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Recently recognized as "the face of political journalism on local TV news" in Denver, Eli Stokols brings you the latest in Colorado politics weeknights on FOX31 and KWGN, and 24-7 with breaking stories on The Political Page at KDVR.com and Twitter.

An award-winning journalist, Eli's reports seek to provide both sides of the story, to offer context, and to break down the disconnect between public officials and the public at-large by showing the human impact of laws and public policy as well as the human side of the lawmakers who make them.

A fixture on Denver's airwaves since 2005, Eli began his reporting career in Louisiana, covering hurricanes, tornadoes, crime and corruption, even patching potholes once a week. Even now, he continues to live and die with the New Orleans Saints.

In 2002, Eli received a Masters degree from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in New York City, where he spent the year reporting on the attacks of 9/11 and their aftermath, including seven months inside a Manhattan firehouse documenting how the firefighters there coped with the loss of a seven-man crew.

He is also a proud graduate of the University of California at Berkeley. There, he majored in history and pitched for the Cal baseball team -- whenever they had a safe lead of 10 runs or more.

Eli grew up in Irvine, California, where his broadcasting career was born in his parent's living room, where he first read the news from his desk at the age of 10. It later flourished in the park across the street, where Eli would announce imaginary baseball games out loud for the neighbor's enjoyment, often treating them to double-headers.

In high-school, he was a teammate of former Rockies third-baseman Garrett Atkins. A decade later, Eli had the unique and unexpected pleasure of covering Garrett's exploits during the 2007 World Series. Naturally, Eli roots for the Rockies but remains an Angels fan at heart. He is passionate about many things in addition to news and sports, including books, penguins and sandwiches.

Recent Articles
  • Lisa Clements, the widow of slain Corrections Chief Tom Clements, at his funeral last year.

    Beauprez trims Tom Clements ad after widow accuses him of using murder for ‘political gain’

    DENVER — One day after GOP gubernatorial nominee Bob Beauprez released a TV ad citing last year’s murder of former Colorado Dept. of Corrections Chief Tom Clements’ as an example of Gov. John Hickenlooper’s failure to keep the state safe, Clements’ widow, Lisa, asked Beauprez to stop. “Mr. Beauprez, it is with great sadness and frustration that I am breaking my silence on matters involving the death of my husband,” Lisa Clements wrote to Beauprez Thursday in a letter shared […]

  • First Lady Michelle Obama rallies supporters on behalf of Democratic Sen. Mark Udall at Denver's Exdo Event Center Thursday.

    First Lady Michelle Obama rallies support for Udall in Denver

    DENVER — Following Secretary Hillary Clinton’s impassioned plea to Colorado women earlier this week, First Lady Michelle Obama urged a large crowd here Thursday to support Democratic Sen. Mark Udall and offered a hearty defense of her husband’s first six years in office. Obama, still an asset on the campaign trail in 2014 while vulnerable Democrats continue to shun the president himself, addressed a crowd of 1,500 people inside the Exdo Events Center in the Larimer North neighborhood. “Mark is […]

  • An image from a new TV ad from GOP gubernatorial nominee Bob Beauprez, which highlights the murder of former Dept. of Corrections chief Tom Clements in a broad-based attack on Gov. John Hickenlooper over public safety.

    Beauprez keeps pushing public safety issue, hits Hickenlooper over Ebel murders in new ad

    DENVER — When GOP gubernatorial nominee Bob Beauprez accused Gov. John Hickenlooper’s Dept. of Corrections of releasing dangerous inmates and making women into widows in a debate last month, the Democratic candidate took serious umbrage, angry that his challenger would politicize last year’s murder of his Corrections chief and friend Tom Clements by a recently paroled inmate. Now, in the closing weeks of the campaign, Beauprez is going even further, referring to Ebel by name in a new TV ad […]

  • James O'Keefe undergoing a make-up transformation in a scene from his latest video attempting to highlight voter fraud in Colorado.

    Conservative provocateur O’Keefe baits two organizers into endorsing voter fraud

    DENVER — For a few weeks, most of the Democratic organizers in Colorado who encountered James O’Keefe recognized and resisted the conservative provocateur’s attempts to bait them into endorsing voter fraud. But not all of them. Two days after a number of left-leaning media outlets first warned that O’Keefe has been in Colorado, he is releasing a nearly eight-minute video of edited footage taken over a few weeks of filming here. It includes hidden-camera interactions with three young Democratic organizers, […]

  • Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton rallies support for Democratic Sen. Mark Udall and the rest of the party's Colorado ticket during an appearance Tuesday afternoon in Aurora.

    Hillary Clinton urges Coloradans to support Udall, Hickenlooper & Romanoff

    AURORA — Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a 2016 presidential front-runner and the de-facto leader of a Democratic Party eager to distance itself from the current president, urged Coloradans to support the Democratic ticket during a rally here Tuesday afternoon. Clinton told a ballroom full of supporters that Gov. John Hickenlooper and U.S. Sen. Mark Udall are effective leaders with proven records. Clinton, who could pick Hickenlooper as a running-mate should she run for president in 2016, touted his […]

  • Candidates for Colorado’s 7th Congressional District debate

    DENVER — Congressman Ed Perlmutter, D-Golden, has successfully staved off a number of Republican challengers in recent years in what was supposed to be the state’s quintessential swing district. This year, he faces a challenge from Republican Don Ytterberg. In a debate on #COpolitics: From The Source, Perlmutter defended his record including his support for the Affordable Care Act, which Ytterberg said he’d have voted with House Republicans to repeal. The two also sparred over immigration reform, climate change and […]

  • Democratic Sen. Mark Udall campaigning in Boulder last week.

    Mysterious late-night robocalls attack Udall for hard-line Syria stance

    DENVER — Numerous robocalls purporting to support U.S. Senate candidate Gaylon Kent went out to voters late Saturday night and early Sunday morning, but the Libertarian candidate says his campaign was not behind them. “No candidate would pay for calls that go out at inconvenient times,” Kent, a Colorado Libertarian, said in a statement. “I had nothing to do with these.” The calls seem to be intended to hurt Democratic Sen. Mark Udall, who is locked in a tight race with […]

  • Colorado state treasurer candidates debate

    DENVER — Treasurer Walker Stapleton fended off attacks from his Democratic challenger, former Congresswoman Betsy Markey, during a combative debate Sunday morning on #COpolitics: From The Source. Markey, who served one term in Congress, alleged that Stapleton hasn’t taken his responsibilities as treasurer seriously enough, pointing to key card records from the State Capitol showing that the Republican is in the office far less than his deputy, Brett Johnson. Stapleton, who is seeking a second term overseeing the state’s $9 […]

  • Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, seen here in an image from a TV ad now running in Colorado, will appear in Douglas County later this month to rally support for Colorado Republicans.

    Jeb Bush to headline Colorado GOP rally in election’s final week

    DENVER — Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush will headline a rally in Douglas County later this month to rally support for U.S. Senate hopeful Cory Gardner, gubernatorial nominee Bob Beauprez and the rest of the GOP slate, FOX31 Denver is first to report Saturday. Bush, who has yet to announce whether he’ll run for president in 2016, will appear at the Douglas County Fairgrounds for a rally organized by the Colorado GOP on October 29, six days before the election ends. […]

  • Sen. Mark Udall encouraging Democratic volunteers to spend time knocking on doors over the final weeks of the campaign to help him pull off a victory over Republican Congressman Cory Gardner.

    Udall needs Democratic ground game to come up big again

    AURORA — Looking to rally a room full of volunteers to work hard on his behalf over the final 18 days of the campaign, Democratic Sen. Mark Udall told them that the national pundits, looking at polls showing him trailing GOP Congressman Cory Gardner, are “already counting us out.” It’s the standard “win one for the Gipper” rhetoric you’re likely to hear a lot from candidates in the closing days of a campaign; but, in Udall’s case, it’s simply not […]

  • Democratic Sen. Mark Udall during a debate last month in Grand Junction, Colo.

    Udall leads Gardner with women, but will it be enough?

    DENVER — A new survey by left-leaning Public Policy Polling shows Sen. Mark Udall with an 11-point advantage with women voters, which seems like good news for the Democrat’s reelection hopes. That’s no surprise given Udall’s decision to focus seemingly exclusively on women’s health issues like abortion and birth control in his ads, looking to focus voters’ attention on GOP congressman Cory Gardner’s record just as Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet did successfully in 2010 when he eked out a win […]

  • Former statehouse Speaker Andrew Romanoff, a Democrat, is challenging Congressman Mike Coffman, R-Aurora, for his 6th District seat in 2014.

    Romanoff releases internal poll showing Coffman up one point

    DENVER — Democratic congressional candidate Andrew Romanoff released an internal poll Tuesday showing him trailing Congressman Mike Coffman by just a point, an effort to dispel the notion that the race is trending toward Coffman. Coffman leads Romanoff by a margin of 44-43 percent in the survey by Chris Keating, a Colorado-based pollster who typically works for Democratic candidates and whose surveys are regarded to be fairly accurate. In the poll, 13 percent of voters remain undecided. Romanoff has an […]