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  • Enter for a chance to be FINE Airport Parking’s Very FINE Person!

  • Ladies Re-Ignite the Fire – The Mona Lisa Touch

    Many women who have gone through menopause, or are undergoing chemotherapy treatments experience vaginal dryness that in turn effects their sex life. A new, cutting edge treatment at Ageless Expressions MedSpa called the Mona Lisa Touch, helps heal the vaginal walls with a laser. Only three initial treatments are needed, then a yearly maintenance after that. There are no side effects or surgery. The treatment takes five minutes.  Registered Nurse Becky Vanicelli shares more about this innovative product.   720-420-1088

  • Denver Fertility Albrecht Women’s Care Helps Women Conceive

    Even when the stars are aligned, the moon is full, and everything is timed just right, couples only have a 20% chance of getting pregnant each month. Conceiving a baby and starting a family isn’t easy, and for some couples, it feels downright impossible. But you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help. The team at Denver Fertility Albrecht Women’s Care was named Top Doc by 5280 Magazine, received the Patient’s Choice Award from, and the Compassionate Doctors Award […]

  • Matcha Strawberry Cake

    Matcha Strawberry Cake Strawberries are everywhere right now…so, take advantage and whip up an amazing strawberry cake with matcha green tea in it! Executive Pastry Chef Nadine from Ace Eat Serve is here to show us her special recipe.      

  • Thrifty Thursday-Kids Summer Wardrobe Transition

    Thrifty Thursday-Kid Must-Haves For Transitioning To Summer Summer is almost here and that means shorts and bathing suits. And, when we’re trying to transition into a new season…especially, when you have kids…it can get a little pricey. But, not in Today’s Thrifty Thursday!  Katy Michael, a mom of three herself, is here to help us out!    

  • Everyday Fit-“The Wonder Woman Workout”

    Everyday Fit-“The Wonder Woman Workout” We love everything about Wonder Woman including her body. She’s strong.. but not bulky, lean but not skinny. Our fitness expert Joana Canals went to The Rebel Workout to see how you train to get that ultimate Wonder Woman look.    

  • Different Breast Cancer Screenings for Different Densities

    Since this is National Women’s Health Week, we want to share some important information with you about breast cancer screening. Did you know that the kind of breast tissue you have makes a difference in the kinds of screenings you want to consider? Paula discovered this five months ago when she was diagnosed with Stage-One Breast Cancer. These are the websites for Paula’s Breast Cancer doctors:,, and Also, be sure to join Paula at the annual fundraiser […]

  • Beautiful Skin with Aria Integrative Health

    Finding the right product for your skin can be extremely frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be. There are two revolutionary new procedures so good they can help anyone’s skin look younger and better, even those with sensitive skin, acne, rosecea, or eczema. Here to show you how to get younger-looking skin and relief from inflammatory conditions is Nick Tvrdik or Aria Integrative Health. Nick is offering a great deal for our Colorado’s Best viewers: Get the Vivace Skin Tightening […]

  • Flaunt Your Body This Summer – Reveal Body Contouring Centers

    Spring Break is over, which means Summer is right around the corner. And this year you can flaunt your body instead of being embarrassed. Lose inches for good in the places you want it most. Here to show us two non-invasive ways to slim down for Summer is Ed Villa from the local medical spa Reveal Body Contouring Centers. Ed and his team have two great special offers just for our Colorado’s Best viewers. First, the new reduced price for […]

  • Make Outdoor Dining a Breeze

    Warm weather beckons us outdoors to enjoy our meals in the fresh air, but whether we’re eating from a picnic basket, or choosing from a fully stocked BBQ, dining al fresco requires some careful planning to make sure the meal goes smoothly. Lynn Lilly, DIY expert and Founder of, is here with her favorite, simple ways to make outdoor dining a breeze for the whole family this summer. Lynn has all sorts of great ideas on her website! Check […]

  • Summer of Fun: Choose Your 2 For 1 Deal at Granby Ranch

    Your Summer of fun is just about to get even better! Granby Ranch has got not just one, but two incredible deals for our Colorado’s Best viewers! Joining us with the details is Melissa Cipriani, the CEO of Granby Ranch. You can choose from two great 2 for 1 deals: Get 2 For 1 Bike Lift Tickets for $34 (does not include bike rental) Get 2 For 1 Round of Golf for $90 (valid after June 1, and excludes 4th […]

  • Legal Minute with Phil Harding: Car Insurance

    You know it’s the law, you have to have car insurance. But you may not realize how important it is, especially if you’re hit by a driver with no insurance. Colorado’s Best Attorney Phil Harding explains the coverage you need in today’s Legal Minute. Why do you wear a seat belt? Well, it’s the law, but also just in case you get in an accident. The same applies with car insurance. It’s the law to have insurance on your car, […]