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Investigative Reporter Heidi Hemmat is an Emmy winning journalist and Colorado Native.

She began her television career as a Producer and Reporter for a CBS station in Lafayette, Indiana in 1993. Since then she’s reported for every major network affiliate including ABC, NBC, FOX and CNN. She has been producing hard hitting investigative reports for FOX 31 since 2008.

Heidi always wanted to work in her hometown. Her dream became a reality in 1999 when she was hired as a Reporter for KUSA.

Her first day on the air in Denver was the saddest and most memorable day of her life. It was April 20, 1999–when 13 people were shot and killed at Columbine high school.

She joined FOX 31 in 2002.

Heidi has received dozens of journalism awards.

She graduated with honors from Colorado State University in 1993.

When she is not at work Heidi enjoys spending time with her husband and two children.

Recent Articles
  • Restaurant Report Card

    Restaurant Report Card: Original Chubby’s fails again, food kept at unsafe temps

    DENVER — Duffey’s Bakery in Denver failed our Restaurant Report Card with 11 critical health code violations in its December and June inspections from last year. Duffey’s Bakery, Denver In December, the inspector found “50 dead flies on a fly strip” but no flies in the facility. The reports said employees were handling soiled dishes then clean trays and milk was thrown out because it was held at unsafe temperatures. The inspector said there was a “significant amount of grease […]

  • Restaurant Report Card

    Restaurant Report Card: Get clean or get closed by the health department

    DENVER — Masa Asian Kitchen scored an “F” on our Restaurant Report Card with 13 critical violations in its December and June announced inspections. Masa Asian Kitchen The violations include dead mice, more than 1,000 rodent droppings and mouse feces on packages of noodles and rice which were stored on the floor. The report said a pungent order was coming from a broken toilet. Also, the inspector ordered the staff to deep clean the restaurant or face closure. We stopped […]

  • Restaurant Report Card

    Restaurant Report Card: Food kept at unsafe temperatures lead to ‘Fs’

    DENVER — The restaurant is named after a “Mirage,” but their health inspections were perfectly clear. Mirage Mirage Restaurant in Aurora failed our Restaurant Report Card with 11 critical violations in its last two unannounced inspections. In December, a health inspector found “Rodent droppings … on the floor in the water heater closet” and “A significant amount of dead flies … on used fly strips throughout the back preparation area.” The reports also said raw eggs were 71 degrees which […]

  • Restaurant Report Card

    Restaurant Report Card: Failure to wash produce results in ‘Fs’

    DENVER — City O’City failed our Restaurant Report Card with 11 critical violations in its October unannounced inspection. City O’City The Denver restaurant scored an “F” for “150 to 200 rodent droppings on the floor …” and “25-50 rodent droppings … beneath the basement stairs.” The report also said produce was not washed prior to use. The health inspector found there was no hot water in a hand sink and areas in the kitchen were soiled with grime and black […]

  • promo275186294

    Beware: Hackers targeting holiday shoppers

    DENVER — For many people, Christmas shopping means pulling out the credit cards. But whether you crawl through the mall or let your fingers do the shopping online, this is the time of year when your card information is most likely to be swiped by hackers. “People are actually more susceptible to getting hacked right now because they are more concerned about what they are getting for Christmas and not who’s getting them,” Colorado cyber security expert, Charles Tendell said, and […]

  • Holly Moore

    Problem Solvers: CBI agrees to investigate Castle Rock teen’s ‘suicide’

    CASTLE ROCK, Colo. — A FOX31 Problem Solvers investigation is getting results for a Castle Rock family, seeking justice for their 19-year-old daughter. Castle Rock police and the Douglas County coroner ruled Holly Moore’s death a “suicide” in March of 2015. In November, a FOX31 investigation raised serious questions about the cause of her death. Now 6 weeks later, Castle Rock police chief, Jack Caule, has agreed to transfer Holly’s Moore’s case to the Colorado Bureau of investigation, “the police […]

  • owen mclaughlin

    Problem Solvers: Baby with brain tumor needs special car seat

    THORNTON, Colo. — Owen McLaughlin looks like a normal 22-month-old boy, but his life has been anything but, so far. “I get scared about the future and about him,” Owen’s mother, Rachel Hurtado said. Owen was diagnosed with a progressive and in-operable brain tumor shortly after his first birthday. Because of the mass and the resulting fluid collecting in his brain, Owen’s head is enlarged and his weight has skyrocketed to over 40 pounds. Unlike most children his age, Owen […]

  • Restaurant Report Card

    Dead roaches, dead rats and flies lead to a Restaurant Report Card ‘F’

    DENVER — Tamales Moreno scored an “F” on our Restaurant Report Card with 18 critical violations in its October and August inspections. Tamales Moreno The violations include dead roaches in the kitchen and a dead rat in the storage area. An inspector also said flies were on “to go” containers and “on” jalapenos and both were discarded. The report also said food was being prepared in the garage and cans of Raid were found in food prep areas. Our calls […]

  • 12.10 marijuana

    DU students travel to Uruguay to learn about the cannabis culture

    MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay — Colorado leads the way in the marijuana business with states, countries and even Universities around the world looking at our program.  A group of Denver University (DU) students traveled to Uruguay as part of an international study program to examine the country’s cannabis culture and how it compares to Colorado. It was a surprise for the students when they saw a glimpse of a marijuana grow cultivated by the Uruguay government.   “Wow…It was a room that looked […]

  • Restaurant Report Card

    Restaurant Report Card: Dozens of dead flies and roaches earn F’s

    DENVER — Dead flies and dead roaches earn two Denver restaurants a failing grade on this week’s Restaurant Report Card. New York Deli News Inside New York Deli News Denver Health Inspectors found bad news for customers.  The Denver deli failed our report card with 14 critical health code violations in its October and April inspections.   In April, an inspector “Observed two fly strips … each covered with approximately 30-40 dead flies. One fly strip was directly above the food […]

  • Holly Moore

    Douglas County coroner maintains suicide as cause of death for Castle Rock teen

    CASTLE ROCK, Colo. — Douglas County Coroner Jill Romann told Holly Moore’s family on Tuesday night that she still believes the 19-year-old committed suicide despite serious questions raised by an independent medical expert hired by the family who said injuries on girl’s body indicate otherwise. “The more we investigate, the more indications we get that this was indeed a homicide, not a suicide,” Dr. Selma Eikelenboom told FOX31 investigative reporter Heidi Hemmat last month. Eikelenboom based her opinion on a number […]

  • Spencer Shaver

    Problem Solvers investigate free money offer on Craigslist

    DENVER — The FOX31 Problem Solvers were contacted by area residents who gave personal information, including driver’s licenses and Social Security numbers, to someone who claimed to be a successful businessman who wanted to help. But an investigation found the business owner has filed for bankruptcy and has a history of identity theft. A free offer stood out from the Craigslist advertisements. It said, “Immediate financial assistance available now … for rent, food and baby items.” If you need help, […]