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  • Transform the Look of Your Home with Paint Denver

    If you’re ready to refresh the look of your home, but a full remodel isn’t in your budget- don’t give up! Whether it’s the kitchen, living room or the exterior, new paint can completely change the look and feel of your space. Rob Peterson, Owner of Paint Denver, joined us this morning to show us how he’s transforming residential and commercial spaces. Call Paint Denver to get your quote or proposal at (303)800-7575. Or you can find them online at […]

  • Slim Down for Good

    If you are finally ready to get your body back, to look good and feel great, to slip into a smaller size, and do it by permanently getting rid of fat, then listen up. Denver’s Lohi Lipo Laser Clinic has created a powerful program designed to help you lose fat and keep it off forever. Nick Tvrdik is here to show us the dramatic results people are getting. Lohi Lipo Laser Clinic has a great offer for our Colorado’s Best viewers: […]

  • Slash Your Monthly Expenses

    If you’re ready to have more cash in your wallet for home renovations, get out of debt, possibly save a thousand dollars every month, and have no mortgage payments until August 1st, then call the Home Loan Arranger.  His team is in our studio today to help you find out why now is the time to use the equity in your home to pay off high interest credit cards, a second mortgage, a car, student loans, even make home improvements. […]

  • Bump off the dirt

    There’s a new cleaning product that you can use in your laundry room, your kitchen, or your pet, even on your own body! It’s called Bump It Off. It is a reusable silicone sleeve with gentle silicon bristles on one side, and smooth bumps on the other.  Use the scrubbing power with the palm of your hand, then brush off with the other side.  It works with laundry detergent or stain remover to loosen and lift stains. You can use […]

  • New Beauty Products Hitting the Market

    There are some new beauty products on the market that we want to try with you today! The first was created with a goal to harness the power of nature and science. The line is called Aminocare. One of the products is a face cream for guys who want to look tough and still maintain silky, smooth, wrinkle-free skin. It’s appropriately called Aminocare for Men. It contains amino acids derived from pure silk fibers and organic argan oil to moisturize […]

  • Enter to WIN a $250 gift card from American Furniture Warehouse!

  • Rumi X Yoga Pants from Recycled Bottles

    Next time you drink from a water bottle, you are going to think of yoga pants. Creators of these yoga pants by Rumi X used 17 recycled plastic bottles to make them. You would never believe makers used green technology to make these. They come in a variety of prints. Joana wore them for a super sweaty workout last week and they held up. The pants also have a unique sweat wicking property that absorbs moisture and odor, and they […]

  • Headbands and Ski Masks from Recycled Water Bottles

    The headbands and ski masks made by Phunkshun Wear are made of recycled water bottles. They pride themselves in keeping water bottles out of landfills. Eight water bottles go into the masks, and they use the water bottles for the headbands as well. And all manufacturing takes place here in Colorado.  Go to to order.

  • Earth Day Fun Run Clean Up

    Some local fitness businesses are getting in on Earth Day. The Boulder Running Company is hosting their annual Earth Day Fun Run and Park Clean Up. The race begins at the Boulder Running Company tomorrow at 9AM, with a pre-race stretch session led by Barre 3. After all that activity, participants will receive trash bags and gloves to clean up Denver’s Cheeseman Park. Whoever picks up the most trash will get a basket of prizes including a 30 day pass […]

  • Paula’s Picks – Brik On York – Half Price

    Brik on York’s Owner and Executive Chef Travis Gee fell in love with wine country when he was in medical sales, so he started traveling all over the world and educating himself on wine.  He even became a level 2 sommelier.  He opened Brik on York to serve the food and wine he loves!  And it’s already an award-winning restaurant: Named Top 10 Pizzas in Denver by Food and Drink, Best of Denver for Wine Bars by Westword, and Best […]

  • Boulder’s Cholaca is a Superfood!

    For the upcoming Earth Day, and today’s Fitness Friday, we decided to feature a local company that makes a super healthy drink you can drink before or after a workout. And they are doing so much to give back on Earth Day as well. The drink is called Cholaca, and the Founder and CEO, Ira Leibtag, joined us in studio this morning. Cholaca is one of the most beneficial superfoods a human can ingest. It has 40 times more antioxidants […]

  • Med-Fit Health Tip of the Week

    After a run, or when you’re on the go, bars are a great way to get some protein and energy fast. But there are dozens of bars on the shelves at the store, and some have very little nutritional value. In today’s Health Tip, our weight loss and nutrition expert shares an easy way to choose the best bars. If you want more sound advice, you can call Dr. Angela for a free consultation at (303)321-0023. Med-Fit Medical Weight Loss […]