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Justin Joseph joined KDVR/KWGN in December of 2010.

He’s thrilled to be back in his hometown of Denver.

A graduate of the University of Denver Law School, Justin worked from 2000-2004 as a Senior Deputy District Attorney in Denver, under then District Attorney, Bill Ritter.

In 2005, Justin left practicing law behind and moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming to begin his career in broadcasting at the local CBS affiliate. There, he hosted a local talk show and earned several awards for excellence in television reporting. In 2007 his love for reporting took him through Omaha, Nebraska where he worked for the local NBC affiliate.

Why the change from law to reporting?

“I always thought I wanted to be a legal analyst for a network. But, the first day I covered breaking-news, I knew I could never be tied down to only covering legal stories. I’ve thought about coming back home to Denver every day since I left five years ago. I’m excited to tell stories for a community I know, a station I respect, and for people I’ve grown-up with."

Recent Articles
  • ISIS troops plant a flag east of the city of Kobani, Syria. , Photo Date: Oct 7, 2014. Photo: MGNOnline

    What could lure a trio of teen girls from Denver to join ISIS?

    DENVER — Three teenage girls are back in Colorado Tuesday after officials say they tried to fly to Syria to join the extremist group ISIS. The girls made it to Germany before being stopped. Two of the three girls, who are between 15 and 17 years old, are sisters. A family member met us at the door to their apartment in southeast metro Denver. He refused to say anything on camera but adamantly denied the allegations against the two teens […]

  • Dupont Elementary School in Commerce City, Colo.

    Elementary school teacher suspended, accused of child abuse

    UPDATE: After an investigation Kenneth Kronheim was cleared of any wrongdoing and the charges against him were dropped. —– Original Story —– COMMERCE CITY, Colo. — With classes at Dupont Elementary dismissed, parents greeted their children doing their usual routine,  reviewing letters sent home from the school principal. Thursday’s letter brought parents news of a Dupont school suspension, not of a student, but of a third grade teacher. “I don’t have enough information,” said parent Genny Gonzales. But we found […]

  • The Frontier Airlines jet (tail number N220FR) that had a passenger with Ebola is back in Denver where it remains out of service. Photo credit: Daryl Orr

    Frontier employee: Airline told cleaning crews to stop wearing masks

    DENVER — A Denver-based Frontier Airlines employee blames the company for panicking after an Ebola sickened passenger traveled on one of its airplanes. Now, the employee, speaking anonymously, says the airline is putting employees at risk. “Frontier hasn`t done enough to train cleaners to get us the proper cleaning solution to clean the plane,” the employee said.  FOX31 Denver is protecting the employee’s identity because the person’s job is at risk. “I think I should be able to wear a […]

  • Students outside Arapahoe H.S.

    Documents reveal what students knew and warning signs before Arapahoe H.S. shooting

    DENVER — The new release of documents from the investigation into the deadly shooting at Arapahoe High School in December 2013 provides new details about the days leading up to the shooting, and the warnings the shooter gave before it happened. We now know what investigators heard from students about Karl Pierson’s plan before the attack on December 13. The documents make a few things clear: Pierson wanted to kill a teacher Pierson wanted to kill a few students Pierson […]

  • marijuana candy

    Police warn parents to watch for marijuana candy in kids’ Halloween candy bags

    DENVER — Police want parents to pay extra attention to the Halloween candy their kids collect this year, now that marijuana edibles are legal. The key is figuring out what to look for. Police say they don’t have any reason to believe this will happen, but it’s something that could even happen by mistake. “With edibles gaining in popularity we thought it was important to alert the community to the possibility that it`s easy to mistake what looks like regular […]

  • Students evacuated from Arapahoe High School in Littleton, Colo

    Investigators’ report: Arapahoe High School shooter planned attack for months

    ARAPAHOE COUNTY, Colo. — Ten months after the siege on Arapahoe high school, no one has waited longer for answers than Michael and Desiree Davis who lost their daughter Claire. They listened intently as the Arapahoe County Sheriff meticulously described evidence including the diary of the Karl Pierson, who the sheriff said had long planned the shooting. They released a letter asking the community to heal, forgive and help treat disturbed students like Pierson. “I will shoot up my school before […]

  • Arapahoe High School students are evacuated from their school after a deadly shooting on Dec. 13, 2013.

    Report on deadly Arapahoe H.S. shooting to be released Friday

    LITTLETON, Colo. — It has been almost a year since a student gunman at Arapahoe High School killed a fellow student. Friday, the superintendent of Littleton Public Schools is expected to make his first public comments about what happened that day last December. At the time, some employees blamed the school for failing to act on the shooter’s previous threats. The report, prepared by the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office, is expected to confirm that 18-year-old student Karl Pierson acted alone […]

  • Dominic Vargas

    Teen hurt in school chemistry lab fire fighting hard with family at his hospital bedside

    DENVER — They are a family of four, and they’re missing one. “We’re being by his side, trying to take care of him,” said Johnny Vargas. He’s the brother of 16-year-old Dominic Vargas who was critically injured during an explosion at his school on Monday. The family, Dominic’s mother, father, and brother sat down to talk about their faith, the last four days, and mostly about Dominic. “The first couple days we were in shock,” Vargas said. He has his […]

  • Hash oil extraction

    Denver leaders consider ban on hash oil production in city; medical users fight move

    DENVER — At three years old, Brian Wilson’s daughter has seizures often. Lured by medical marijuana, the Wilson’s moved to Colorado earlier this year. “Her seizures could kill her,” Wilson said. Tuesday, Denver’s City Council considered outlawing the very thing Wilson needs to keep his daughter’s seizures under control. The city is considering banning the marijuana hash oil extraction process that has caused nearly 50 explosions this year. “My daughter’s health depends on it,” Wilson said. He made his plea […]

  • (Credit: MGN Online)

    Up to $300,000 stolen from Home Depot customers’ ATM accounts

    DENVER — Yet another data breach at Home Depot. However, this most recent heist is different from earlier incidents because instead of using your card for online purchases, thieves are making their own cards and stealing cash The same security firm that warned customers about the Home Depot data breach now reports a national bank has seen close to $300,000 stolen from Home Depot’s customer ATM accounts. The firm reports thieves use the same software that stole that data to gather […]

  • SUV crashes into house in Denver's Swansea neighborhood

    Brother, sister hurt when SUV crashes into their house

    DENVER — An SUV slammed into a house in the Swansea neighborhood Thursday afternoon, and two kids inside the house were hurt. The home at East 45th Avenue and Steele Street was ripped in half because of the force from the 2-ton SUV truck.  “I heard a big crash … I saw a lot of debris … my little brother went flying out of the room.” Their brother was in the hospital Thursday night. The two girls were inside the […]

  • CEC Middle College in Denver

    Response to incident using Denver’s new school security system raises concern

    DENVER — It was just before buses pulled away last Thursday morning when students say the alarm at CEC Middle College sounded. “I was in class and they told us to get down,” said Eduardo Vargas. He and other students were rushed to classrooms as security put the school in lockdown. “There was SWAT all over the place,” Vargas said. Most students were unaware that the reason for the lockdown was that someone or something mistakenly triggered the school’s new […]