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Investigative Reporter Heidi Hemmat is an Emmy winning journalist and Colorado Native.

She began her television career as a Producer and Reporter for a CBS station in Lafayette, Indiana in 1993. Since then she’s reported for every major network affiliate including ABC, NBC, FOX and CNN. She has been producing hard hitting investigative reports for FOX 31 since 2008.

Heidi always wanted to work in her hometown. Her dream became a reality in 1999 when she was hired as a Reporter for KUSA.

Her first day on the air in Denver was the saddest and most memorable day of her life. It was April 20, 1999–when 13 people were shot and killed at Columbine high school.

She joined FOX 31 in 2002.

Heidi has received dozens of journalism awards.

She graduated with honors from Colorado State University in 1993.

When she is not at work Heidi enjoys spending time with her husband and two children.

Recent Articles
  • Restaurant Report Card

    Restaurant Report Card: Mice, bird feathers lead to ‘Fs

    DENVER — The market is called Tony’s Meats, but health inspectors were more concerned with their mice. The Littleton market failed our Restaurant Report Card with 13 critical violations from their two most recent unannounced inspections in August and May. Tony’s Meats, Littleton In August and during follow up inspections in September, an inspector found “Rodent droppings were present on the sales shelves and under kitchen shelves…” Also in August, an inspector found “A dead mouse was on the floor […]

  • Restaurant Report Card

    Restaurant Report Card: Employee washes hands in a water bucket

    DENVER — The restaurant is called Tacos Rapidos, but its health inspection might have you running for the door.  The Denver restaurant failed our Restaurant Report Card with 13 critical health code violations in its May 2015 and November 2014 unannounced inspections. In May an inspector found multiple temperature violations that can make you sick.  The reports also said 200 dead flying insects were on a sticky trap hanging over the ice machine, an employee was washing his hands in […]

  • Restaurant Report Card

    Restaurant Report Card: Dead cockroaches, dead flies bring ‘Fs’ to 2 establishments

    DENVER — Fortune Kitchen scored an “F” on our Restaurant Report Card with 12 critical violations during two recent inspections. Fortune Kitchen In June inspectors found “numerous dead cockroaches … (and) live cockroaches were observed in the … front counter.” The inspector also said raw chicken was left out near the sink and cooked chicken was stored in a non-functioning freezer. Both pieces of meat were too warm and that can result in food poisoning. The food prep area and […]

  • Restaurant Report Card

    Restaurant Report Card: Mob of flies, fruit with white fuzz lead to ‘Fs’

    DENVER — Gaetano’s used to be an old mob hangout, but health inspectors discovered it’s now home to a mob of flies. Gaetano’s The Denver restaurant failed our Restaurant Report Card with 15 critical violations in its unannounced inspections in July and January. In July an inspector “observed the following bottles of liquor at the bar with small dead winged insects: Johnny Walker Black, Johnny Walker Red and Templeton Rye.” Also, the inspector found “a container labeled Rescue-Reusable Fly Trap […]

  • Restaurant Report Card

    Restaurant Report Card: Critical violations lead to food getting thrown out

    DENVER — Thai Basil Hangout Grill may want you to hang out, but health officials want you to know what was thrown out. Thai Basil Hangout Grill Thai Basil earned an “F” on our report card for 11 critical violations. In June, an inspector found five 8-gallon buckets of peanut sauce, sesame chicken, rice noodles, raw eggs, lettuce, cabbage, sprouts and tomatoes held at unsafe temperatures. They had to be thrown out. The inspection report also said a cook was […]

  • Jack Truex

    Problem Solvers story results in charges against auto mechanic accused of theft

    DENVER — Charges have been filed against a mechanic as a result of a FOX31 Denver investigation. Jack Truex advertised on Craigslist and is accused of ripping off more than a dozen customers by taking their money and in some cases, their vehicles. Investigative reporter Heidi Hemmat confronted Truex about what customers claimed he did to them. At the time, he was working inside an unmarked storage unit. After the story aired, Arapahoe County authorities launched an investigation. Five months […]

  • Residents say landlord tried to break lease and raise rent

    Lakewood residents claim landlord tried to break lease, raise rent

    LAKEWOOD, Colo. — Dan Raney is 63, unemployed and has spent the past five years battling cancer. Now he’s also fighting to keep his apartment. “This is a difficult market right now for renters,” Raney said. Raney recently received a letter from the West Ridge Condominiums property manager saying that because of rising “rental rates” in the metro area, the rent was going to be increased $100 a month on 16 units, including Raney’s. The letter added the tenants had […]

  • Restaurant Report Card

    Restaurant Report Card: Fork and Spoon needed mop and bucket

    DENVER — The restaurant called Fork and Spoon needed a mop and bucket according to the health department. Fork and Spoon The Denver restaurant earned an “F” on our report card for 11 critical violations in two unannounced inspections in June 2015 and December 2014. The June inspection said, “…small flies” were in both the bar and kitchen area. In December, the inspector “observed 15-20 mouse droppings … in the kitchen.” The reports also said an employee was using a […]

  • Mom on video allegedly giving wine to baby

    Child abuse charges filed against mother recorded on video allegedly feeding her baby wine

    LOVELAND, Colo. — The Loveland mother allegedly caught a on cell phone camera repeatedly feeding wine to her toddler and laughing about it is facing child abuse charges. Loveland police filed misdemeanor child abuse charges against 26-year-old Alexandra Bremkamp. The charges stem from video taped evidence obtained by the FOX31 Denver investigative team. The person who shot it and asked to remain anonymous also turned the video in to the Loveland Police Department. In the 1 minute video, Bremkamp acknowledges […]

  • Restaurant Report Card

    Restaurant Report Card: Food at unsafe temperatures leads to ‘F’ for one Denver restaurant

    DENVER — The restaurant is called Breakfast Paradise, but their recent health inspections are not paradise on a plate. Breakfast Paradise The Denver restaurant failed our Restaurant Report Card with 13 critical health code violations during unannounced inspections in April 2015 and December 2014. In April, an inspector found a can of ant and roach killer that is not supposed to be used in restaurants. Also, an “Investigator observed an employee wearing gloves, crack raw shell eggs into a bowl, […]

  • Her contractor took her money and never finished the job

    Problem solved: Incredible outpouring of support to get disabled woman’s home painted

    The response to help a disabled woman get her house fixed has been overwhelming. The FOX31 Denver Problem Solvers first told the story of how Tammy Vittorelli of Aurora  paid a contractor several thousand dollars to paint her house so that she could sell it. She desperately needs the paint job because her condition requires that she move out of her house that has stairs in it, into a house that doesn’t. But the contractor started the paint job and […]

  • Partially painted house

    Aurora painter accused of scamming disabled woman, several others

    AURORA, Colo. — FOX31 Denver Problem Solvers looked into a case of a painter who allegedly was paid for jobs that he never finished, scamming several, including a disabled woman. Tammy Vittorelli’s multiple sclerosis is so debilitating that she sleeps in the family of her two-story home and hasn’t been outside in months. “My whole life is in this room,”  she said. That’s why she and her husband Gary are desperately trying to sell the home so they can buy […]