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Dan hasn’t always had those movie star good looks, he was born with a slight blemish. Dan’s parents were horrified to find their son had an extra pair of lips on his left cheek.

The doctors worked their magic, and after two short operations, they moved the lips to a place more needed. Dan’s parents spoke another language that they never taught him, making communication difficult.

Dan always wanted to be an astronaut, but after 9th grade he decided to go into television. He watched it for about 8 years straight, not moving from the couch once. Before embarrasing himself in front of the camera, Dan was a television news photographer. He also did some talk radio on KOA and studied at Groundlings Improv Comedy Theatre in Hollywood, CA.

Dan is imbalanced and very dangerous. Don’t make any sudden moves around Dan. He thinks he’s a goat.

Dan’s turn on’s–dog toys, milk, blue toilet water and the smell of fudge.

Dan’s turn offs–Fig Newtons, luggage and the letter “Q”.

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    DENVER — It was a great day to get hitched. Just ask Denver residents Darryl Walker and Loren Harbin; they met each other six years ago. “He was up there with his friend Gustavo, and we saw each other and it was like everybody disappeared when we finally talked,” said Harbin. Since then, the two have been a couple and haven’t looked back since. And now they are looking to the future. “I always knew I wanted to get married,” […]

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    Welcome to the classroom of the future

    DENVER — Welcome to the classroom of the future.  It kind of looks the same.  Sounds the same, too.  But don’t judge a book by it’s cover. They call it NGL, next generation learning. “Next generation learning is shifting teacher and student roles, that gets students in the driver seat,” said Paul Beck, Colorado Education Initiative Next Generation Learning manager. NGL allows students to set goals, provides more hands-on learning and more “real world” training. Students at Skyline High School […]

  • dlookyc8ukm-fb9h4xmdoxojbro-i4w82

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    DENVER — Thirty-one-year-old Mykey McFly, his real name, was a dyed-in-the-wool New York Jets fan, but a funny thing happened on the way to an education. “I went to school at the University of Denver and a lot of my friends they just have such love for the Broncos. I mean, they bleed orange,” said McFly. It didn’t take long for McFly to the get the fever.  Orange fever, that is. Dressed up in his one piece Bronco’s pajamas for […]

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    Three Heritage High School grads who became Broncos players appear at school’s pep rally

    LITTLETON, Colo. — You could say Heritage High School has quite a heritage in football. It has three Broncos players: Defensive tackle, Brad Henke, inside linebacker Marc Munford and punter Tom Rouen. Not only does Heritage High have a connection with the former Broncos, but the guys have an emotional connection with the school. “It’s a real special place because this is where it all started,” Rouen said. “There was an opportunity that was given to us as children growing […]

  • BreAnna and Lous win Boys and Girls Club trip to Super Bowl

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    DENVER — There are not a whole lot of ways to get to this year’s Super Bowl in California. Tickets, if you can find them, plus airfare, food and lodging can easily top $10,000 for two people. Or, if you are studious, disciplined and hard working — and in the Denver Broncos Boys and Girls Club — you just might have a chance. “It helps them make good choices. We have full-time technology people, full-time arts, education, health and PE, […]

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  • manning

    EA predicts outcome of Broncos-Panthers Super Bowl 50 in Madden NFL 16

    REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — Electronic Arts announced its annual Super Bowl simulation in Madden NFL 16 on Monday. EA has accurately predicted the winning team in nine of the past 12 Super Bowls dating to 2004 that it has run the simulation. Last year, the game got the winner and the final score exactly right: Patriots over the Seahawks, 28-24. So who won between the Broncos and Carolina Panthers, who meet in Super Bowl 50 on Feb. 7? EA has […]

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    DENVER — The Broncos have more than 23,000 season ticket accounts. An undisclosed percentage of those ticket holders won the lottery Wednesday when they came to pick up their Super Bowl 50 tickets at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. It’s kind of like a Broncos Power Ball. “That’s kind of a misnomer,” said longtime season ticket holder Tom Joy of Denver. “You only win the right to get your tickets and pay for the full price. So, you win […]

  • Broncos in white against Carolina

    ‘Science’ behind Broncos’ decision to wear white for Super Bowl 50

    DENVER — Back in the day, it was the Orange Crush. Now, it’s United in Orange. And for Super Bowl 50, it’s United in … white? The Broncos chose to wear their visiting team colors when they meet up with the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50 on Feb. 7. But white is not even a color. Why would the Broncos choose white over the beloved orange for the big game? “I think the decision to go with a color […]

  • (Photos: Getty Images)

    Time for trash talk arrives as AFC Championship Game approaches

    DENVER — It was bound to happen. Two teams, one championship. Emotions are running high. It was only a matter of time for the trash talk to begin. We are not sure which team, the Broncos or the New England Patriots, fired off the first insult, but Broncos defensive lineman Antonio Smith kept the fire burning when asked if Tom Brady is a crybaby. “Every time he got sacked he looks to the referee and say, did you see him […]