Drive-by shooting in Denver Sunday afternoon leaves one person injured
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Investigative Reporter Heidi Hemmat is an Emmy winning journalist and Colorado Native.

She began her television career as a Producer and Reporter for a CBS station in Lafayette, Indiana in 1993. Since then she's reported for every major network affiliate including ABC, NBC, FOX and CNN. She has been producing hard hitting investigative reports for FOX 31 since 2008.

Heidi always wanted to work in her hometown. Her dream became a reality in 1999 when she was hired as a Reporter for KUSA.

Her first day on the air in Denver was the saddest and most memorable day of her life. It was April 20, 1999--when 13 people were shot and killed at Columbine high school.

She joined FOX 31 in 2002.

Heidi has received dozens of journalism awards.

She graduated with honors from Colorado State University in 1993.

When she is not at work Heidi enjoys spending time with her husband and two children.

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    Phony credit cards dupe a dozen Denver businesses

    DENVER — A new credit card scam is hitting Colorado and it already has duped dozens of small-business owners. The thieves are buying  real credit card numbers from underground websites, and creating their own fake cards. Scott Taylor, owner of Salvagetti Bike shop in Denver is one of several victims.  A security camera captured one of the thieves as he was leaving the store. “This is a $2,700 bike that he’s walking out with,” Taylor said. The thief, later identified […]

  • Restaurant Report Card

    Cockroaches earn ‘Fs’ on Restaurant Report Card

    DENVER — Inside La California in Aurora, health officials found la cucaracha three inspections in a row. La California La California, located at 1685 Peoria Street, earned an “F” on Restaurant Report Card for 30 critical violations in March 2015. The inspector said, “A small cockroach was observed behind the ice machine and two large cock roaches were above … the sink.” The inspection report also said moldy limes, tomatillos and cheese were stored with wholesome food. Employees were found […]

  • Roof on house

    Problem solved: North West Roofing offers to replace roof for ‘scammed’ homeowner

    JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. — A Jefferson County homeowner who paid “Lifetime Roofing” in Evergreen more than $5,000 up front last summer and got nothing in return is getting some much needed help. Brian Cooper is one of more than a dozen alleged victims who paid the company tens of thousands of dollars for roofs that were not installed. On top of that, investigative reporter Heidi Hemmat learned Lifetime Roofing billed several homeowners’ insurance companies for more money, claiming the work […]

  • Roof on house

    Homeowners claim they paid company thousands for roofs that were never installed

    DENVER — Severe weather season in Colorado is in full force. Every time a major storm blows across the state, homeowners are often hit first by the weather and then again by roofing companies going door-to-door—trying to get you to hand over money for work they never do. Investigative reporter Heidi Hemmat found more than a dozen home owners who paid a local company tens of thousands of dollars for new roofs that were never installed. Jefferson county resident Brian […]

  • Restaurant Report Card

    Restaurant Report Card: One place scores 25 critical health code violations

    DENVER — Super Buffet on West Alameda has super bad health inspections according to the health department. Super Buffet The Lakewood restaurant scored an “F” on Restaurant Report Card with 25 critical health code violations in its April 2015 and December 2014 unannounced health inspections. In April, inspectors pointed out, “Evidence of roaches found over the prep cooler. Large accumulation of roaches found in the sticky traps in prep area.” The inspector also said, “Person in charge does not demonstrate […]

  • Families of DUI victims grateful for new felony DUI law in Colorado

    Colorado legislature passes felony DUI bill, sends it to Governor’s desk

    DENVER — Habitual drunk drivers in Colorado will face felony charges and prison time under a bill headed to the Governor’s desk to sign into law. The bill would make a fourth DUI a felony punishable by up to six years in prison and a hefty fine. It was an emotional day for supporters of the bill who have fought for years to get it signed into law. Families held hands and pictures of loved ones lost to repeat drunk […]

  • Vine-vera skin care products

    Skin care product promises too good to be true?

    DENVER — Who doesn’t want to look 20 years younger? A kiosk at an area mall promises to erase years of aging simply by using their skin care line of lotions, salts and scrubs. But, dozens of women claim they were duped and paid hundreds of dollars, even thousands of dollars for skin care products that did not deliver. Vine Vera skin care products cover a full daily regimen of cleansers, moisturizers and body butter. Consumers complain their sales people […]

  • Restaurant Report Card

    Restaurant Report Card: Casa Bonita rises to the top of the class

    DENVER — One of Englewood’s most popular breweries hits “Rock Bottom” with health inspectors. Rock Bottom Brewery – County Line Road Rock Bottom Brewery earned an “F” on our Restaurant Report Card for 11 critical violations in its last two unannounced or routine inspections in February 2015 and January 2014. In February an inspector found, “A bottle of liquor in the bar had fruit flies” and “an employee in the grill area was … handling ready to eat lettuce with […]

  • Leaders call for boycott of heating and cooling company

    Community leaders call for boycott of heating and cooling company refusing to serve Montbello

    DENVER — Community leaders said racial discrimination will not be tolerated and called for people of all color to boycott Mile High Heating and Cooling in Westminster in a united response to a FOX31 Problem Solver hidden camera investigation that first aired Wednesday night. The investigation started with a complaint from an employee who said Mile High Heating and Cooling in Westminster did not service Montbello. A producer with a hidden camera was sent into the business to apply for […]

  • Montbello Never Call

    Heating and cooling company refuses service to ‘colored people’ in ‘Mount Ghetto’

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Many viewers and readers of this story are mistakenly connecting our investigation to heating and cooling companies that have absolutely nothing to do with our story.  Mile High Heating and Cooling in Westminster is at the center of our investigation.  Unfortunately, some people have connected  Colorado Heating Cooling Corporation and Mile High Heating and Cooling Inc. in Thornton to our investigation, both of which are not related to the Westminster company. Both companies have wrongly received backlash from the […]

  • Restaurant Report Card

    Restaurant Report Card: Lack of food safety knowledge earns an ‘F’

    DENVER — Man Wah Restaurant in Lakeside earned an “F” on our report card with 15 critical violations in two unannounced inspections in March of 2015 and November 2014. Man Wah An inspector found the person in charge did not have “food safety knowledge” and the health department encouraged “employees and management to enroll in an online food safety class, but none have enrolled.” The inspector said, “Multiple food-borne illness risk factors were observed” and they found “multiple critical violations.” […]

  • Apartment resident Robert Hart and Investigative Reporter Heidi Hemmat

    Property manager charges disabled residents for repairs taxpayers already paid for

    DENVER — Some of Denver’s poorest residents including mentally and physically handicapped people and the elderly call it home. Residents at the Halycon Apartments contacted The FOX31 Problem Solvers for help after they received maintenance bills they could not afford to pay and feared eviction. Robert Hart has lived at the section 8 housing complex for six years. Hart said, “I’m upset about the bills. I’m upset about the way they treat people. They have no sympathy. They have no […]