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Kent joined KDVR/KWGN from Fox affiliate WXIN Fox59 in Indianapolis, IN.

He spent four years as a multimedia journalist in Indianapolis, shooting and editing his own stories while also appearing on camera.

Kent’s reporting focused on topics related to education and the intersection of sports and news.

As an education reporter Kent covered statewide issues including the expansion of a school voucher law and the takeover of several Indianapolis Public Schools. Kent also investigated server issues with statewide testing and issues related to school security. In addition to covering education at the state level, Kent also reported extensively on changes and innovations at the school and classroom level. He also explored how parents in one Indianapolis neighborhood worked within the state’s charter school system in order to start and run their own school.

As a reporter who previously worked in Indianapolis, Kent is very familiar with a certain Broncos quarterback. Kent covered Peyton Manning for several years, reporting from Miami during the Colts trip to Super Bowl XLIV. He also examined the teams’ economic impact during the Manning years, and the fallout that came immediately after his departure. Kent also reported on a variety of economic and business issues when Indianapolis hosted Super Bowl XLVI.

Kent received a regional Emmy award nomination for his investigation into football related concussions and the search for safer helmets for both adults and young children.

Beyond football, Kent also investigated motorsports safety following the death of IndyCar driver Dan Wheldon and followed Butler University to back-to-back Final Fours, examining the boost the team’s success had on enrollment and campus life.

In addition to his passion for education and sports, Kent spent significant time covering major news stories, especially when it came to severe weather. He reported on the devastating tornado that struck the town of Henryville. He also followed emergency supply trucks and volunteers from Indiana as they traveled down to help in the recovery from multiple, deadly tornadoes in Alabama. Kent also reported live from New Orleans when hurricane Isaac made landfall.

Kent began his professional career as a reporter and weekend anchor at KSFY-TV in Sioux Falls, SD.

Kent is a Minnesota native, and he and his wife still enjoy traveling home to see their families and all of their nieces and nephews.

Kent grew up in the small town of Fertile, MN, and later attended college at the University of Minnesota, where graduated with a major in Professional Journalism and a minor in New Media Studies. He was a sports writer for the Minnesota Daily, and also started the student newspaper’s first AV/Multimedia department.

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