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Justin Joseph joined KDVR/KWGN in 2010.

A native of Colorado and graduate of the University of Denver Law School, Justin worked from 2000-2004 as a Senior Deputy District Attorney in Denver, under then District Attorney, Bill Ritter.
In 2005, Joseph moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming to begin his career in broadcasting at the local CBS affiliate. There, Joseph hosted a local talk show and won several awards for excellence in television reporting. In 2007 his love for reporting took him to Omaha, Nebraska where he worked for the local NBC affiliate.

Why the change from law to reporting?

“I always thought I wanted to be a legal analyst for a network. But, the first day I covered breaking-news, I knew I could never be tied down to only covering legal stories.

Since joining KDVR, Joseph’s reporting has been featured on Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren, Shep Smith, Fox & Friends and on CNN.

Recently, Joseph’s reporting was credited for re-opening the Ashley Fallis death investigation leading to murder charges against her husband. In April 2015, Joseph’s work on the Fallis murder investigation was featured on CBS News’ 48 Hours.

Joseph has been nominated for several Emmy’s and in 2015 he earned the Colorado Broadcasters Association Award for Best Investigative Reporter and an Emmy Award for Continuing coverage on the Ashley Fallis Investigation.

Recent Articles
  • Campus Middle School

    Cherry Creek P.E. teacher awaits decision on charges in alleged assault

    GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. — Greenwood Village Police continue their investigation into a an alleged assault by a P.E. teacher at Campus Middle School in Cherry Creek.  Police say they hope to turn the case over to the District Attorney soon. “It was a bruise probably about that big,” said Clara who is a student at Cherry Creek Campus Middle School. “He hit me pretty hard and it hurt.” Clara says last Thursday her Cherry Creek schools Physical Education teacher Chris Connelly […]

  • Beer at liquor store

    Group proposes law change to allow beer, wine at Colorado grocery stores

    DENVER — It’s her business of 14 years. It’s also Katina Gatchis’ livelihood. She owns Capitol Hill Liquors. “By the time they go to the big grocery store, three families would be destroyed,” Gatchis said. She’s talking about a new push called “Your Choice Colorado” to allow grocery stores to sell beer and wine. Georgie Aguirre is leading the effort to change the law. “It’s about convenience, it’s about fairness,” Aguirre said. “It’s an antiquated law and we’re hearing from […]

  • Bullet holes in car from shooting on I-225

    Driver talks about surviving after someone started shooting at him on I-225

    AURORA, Colo. — Police call it another random shooting on I-225. Police aren’t saying much about what happened, other than this is the third random shooting on the busy highway across Aurora in the past few months. It’s important that drivers are aware about what’s happening. “Yeah, bullets are hitting the car and you’re trying to stay alive,” the victim in Friday morning’s shooting told FOX31 Denver’s Justin Joseph. When the gunfire broke out at I-225 and Iliff and the […]

  • Stray bullet flies into house in Platteville, Colo

    Stray bullet flies into home, narrowly misses father and son

    PLATTEVILLE, Colo. — Less than 1 foot. That’s how John Burgess measures he and his son surviving a stray bullet Saturday night after it came flying into their home while they watched a football game. “It was inches from our heads. It could have killed either one of us at either time,” Burgess said. The father and son were watching the Nebraska game when they heard the sound. “I put the fishing rod in there and from there I could […]

  • Gun missing after move

    Woman says her 1938 revolver disappeared during move to new apartment

    AURORA, Colo. — At her quaint apartment in Aurora, Connie Taylor has boxes stacked to the roof. She knows she’ll be unpacking for weeks. She hired a reputable moving company called All My Sons from Denver. “They seemed to be fine until I went and looked for my gun and it wasn’t in the dresser,” Taylor said. Her recently inherited 1938 revolver was gone. She said All My Sons moving company told her they wrap all furniture they move in […]

  • I-225 in Aurora, Colo.

    Woman’s window shot out on I-225; Aurora police not hopeful about catching suspect

    AURORA, Colo. — Photos of her shattered window is all Natacha Adido has left to remind her of trip a home from physical therapy last week. “It scared me. I got out of traffic pulled off to the side and called 911,” Adido said. “My cousin pointed out that is was as if they were pointing directly at my head.” Around 7:30 p.m., she was driving home along Interstate 225 and Alameda Avenue when a white SUV pulled up next […]

  • davis11

    Mother arrested, accused of using iron, power drill to abuse her two children

    DENVER — Her pictures show Kinyaita Davis took good care of herself. Police say the same cannot be said for her two children. “This is hard on us,” said her sister, who asked not to be identified. She described the dark secrets and severe abuse that police say started when Davis’ two children were toddlers. They are ages 11 and 12. It was the sister who turned in Davis. “It was a hard decision doing what I did for the […]

  • promo267505994

    Family of 2-year-old killed touched by special delivery

    LAKEWOOD, Colo. — It was a special delivery for a very special toddler. On a sun-filled day at Denver International Airport, Donnie Sanchez and Freddy Madrill arrived early with a trailer in tow.  The trailer wouldn’t be empty when they drove away. The delivery brings with it just a little bit of joy in an otherwise tragic time. Monday, at an apartment complex in Lakewood,  baby Donny disappeared. When his family found his lifeless body, it was too late.  Police […]

  • tiffany segura

    Grieving mother of 2-year-old found dead: ‘He was going to be somebody’

    LAKEWOOD, Colo — “I miss him and I don’t know what I will do without him.” In an exclusive interview with FOX31 Denver, Tiffany Segura sat down to talk about the death of her 2-year-old son, Donny. Segura is hanging onto her family, and struggling to get through the days. “He would have been so special if he wouldn’t have had to go home with God,” Segura said.  “He was going to be somebody. He was so talented at 2 years […]

  • coil birth control

    Colorado woman one of many speaking out on birth control coil implant

    DENVER — Women are speaking out about a birth control device that some say almost killed them. Women took center stage in Washington on Thursday trying to convince Congress to recall the Essure medical device, a contraception medical device planted in the uterus. Women addressed a panel with the Food and Drug Administration, which is reviewing the safety of the popular birth control implant. The tiny coil is a medical device inserted in the uterus and meant to prevent conception.  […]

  • (Photo: Larimer County Sheriff's Office)

    Suspect accused of killing 2-year-old cousin held without bond

    GOLDEN, Colo. — The man accused of strangling his 2-year-old cousin with a cord remains behind bars without bond. Roman Morales, 21, had his first court appearance in Jefferson County Court on Wednesday. Because the judge continues to keep the arrest affidavit sealed, it’s difficult to get details of what happened leading to the child’s death. Morales showed no emotion during his advisement, but for the boy’s family, it was a different story. A colorful memorial stands outside the apartment […]

  • Baby Donny

    Hundreds gather in memory of 2-year-old killed in Lakewood

    LAKEWOOD, Colo. — Friends and family of 2-year-old Donny “Ro Mello” Romero gathered at a vigil to remember him Tuesday night. Hundreds showed up and gathered outside the apartment where police said he was killed Monday. Earlier, the boy’s father talked with FOX31 Denver for an exclusive interview. “I want tonight to be about a prayer for life, a life taken too soon,” Donnie Romero Sr. said. “I hadn’t seen him since September first. There are so many clues police […]