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Investigative Reporter Heidi Hemmat is an Emmy winning journalist and Colorado Native.

She began her television career as a Producer and Reporter for a CBS station in Lafayette, Indiana in 1993. Since then she’s reported for every major network affiliate including ABC, NBC, FOX and CNN. She has been producing hard hitting investigative reports for FOX 31 since 2008.

Heidi always wanted to work in her hometown. Her dream became a reality in 1999 when she was hired as a Reporter for KUSA.

Her first day on the air in Denver was the saddest and most memorable day of her life. It was April 20, 1999–when 13 people were shot and killed at Columbine high school.

She joined FOX 31 in 2002.

Heidi has received dozens of journalism awards.

She graduated with honors from Colorado State University in 1993.

When she is not at work Heidi enjoys spending time with her husband and two children.

Recent Articles
  • Taylor Warner, who died in a crash when a front seat collapsed.

    Senators want answers from carmakers on front seat danger killing children

    DENVER — Members of Congress are demanding action after an investigation by the FOX31 Denver Problem Solvers revealed deadly seat back collapses in vehicles that have killed or seriously injured hundreds of children. Letters were sent to 17 automakers asking what’s being done to make their front seats safer. The action is due in part to a Problem Solvers investigation that caught the attention of Colorado Congresswoman Diana DeGette. The Problem Solvers obtained the letters sent from U.S. Senators Edward Markey, D-Mass., and […]

  • Fight video on Facebook

    DPS students post video of beatings on Facebook

    DENVER — The FOX31 Denver Problem Solvers are getting inundated with emails and phone calls from parents who say their children are getting beaten up — just so the “bully” can post it on Facebook. Some parents sent video clips, illustrating what they say is a growing problem at Denver metro-area schools. Cherish Ruggier is one of the alleged victims. “I was scared, It happened so quick and nobody wanted to help me,” she said. The West High School student was […]

  • Restaurant Report Card

    Bare hands, grime and dust earn popular Denver gym an F on Restaurant Report Card

    DENVER — A popular gym and restaurant scored F’s on this week’s Restaurant Report Card. Denver Athletic Club The Denver Athletic Club is known as one of the best gyms in the metro area, but its recent health inspections are not working out. The club failed our Restaurant Report Card with 15 critical violations in its last two unannounced inspections in April 2016 and October 2015. In April, the Denver Environmental Health inspector found employees failed to wash produce and […]

  • Brian Martinez

    Electrician accused of taking money and not doing work

    DENVER — A metro-area electrician is accused of taking thousands of dollars for work he never completed. The FOX31 Denver Problem Solvers first learned about Brian Martinez of Martinez Electric several months ago when a Brighton family tried to get their money back after they said Martinez disappeared. Six alleged victims were alleged victims and a church were tracked down, saying Martinez took their money and then disappeared. “If he’s ripping off little old ladies that are over 70 years old […]

  • Restaurant Report Card

    Restaurant Report Card: Dead bugs do in Gozo and Spicy Thai

    DENVER — Every week, we dig deep into restaurant health inspections to reveal what’s really going on behind closed kitchen doors. Gozo – 30 S. Broadway, Denver This South Broadway restaurant has been voted the best of “Sobo.” But you might not want to go-go. The Denver restaurant failed our report card with 10 critical health code violations in its April inspection. The violations included: Two dead flying insects in the butter milk Rodent droppings No hot water in the […]

  • Mold-in-condo

    Dangerous mold not disclosed to potential homebuyer in Cherry Creek

    DENVER — Buying a home in Denver’s hot housing market can be difficult.  Many homes are sold before they are even listed. So when a couple found a townhouse at 238 S. Garfield St. in Cherry Creek North for a price they thought was too good to be true, they jumped on it. The couple offered a contract on the property listed for $772,000 but soon learned of dangerous mold inside the townhouse. They contacted the FOX31 Denver Problem Solvers so […]

  • Jefferson County Schools missing supplies

    Thousands in cash, supplies missing from school districts

    DENVER — School supplies and learning tools that are stolen from local school districts are a big, expensive problem. The FOX31 Denver Problems Solvers wanted to know who is paying for it. Denver Public Schools In all, $18,000 vanished from  Denver’s Gilpin Montessori in November 2014.  Two months later, $6,724 was gone from West High School through the use of a credit card. These are two examples of missing money from Denver Public Schools.  FOX31 Denver requested audits of missing […]

  • Kristine Kirk

    Wrongful death lawsuit filed against marijuana edible maker, retailer

    DENVER — A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed against the marijuana store and manufacturer that sold an edible to Richard Kirk, who allegedly shot and killed his wife after ingesting it. Kristine Kirk, 44, was shot to death in her Observatory Park home in April 2014. Richard Kirk, who pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, claims the marijuana edible karma candy orange ginger caused his “delirium and psychotic-like symptoms.” In a lawsuit, lawyers representing Kristine Kirk’s family claim marijuana […]

  • Restaurant Report Card

    Restaurant Report Card: Bubba Chinos fails for excessive flies

    DENVER — Bubba Chinos in Denver failed our Restaurant Report Card with 10 critical violations in its unannounced inspection in March. “An excessive amount of dead flies were present in the light shields of the kitchen,” the inspector said. Also, the report said, “An employee at the grill line was observed taking out trash and then donning single-use gloves without washing hands in between.” The green chile, steak chorizo and guacamole were held at dangerous temperatures and were thrown out. […]

  • Restaurant Report Card

    Panzano Restaurant, Ritz Carlton-downtown Denver get inspection F’s

    DENVER — Fancy pants restaurants aren’t always the cleanest of the bunch. Panzano Restaurant Panzano Restaurant failed our Restaurant Report Card with 12 critical violations in its last two unannounced inspections in March 2016 and September 2015. In March, the inspector saw a pasta-making employee “remove her gloves and with her bare hands grabbed the dirty trash can (with the fingers inside her can)” and then continued working without washing her hands.  Another employee used his fingers to stop olive […]

  • Taylor Warner, who died in a crash when a front seat collapsed.

    Front seat hidden danger kills children in cars

    DENVER — There’s a good chance you are driving with a hidden danger and you don’t know it: Driver and passenger seats that break after a minor crash, striking the children sitting in the back seat. As parents, you’re told the safest place for your child is in a car seat in the back. But what you don’t know about your front seats could seriously injure or kill them. The FOX31 Denver Problem Solvers have uncovered 100 cases in which […]

  • Restaurant Report Card

    Baur’s, Jason’s Thai fail RRC for mice droppings, rodent caught in trap

    DENVER — Two restaurants scored F’s on this week’s Restaurant Report Card after as many as 30 rodent droppings were found in unannounced inspections. Baur’s Restaurant Baur’s Restaurant scored an “F” on our Restaurant Report Card with 11 critical violations in its March 2016 and December 2015 unannounced inspections.  The health inspector’s report said, “Approximately 25-30 flying insects are hovering and landing on walls, ceilings and the bar top.” The inspector also said, “Approximately 25-30 mice droppings were in several […]