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Dan hasn’t always had those movie star good looks, he was born with a slight blemish. Dan’s parents were horrified to find their son had an extra pair of lips on his left cheek.

The doctors worked their magic, and after two short operations, they moved the lips to a place more needed. Dan’s parents spoke another language that they never taught him, making communication difficult.

Dan always wanted to be an astronaut, but after 9th grade he decided to go into television. He watched it for about 8 years straight, not moving from the couch once. Before embarrasing himself in front of the camera, Dan was a television news photographer. He also did some talk radio on KOA and studied at Groundlings Improv Comedy Theatre in Hollywood, CA.

Dan is imbalanced and very dangerous. Don’t make any sudden moves around Dan. He thinks he’s a goat.

Dan’s turn on’s–dog toys, milk, blue toilet water and the smell of fudge.

Dan’s turn offs–Fig Newtons, luggage and the letter “Q”.

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    DENVER — The Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association is having its 18th annual conference in Denver. The idea of treating autism, post traumatic stress disorder and other emotional disorders in the company of horses is a relatively new idea. “There are some people that really respond well with animals,” said Temple Grandin, Colorado State University professor of animal science and the keynote speaker at the conference. Most professionals agree. The power of healing horses is real. “When you think […]

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    ARAPAHOE COUNTY, Colo. — Arapahoe County will become the first county in Colorado to allow residents to use kiosks to renew license plate at the Division of Motor Vehicles. The idea is thanks to the Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder Matt Crane. “If they need to renew their license plate, they can come to these kiosks. They can use cash, check or credit card and they can walk away with the actual renewal tabs,” Crane said. Matt Smith slated up to three […]

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    DENVER — They really do look like an animal a 9-year-old girl would invent, sound and all. Say hello to vicugna pacos, aka, the alpaca. “An alpaca is a member of the camel family. They are a little smaller than a llama,” said Bud Synhorst, executive director of the Alpaca Owner’s Association. Alpaca admirers are getting their fill of the sights, sounds and smells of the cute and strange creature from South America. “They’re used for all kinds of garments, […]

  • University of Denver warns students of eggs being thrown at pedestrians

    DENVER — On paper it may sound funny, but in reality, it’s a different story. From March 4-14 there have been three reported incidents and four victims of someone throwing raw eggs at them from a dark colored SUV.  All of the attacks happened on or near the University of Denver campus. One female victim was seriously hurt. “We had one individual who was struck in the eye. And any kind of projectile into the eye can cause the loss […]

  • Residents of retirement home out to raise spirits for St. Patricks’s Day

    DENVER — It was an outing pretty much like other outings for the group of men and women from the Clermont Park Retirement Community. In the past, the group of 80- to 90-year-olds have been to the park, lunch and even bowling. But Wednesday, their goal was to raise their spirits. It’s all part of the group’s annual St. Patrick’s Day pub crawl. For John and Mary Heppting, this was their first time with the gray-haired group of guzzlers. The raucous […]

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    DENVER — No matter how much you think you control your destiny, sometimes life has other plans. Tim Eubank would attest to that. He was a successful IT guy living the dream in Aspen. He was happily married until his wife took him to court and then to the cleaners. “It was a very tough time for me. Emotionally, it was a very tough time,” Eubank said. Enter destiny. After a costly divorce, Eubank was staying in an RV at […]

  • U.S. Army recruiting largest increase in command’s history

    DENVER — It’s been a while since we’ve heard those famous words, but it’s true. Uncle Sam wants you. To be specific, the U.S. Army needs to add an additional 6,000 active duty recruits to the original 65,000 slated for 2017. It’s the largest in-year mission increase in the U.S. Army’s history. Gen. Jeffrey Snow, commander of the U.S. Army Recruiting Command, said the status quo is just too low. “My personal opinion is that in fact the Army is […]

  • DIA famous for flying and now fine dining

    DENVER — About the last place on Earth you would expect fine dining is at the airport. That has changed. Denver International Airport was ranked No. 1 on the 2017 Airport Dining Scorecard released by RewardExpert.com, citing pricing, quality and variety. “We are home to some of the most award-winning airport food locations in the country and in the world and we are extremely proud of that,” DIA spokesman Heath Montgomery said. Denver favorite eatery, Root Down, is at DIA. […]

  • Denver recycling rate ‘abysmal,’ according to report

    DENVER — A report calls Denver one of the worst cities in the country when it comes to recycling. “Denver has one of the worst recycling rates of any city in the country right now,” said Danny Katz, Colorado Public Interest Research group director. According to a 2016 study by CoPIRG and Eco-Cycle, a nonprofit recycler, Denver recycles only 20 percent of waste generated by single-family homes. “We’re at 20 percent because we’re not getting that composting, which makes up […]

  • Berthoud girl lands role of stunt double in ‘Logan’

    BERTHOUD, Colo. — Nayah Murphy’s mother Stephanie knew her daughter was destined for big things. “She’s always been really bright. She’s always tried really hard. Always tried to please everybody,” Stephanie Murphy said. A few years ago, Nayah began karate lessons. “I started doing karate when I was 3,” she said. And now at 11, Nayah is the five-time North American Sport Karate champion. In 2016 Stephanie Murphy thought her daughter might have the chops for acting. She submitted an […]

  • Conifer animal doctor heading to Iditarod in Alaska

    CONIFER, Colo. — The rush is on to Alaska, but not for gold. The rush is for the mush, as in the world-famous Iditarod dog sled race. David Palmini is an animal doctor in Conifer. Some say he’s the best around these parts. “Being a mountain practice, we definitely see a lot of trauma and critical care. We see animals throughout getting injured,” Palmini said. Soon, the doctor will be treating dogs. Sled dogs. A lot of sled dogs in […]