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Jon Bowman has one of the most solid histories in Denver's radio and television market. He is a familiar face and voice to many with a career that spans more than 20 years in Colorado.

Jon's career began in Syracuse at WHEN/WTVH (CBS) where he worked as a photog/one-man band then crossed over to become a reporter/anchor. On his pipe-line to Denver, Jon spent two years at high-powered WKBW (ABC) as a reporter/anchor. He then took the last leg of the pipe-line landing at KMGH (CBS) where he again worked as a reporter/anchor. Jon also has worked at KDKO Radio and ESPN Radio while also reporting for the Denver Daily News. How funny that now all these years later we have given the whole one-man band concept a new name--back-pack journalists--and are back where we started.

A sit-down with Jon Bowman:

Who have been some of your most memorable people to interview?

The politicians always rank high on the list; I would have loved to have talked with President Barack Obama during the campaign. I am also from Chicago, so it would be like one South Shore guy talking with another from Hyde Park.

But, because I kind of love the "Cowboy Way" I think interviews with John Wayne and Clint Eastwood rank high. Although, Randolph Scott and Steve McQueen are perhaps my favorite ten-gallon hat guys!

If you could interview anyone dead or alive who would it be?

The list is fluid, as they say. Nelson Mandela would be good, as would anyone who made the stand in Texas at the Alamo. Having lived in San Antonio and done the tour, the story of facing death for a cause would be wonderful to hear. And Satchel Paige, the best pitcher of all-time, would also be neat to chat with about the way things were.

What is the best thing about being a journalist?

Getting to meet five new people everyday is one of the neat things the job allows for. Having an office in a live truck is also very hot. Perhaps the best thing is having the opportunity to tell stories everyday, in many cases stories on subjects I had little prior knowledge about before doing the report.

Do you have any hidden talents?

That I am a very good photog and love shooting video to help tell stories.

I also love doing home improvement projects with my better half.

What is one thing no one would ever guess about you?

That I love old cars! My baby is a 1959 MGA Roadster that I have had for 34 years. This little sports car is now 50.

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