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Justin Joseph joined KDVR/KWGN in 2010.

A native of Colorado and graduate of the University of Denver Law School, Justin worked from 2000-2004 as a Senior Deputy District Attorney in Denver, under then District Attorney, Bill Ritter.
In 2005, Joseph moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming to begin his career in broadcasting at the local CBS affiliate. There, Joseph hosted a local talk show and won several awards for excellence in television reporting. In 2007 his love for reporting took him to Omaha, Nebraska where he worked for the local NBC affiliate.

Why the change from law to reporting?

“I always thought I wanted to be a legal analyst for a network. But, the first day I covered breaking-news, I knew I could never be tied down to only covering legal stories.

Since joining KDVR, Joseph’s reporting has been featured on Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren, Shep Smith, Fox & Friends and on CNN.

Recently, Joseph’s reporting was credited for re-opening the Ashley Fallis death investigation leading to murder charges against her husband. In April 2015, Joseph’s work on the Fallis murder investigation was featured on CBS News’ 48 Hours.

Joseph has been nominated for several Emmy’s and in 2015 he earned the Colorado Broadcasters Association Award for Best Investigative Reporter and an Emmy Award for Continuing coverage on the Ashley Fallis Investigation.

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  • Window shot out by BB gun

    Vandals cause thousands in damage across three metro-area communities

    DENVER — Signs on the door say it all. The Brighton School District swimming pool is boarded up and closed until further notice. “This is where they hold the Bull Frogs swimming practice, so I was shocked,” said Martha Cosby with the district. Cosby said Monday a colleague came for a morning workout and saw the glass from the broken windows near the pool and shut it down. “I couldn’t believe they had done it. That’s the district swimming pool […]

  • Car burglaries

    Officials: Two men break into cars, use stolen credit cards to buy alcohol

    JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. — Law enforcement investigators need help to identify two men who are breaking into cars parked at popular parks, including Red Rocks. Deputies say the thieves used stolen credit cards and cash to purchase alcohol at local convenience stores where cameras captured images of them. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office released the pictures hoping someone could identify them. “She walked away and found the window smashed and glass all over place,” said Norm Cygon, whose niece’s car […]

  • Sgt. Sean Renfro was killed while helping a motorist who crashed during a snow storm.

    Woman who hit, killed sheriff’s deputy sentenced to 10 days in jail

    GOLDEN, Colo. — There are no tears that will bring him back. No hug tight enough. After three tough hours, Sergeant Sean Renfro’s widow left the courtroom in Golden Friday. Inside, 23-year-old Blair Gledhill was handcuffed and led away in front of her family. It’s not been an easy day for anyone. “An absolutely tragedy. A tragedy for the Renfro family and a tragedy of the Gledhill family,” said Jefferson County District Attorney Peter Weir. His prosecutor asked the court […]

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    Colorado lawsuit filed against sports fantasy websites

    DENVER — In sports bars across the city, fans watched Game 1 of the World Series between the Kansas City Royals and New York Mets on Tuesday night. Between innings, they couldn’t miss commercials for two gaming websites, FanDuel.com and DraftKings.com. A new lawsuit in Colorado alleges those websites’ employees used insider information to gain an advantage over unsuspecting paying customers. One of those employees even allegedly won $300,000. “I like it because it’s a little twist and it makes […]

  • Police were investigating reports of a suspicious device at Ricardo Flores Magon Academy. (Photo: Justin Joseph)

    Bomb squad recovers item from evacuated charter school

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    Woman found unresponsive in car submerged under water

    AURORA, Colo.  — Police were investigating how a car got submerged in a retention pond near the intersection of I-225 and East 6th Avenue on Wednesday night. Aurora Police Officers responded to the scene around 7:30 p.m. and found a female passenger who was unresponsive in the submerged vehicle. When an Aurora Police officer rushed into the cold water to save her, he battled time and rising water. “She was shaking. The water was roughly at her chest level and […]

  • Suspect in robberies in Aurora. Photo: Aurora Police

    Aurora Police trying to solve string of recent armed robberies

    AURORA, Colo. — Owning a gas station can be dangerous. It’s a lesson Anthony Ojoig learned last week after a man pulled up in a taxi to rob him. “I was shivering the whole time,” Ojoig said. “I didn’t see it coming.” The man entered the store in the 700 block of Peoria Street and pretended to shop before approaching the counter. “So here I thought he was getting his wallet but he was getting his gun.” The man left […]