Jacki Jing is the Timesaver Traffic reporter for Daybreak on Colorado’s Own Channel 2.

She joined the Daybreak Morning News Team in December of 2011.

Jacki was raised in Centennial, Colorado and graduated from Grandview High School. She received a full-ride sports scholarship to the State University of New York in Binghamton for volleyball and graduated magna cum laude with degrees in political Science and English.

Jacki reported and anchored for stations in Binghamton, New York and Springfield, Massachusetts before she returned home.

She has covered a wide range of stories, reporting live for FOX News following the mass shooting at Binghamton’s American Civic Association. She also reported on the deadly tornadoes that ripped through Western Massachusetts.

During her free time, Jacqueline likes to read and write. She also enjoys watching anime and playing volleyball.

Recent Articles
  • Residents evacuate their homes in Evans during flooding in Colorado on Sept. 16, 2013.

    300 homes condemned due to flooding damage in Evans

    EVANS, Colo. — Flooding damaged hundreds of homes in the city of Evans. And now, nearly 300 homes have been condemned. The city of Evans is in recovery mode, which has included inspections from officials over the last two days. After those inspections, those 300 odd homes were deemed unlivable. The recent flooding ravaged the town, forcing the City of Evans to put up security fences around evacuation areas in the Bella Vista and Eastwood Village neighborhoods this week. Officials […]

  • Jacki Jing finishes Tough Mudder

    Jacki Jing completes Tough Mudder with group of friends over the weekend with some bumps and bruises

  • Jing: ‘Iron Man 3’ features great action, lacking plot

    I’m a comic book fan. Iron Man is a pretty cool hero — not one of my all-time favorites, but he’s pretty sweet. I was psyched for “Iron Man 3” to come out, because while 1 and 2 did not blow me away like “The Dark Knight Rises” or “The Avengers,” they are still highly entertaining — incredible visually, great battle scenes, packed with hilarious one liners. I am a big fan of the Marvel Universe and I love that we’re seeing […]

  • "Despicable Me" minion does Weather & Traffic on Daybreak

    Tim from “Despicable Me” helps out Chris Tomer and Jacki Jing with Weather and Traffic 2 Go on Daybreak.

  • Safe Haven Star defends Tim Tebow

    Josh Duhamel tells Jacki Jing why he came to Tim Tebow’s defense on twitter after an ESPN Analyst criticized him.

  • Safe Haven star sings to Jacki Jing

    Josh Duhamel sings “2 out of 3 ain’t bad” by Meatloaf. His favorite romance song.

  • 'Identity Thief' star Melissa McCarthy lived in Boulder, has sister in Highlands Ranch

    KWGN got the Colorado exclusive interviews with the stars of the new film “Identity Thief.” Melissa McCarthy reveals her sister lives in Highlands Ranch and she used to work at a dance company in Boulder! Also, parts of the film take place in Denver, so our Jacki Jing asked comedic heavy weights Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman some Colorado trivia. Do they know the governor of Colorado? The secret ingredient to Rocky Mountain Oysters? Check out this fun-filled interview.

  • New DIA system could cut down delays and ticket prices

    Ground traffic control can get complicated, but DIA has a new system that will make life easier for ramp tower controllers and travelers. For years, ramp tower controllers, could only monitor what was happening on the ground by looking from the tower or by talking to the pilot. But the new Aerobahn system is like a radar, and shows controllers where plane is on a computer screen, giving them a bird’s eye view of the ground, showing where the plane’s location […]

  • ‘Side Effects’ stars gush about Denver, Jude Law sings

    FOX31 Denver got the Colorado exclusive interviews with the stars of the new film “Side Effects.” And those stars didn’t hesitate to let us know how much they love our fair state. Vinessa Shaw not only has personal affinity for the Centennial State, she also fondly recalls what the Colorado did for her professionally. After all, she did get one of her first big breaks starring in “Ladybugs” back in 1992, which was filmed in Cherry Creek. As if that wasn’t enough […]

  • Boulder Turnpike construction expected to last ‘a few more months’

    BOULDER — The Boulder Turnpike gets tied up every morning, and now we’re seeing bigger jams because major roadwork is under way. But this project will give U.S. 36 a much-needed makeover. The turnpike opened in 1951. Back then it was a tollway and rarely crowded, with only 7,000 cars using it a day. Now it’s packed with up to 100,000 drivers a day. With that increased congestion on their minds, the Colorado Department of Transportation wanted to give old […]

  • Denver Public Works rewards legally-parked drivers with prepaid parking cards

    DENVER — When Joseph Purvis walks up to a car, he typically gets this reaction: “Sir, wait! I`m right here!” Purvis said, imitating a concerned driver about to get a parking ticket from him. For three years, Purvis has been handing out parking tickets. But recently, he`s been getting a different greeting from drivers. “Is this a joke?” a woman asked as Purvis handed her a $5 parking card. No, it`s not a joke. This holiday season, Denver Public Works […]

  • Jacki Jing heads out to the Dragon Boat Festival

    Jacki previews this weekend’s event at Sloan’s Lake. http://www.cdbf.org/