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Keagan Harsha is one of FOX31 Denver’s weekend anchors. He is also a reporter during the week.

Keagan grew up just a few states to the north in Montana. However, he comes to Denver from El Paso, Texas where he was the main anchor for KTSM-TV, the NBC affiliate.

Before KTSM, Keagan held anchoring and reporting positions at WCAX, the CBS affiliate in Burlington, Vermont. He also worked as a weekend anchor and reporter at KULR, the NBC affiliate in Billings, Montana. He has won of several Emmy and Edward R. Murrow awards for his reporting in those states.

Keagan is a graduate of the University of Montana and is an avid Griz fan. He also grew up a huge Colorado Rockies fan and is ecstatic to finally live in a state with like-minded fans who can support him during those losing seasons. Outside of work, Keagan loves hiking and exploring the great outdoors. He and his family are on a quest to visit every national park and the high point of every state. He’s gotten to about half of them so far.

If you want to contact Keagan, email him at Keagan.Harsha@KDVR.com

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