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Dan hasn’t always had those movie star good looks, he was born with a slight blemish. Dan’s parents were horrified to find their son had an extra pair of lips on his left cheek.

The doctors worked their magic, and after two short operations, they moved the lips to a place more needed. Dan’s parents spoke another language that they never taught him, making communication difficult.

Dan always wanted to be an astronaut, but after 9th grade he decided to go into television. He watched it for about 8 years straight, not moving from the couch once. Before embarrasing himself in front of the camera, Dan was a television news photographer. He also did some talk radio on KOA and studied at Groundlings Improv Comedy Theatre in Hollywood, CA.

Dan is imbalanced and very dangerous. Don’t make any sudden moves around Dan. He thinks he’s a goat.

Dan’s turn on’s–dog toys, milk, blue toilet water and the smell of fudge.

Dan’s turn offs–Fig Newtons, luggage and the letter “Q”.

Recent Articles
  • Broncos boot camp for the military

    U.S. military personnel attend NFL boot camp

    DENVER — Fifty members of the U.S. Army,  Air Force,  and Colorado National Guard prepared for a different type of engagement Thursday. Their battlefield, a gridiron. Training on the same turf as the best warriors in the National Football League, the Denver Broncos. It’s all part of USAA’s NFL Boot Camp. “Military loves the NFL. NFL is the most popular sport in the United States.  So we’re bringing those two together and we partnered with the Denver Broncos,”  said USAA […]

  • golden girls

    Golden girls and best friends just graduated college

    Just when most folks are retired and taking it easy, best pals Shirley Sweeden, Evelyn Lyons and Jean Johnston have just started to ratchet-up life’s experiences.  Literally. Back in 2014, the lofty ladies learned how to soar the baby blue Colorado skies in a hot air balloon.  Later, they learned to scuba dive the baby blue water at the Denver Aquarium. Now, understand the total life experience for these golden girls is 271 years.  Almost three centuries.  Lyons and Johnston are […]

  • Cherry Creek Reservoir riverboat

    Colorado’s first river boat starts floating at Cherry Creek Reservoir

    DENVER — Next time you head out to Cherry Creek State Reservoir, don’t check your GPS.  You’re not on the Mississippi River.  But it sure looks like it, and sounds like it, too. What you will see is the Princess Laura. A bona fide, double-decker, paddle wheel river boat. Thing is, it’s not on a river. She’s the first of her kind in Colorado, and she belongs to long time skipper Captain Dale Shaver, “My first boat was a Frigidaire. […]

  • promo296178738

    23 apps to make living in Denver better

    If you are new to Denver, or have been here all your life, it can still be a challenge just getting around the city.  Where to go, what to eat, how to get there, to name a few. has compiled a list of apps, 23 in all, that should steer you in the right direction whatever you’re looking for. First, transportation. B-cycle Now locates the nearest B-cycle station and routes to take. Parkmobile – No cash?  No problem.  It […]

  • Pouring a drink

    Best happy hours in metro area, according to Thrillist

    DENVER — Back in the day of wine and roses happy hour was just that. Free food and cheap drinks. Today, happy hour is still on the menu, with a few changes. First, the food isn’t free, and although ambience can be a draw, who’s kidding who, the No. 1 draw for the best happy hour is cheap drinks. has shaken, not stirred, a list of the top 21 best happy hours in Denver. Not in any particular order, […]

  • Disaster training drill in Denver

    First responders’ training day at DIA

    DENVER — It’s a worst-case scenario no one wants to imagine.  But that’s what must be done.  Imagining a catastrophe, a disaster, a terror attack.  It has to be imagined so if or when it happens, they will be ready. It’s a test of the National Disaster Medical System. “Federal agencies, state, we have the army here.  We have the National Reserve, the National Guard will also participate,” said Natalie Merckens, training incident commander. Wednesday’s scenario: Victims from an earthquake […]

  • New Broncos food

    There’s new food (and beer) at Sports Authority Field at Mile High for new Broncos season

    DENVER — It’s a new season, with a new quarterback and a new pale ale. In celebration of a championship season, and the one ahead, Sports Authority Field at Mile High is adding some game-winning grub to the lineup. “Because Denver is such a popular kind of electric kind of town with a lot of cultural cuisines, we tried to really look at things locally and globally, which are the two hot buttons this year.” stadium executive chef Chris DeJohn […]

  • Gabby Douglas at the Rio Olympics

    Gabby Douglas calls cybercriticism ‘hurtful’

    DENVER — Twenty-year-old competitor Gabby Douglas is no stranger to the Olympics. She successfully competed in the 2012 Olympic games in London, winning gold in gymnastics for Team USA. But this time around, she found herself battling not only fellow competitors on the mat, but social media critics online. Criticisms rang from not placing her hand over her heart to not supporting fellow teammates, to even the style of her hair. “Harassment is never fair game, but celebrities have always been […]

  • az2zgmjz0lfghcpn4xmdoxojbro-i4w8

    Car crash victim becomes child safety seat advocate

    COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Single mother Ashley Green lives to serve her country,. “I’m an Air Force staff sargent,” she said. And her children, Ava and Cayden, are her life. Being a mom, when she’s driving her kids in the car, she’s a firm believer in “arrive alive.” She wouldn’t dream of leaving home without child safety seats properly installed in her car. Green feels strongly about child safety seats, and for good reason. It saved her daughter Ava. In February 2014, […]

  • promo295138379

    Mile High Stadium returns, sort of

    DENVER — Drive by Sports Authority Field at Mile High and you’ll experience a flashback. It’s on the north side of the stadium in the parking lot. It looks very familiar, kind of like an old friend. There it is, in all it’s tiny glory: Mini Mile High. “I couldn’t believe it because I loved the old Mile High and it’s just an amazing little replica and I love it,” said Broncos fan Tandi Donaldson. Donaldson and her children Evie and […]

  • Security jobs available at Broncos games

    Job fair held for security jobs at Broncos games

    DENVER — For new Denver resident Nathan Midey, Tuesday was game day.  A transplant from Bettendorf, Iowa, Midey was drawn to the Mile High City. “It’s beautiful. I love the mountains. I’m an outdoors guy and I love the active lifestyle,” he said. Active lifestyles aren’t always free, and Midey was looking for a part-time job to augment his income.  He decided to check out the job fair at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. When he arrived, he soon […]

  • promo294983658

    Denver’s largest open space park now open to public

    DENVER — Sometimes big ideas come from small things.  Like taking your dog for a walk in the park. That’s what happened to Scott Gilmore. “The plants were here, the trees were here. You know we would always see these big mule deer in the Rocky Mountain Arsenal on the other side of the fence,” he said. So Gilmore got to thinking. “I believe it would have been a perfect place” for an open space park, he said. And how fortuitous […]