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Investigative Reporter Heidi Hemmat is an Emmy winning journalist and Colorado Native.

She began her television career as a Producer and Reporter for a CBS station in Lafayette, Indiana in 1993. Since then she's reported for every major network affiliate including ABC, NBC, FOX and CNN. She has been producing hard hitting investigative reports for FOX 31 since 2008.

Heidi always wanted to work in her hometown. Her dream became a reality in 1999 when she was hired as a Reporter for KUSA.

Her first day on the air in Denver was the saddest and most memorable day of her life. It was April 20, 1999--when 13 people were shot and killed at Columbine high school.

She joined FOX 31 in 2002.

Heidi has received dozens of journalism awards.

She graduated with honors from Colorado State University in 1993.

When she is not at work Heidi enjoys spending time with her husband and two children.

Recent Articles
  • Restaurant Report Card

    Restaurant Report Card: Villa Napoli, US Thai Café, Govnr’s Park Tavern

    Villa Napoli Villa Napoli is best known for its pizza and fresh toppings, but health experts were more concerned with the droppings. The Arvada restaurant received an “F” on our Restaurant Report Card with 15 critical health code violations in its December and June 2014 announced inspections. In December an inspector said, “Mouse droppings found throughout the establishment … droppings and urine found on several cans and on bags of black olives.” The inspector ordered sausage, pepperoni and cheese to […]

  • Restaurant Report Card

    Restaurant Report Card: Tres Margaritas, Pablo’s Coffee, Highland Tap and Burger

    Tres Margaritas Family Mexican Restaurant Tres Margaritas Family Mexican Restaurant in Littleton earned an “F” on the Restaurant Report Card with 16 critical health code violations in its two most recent unannounced inspections in November and July 2014. In November, a Tri-County Health inspector said, “Rodent droppings were present on the shelves.” The inspector also found an unapproved mouse killer, no hot water in the cook line sink and areas in the kitchen were soiled with food debris. The restaurant’s […]

  • Restaurant Report Card

    Restaurant Report Card: Wild Bangkok, Tag Burger Bar, Twisted Smoothie

    DENVER — Wild Bangkok Bar & Grill serves up the flavors of Thailand, but Denver Health inspectors found German cockroaches hanging out inside. Wild Bangkok Bar & Grill The Denver restaurant located at 1630 Welton Street earned an “F” on our Restaurant Report Card for 13 critical violations in its unannounced inspections in November and February 2014. The inspector “observed over 30 live cockroaches inside the back panel of the cook line … and 10 cockroach carcasses on the floor…” […]

  • (Photo: Greg Nieto)

    Denver gay couple’s ‘fabulous’ response to hate crime

    DENVER — It was a message of hate delivered just in time for the holidays. Sean White and his partner, Mathew Peters, discovered someone had scratched the word “faggots’ into the front door of their Denver apartment, “it was actually carved into the door with a knife or key,” White said, “I was so mad I was shaking.” White said he left his home for about an hour last Sunday evening and returned to find the anti-gay graffiti. He texted […]

  • Restaurant Report Card

    Restaurant Report Card: Treasure Pot, Renzio’s and Meade Street Station

    Treasure Pot An Arvada restaurant called Treasure Pot failed Restaurant Report Card for floor drains that smelled like a pot. Treasure Pot, located at 9405 Ralston Road, earned an “F” for 15 critical health code violations in its last two unannounced inspections conducted in October and May. During both inspections, a Jefferson county health expert found “mouse droppings…under the soda boxes…” The inspector also found “no hot water at the kitchen hand sink.” In March, an inspector said, “Sewage smell […]

  • Restaurant Report Card

    Restaurant Report Card: Highlands Ranch Le Peep, Panda Buffet, Country Road Café

    DENVER — A popular breakfast place called Le Peep was cited by health inspectors for le poop and le pooch. Le Peep – Highlands Ranch The Highlands Ranch location earned an “F” on the Restaurant Report Card for 15 critical health code violations in two recent inspections in November and October. During the November inspection a health expert said, “Rodent droppings were present underneath the espresso bar hand sink.”  In October, an inspector found “A nonservice animal (dog) was present […]

  • Restaurant Report Card

    Restaurant Report Card: Long Shots, Jax Fish House and Large Marge’s

    DENVER — A Wheat Ridge grill earned an “F” on Restaurant Report Card for where an employee was spitting. Long Shots Bar & Grill Long Shots Bar & Grill failed our report card for 16 critical health code violations marked during two unannounced inspections in October and April. The violations in October included, “Bottle of liquor at the bar contained fruit flies, employee observed to rinse mouth and spit in the food preparation sink” and “employees observed to be eating […]

  • A look at some of the "Spice" products and materials seized by a DEA task for in Colorado during a May 2014 raid. (Photo: KDVR/Will C. Holden)

    Aurora store owner who was focus of FOX31 investigation pays $100,000 for selling ‘spice’

    AURORA, Colo. — An Aurora convenience store owner who was the focus of a FOX31 Denver investigation has agreed to pay $100,000 in fines for selling the synthetic drug known as “Spice.” The FOX31 Denver investigative team captured undercover video at Paymon’s market in September 2013 that showed the store clerk selling the illegal drug. The “Spice” packets had misleading labels that said, “No banned chemicals” or “it’s legal,” which is illegal under the Colorado consumer protection act. Despite our […]

  • Restaurant Report Card

    Restaurant Report Card inspects restaurants at Denver International Airport

    DENVER — A restaurant that is named after a Hall of Fame Broncos player who is known for his “hail Mary’s” had recent health inspections that may leave you saying “hail no.” Elway’s at Denver International Airport Elway’s at DIA earned an “F” on our report card with 10 critical health code violations in its unannounced inspections in July and January. The violations include “an employee with an open wound … preparing customer food orders” and “employee had visible food […]

  • Complaints about contractors found on 'pre-screening' website

    Website that claims to pre-screen contractors may leave customers with false sense of security

    DENVER — A website that claims to check out contractors for you is at the center of a FOX31 Denver investigation. HomeAdvisor’s website claims to “prescreen” contractors, but Investigative reporter Heidi Hemmat uncovered major gaps in the company’s screening process that could give consumers a false sense of security. HomeAdvisor claims to do the work for you by making sure the service providers on their website have passed background checks, are licensed and have good reviews. But, dozens of consumers […]

  • Restaurant Report Card

    Restaurant Report Card: Embassy Suites downtown, Oceanaire, Racines

    DENVER — Embassy Suites in downtown Denver offers a free cook to order breakfast, but the fly eggs are not included. Embassy Suites, downtown Denver The Denver hotel’s kitchen scored an “F” on our Restaurant Report Card with 13 critical violations in its last two unannounced inspections in September of 2014 and December 2013. During the September inspection, the restaurant was cited for “30 to 40 small winged insects in the breakfast station … Inspector observed fly egg casings and […]

  • Damaged dishwasher

    Used appliance alert: Missing model and serial numbers could be big problem

    DENVER — One of the most dangerous appliances in your kitchen is the dishwasher with 15 million units recalled in the past five years because of fire. Consumer Reports estimates that dishwashers spark an average of 500 fires every year in the U.S. To find out if your dishwasher has been recalled, you need the model and serial number or name plate, but FOX31 Denver found used appliances stores selling dishwashers without those identifying numbers. Carrie Medina, a Wheat Ridge […]