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Kim Posey is the morning anchor for Daybreak on Colorado’s Own Channel 2. The show airs weekdays from 5-9 a.m.

She also reports for our sister station FOX31 Denver, where she was formerly the weekend anchor.

This Emmy award winning journalist has lived in Colorado for many years, and knows the area well. She’s traveled the state and the country covering everything from wildfires, to the JonBenet Ramsey case, to the Rockies trip to the World Series.

Kim came to Denver from Phoenix where she worked at KSAZ-TV as a reporter and fill-in anchor. She also worked at KRDO-TV in Colorado Springs and at KAAL-TV in Austin, MN.

Kim earned a Masters Degree in Journalism from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. She received a BA in Political Science from UCLA. Go Bruins!!!

She and her husband Mitch love Denver. They have a busy home, keeping up with two little boys and a Great Dane named Murphy.

Recent Articles
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    Immunotherapy trials to treat cancer being done in Denver

    DENVER — Some pretty exciting clinical trials are giving cancer patients new hope. Immunotherapy drugs have already been approved by the FDA for several different kinds of cancer including lung, kidney, bladder, head and neck.  But some Denver doctors are seeing promising results in new groups as well. Denise Finley was part of a trial at Sarah Cannon Research Institute at Health One in Denver.  She was diagnosed with small bowel cancer in 2013. After surgery and chemotherapy, scans showed […]

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    Highlands Ranch teenager hoping to pay it forward after kidney donation

    HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. — A teenager is hoping to pay it forward.  She received a kidney donation from a total stranger, and is now thriving.   But she cannot forget her dear friend at Children’s Hospital Colorado who is just 13 years old and in need of the same kind of miracle. When you see Jillian Laplante and Adrian Francisco in the dialysis wing of Children’s Hospital Colorado, it is obvious that they are good friends with a lot in common.  […]

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    New IVF Research

    LONE TREE,Colo. — New research by the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine shows that In Vitro Fertilization produces more boys than girls. In a study of more than 500 patients, the percentage of male and female embryos transferred was about the same, but researchers found a higher live birth rate for boys.   The live birth rate for boys was 55.3 percent compared to 44.7 percent for girls, which was surprising. “So there’s about a ten percent gap which, again, […]

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    Robots being used to eliminate germs from hospital

    DENVER — Porter Adventist Hospital is now using germ zapping robots that look a lot like R2D2 to help minimize the chance of infections. UV light has been used for years, but the Xenex germ zapping robot uses new technology and pulsed xenon UV light to quickly destroy bacteria, viruses, mold and other pathogens. “The type of UV, and the power of the UV that is being put out by this is such that in five minutes we can literally sterilize […]

  • Wire cleaning brush for barbecue grill

    Surgeons: Throw out wire-bristle barbecue grill brushes

    DENVER — Canadian surgeons are urging people to throw out their wire-bristle barbecue grill brushes. The doctors said bristles from the kitchen tool are landing a growing number of people in the hospital. Kevin Gallant spent 18 months plagued with stomach pain before doctors found the problem: A bristle from a barbecue brush lodged in his small intestine. “I was very ill, probably as close to death as you want to be,” Gallant said. Gallant had to have part of intestine […]

  • Produce

    When 'eating clean' becomes an obsession and bad for you

    DENVER — You’ve probably heard of the term “eating clean.” Many times people are told it will help them lose weight and get healthier. But some doctors are now seeing people taking that to the extremes. It can become an obsession, and people can become malnourished. Dr. Anne Lewis of the Indiana University Health Charis Center said it changes, “… to something that becomes really obsessive to the extent that people are unable to go to restaurants to eat, they’re […]

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    Beer Week: Family Friendly Breweries

    Kim Posey takes us to some family friendly breweries. It’s a trend in Colorado.  Family friendly breweries offer a place for Mom, Dad and the kids to hang out together.  At Wonderland Brewing Company in Broomfield you’ll find ping pong, pinball, soccer nets, a basketball court and plenty of board games available to adults or kids.  “We feel welcomed here,” said Cari Schnepp.  She and her husband bring their two daughters, ages 8 and 10.  “The kids can play outside. […]

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    How to create an online reputation

    Chris Ford had a 20 year distinguished career in the Air Force, but when it came time to transition to a civilian job, he realized hiring manages would not learn much about him if they searched online.  “ They may see some aspects of prior deployments or awards and things that I had achieved, but again it wasn’t really where I wanted to go.  I wanted to take that strong reputation as a foundation,  and move that into a new […]

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    Cleaning up your online reputation

    Maybe you posted an inappropriate picture, or an offensive joke to social media. That could affect your ability to get a job, since many hiring managers do a quick online search of your name.  But local experts say there are ways to clean up your online reputation.  Lida Citroen is a reputation management specialist in Denver.   She says first, delete the inappropriate photos, jokes or comments that you’ve posted.  Next, untag yourself from other people’s inappropriate posts.  “You can correct […]

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    Single Embryo Transplant

    It used to be that older couples going through IVF fertility treatments would routinely end up with twins or triplets.  It was an odds game.  If you transferred more embryos, it was believed you’d have a greater chance at pregnancy.  But a new study through the Colorado Center for Reproductive medicine shows that’s no longer necessary.  The study shows that single embryo transfer, along with chromosomal screening, can be just as successful for women over 35 as it is for […]

  • Cooking up convenience with uGrocery

    Kim Posey takes a look at uGrocery. Natalie Bailey will tell you that grocery shopping for her family of five can be expensive.  But now the Lakewood mom says she is saving big money using a new app in development called uGrocery.  “Last month I saved over $150,” Bailey said.  UGrocery was co-founded by Eva Fry,  another Colorado mom.  She says uGrocery allows families to create their shopping lists on their phones, and the app compares prices real time at […]

  • New option for delivery service

    Kim Posey takes a look at Instacart.