business, and she thinks her online school is part of her recipe for success.  Rain Adams has her own baking business called Bakeology, making specialty cakes, cupcakes and cookies. The business is going well.  She had $1,000 in orders last month.  But, it requires a lot of time and a flexible school schedule. So Rain registered for Destinations Career Academy of Colorado, a tuition-free, online public high school.  […]

  • Swedish offers webcam for parents with babies in the NICU

    ENGELWOOD, Colo. — Swedish Medical Center has a new way for parents to feel connected with their newborn babies who have to stay in the neonatal intensive care unit for long periods of time. The hospital is offering a webcam system designed for families to see their hospitalized infant through 24/7 streaming video. The NICVIEW camera attaches to the baby’s bed, and the parents can watch on their phone or computer. The camera was a real game changer for Linda […]

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  • New program offers savings options for Coloradans with disabilities

    AURORA, Colo. — A new program could be a real financial game-changer for some Coloradans. On Wednesday, Colorado ABLE launched a new tax advantaged savings program for people with disabilities that allows them to save more, without affecting their eligibility for public assistance programs. This is good news for people such as Taryn Lawhorn. She works as a porter at Children’s Hospital Colorado and really loves her job. “I work with good people,” she said. Previously, if she had assets […]