Dan Daru


Dan hasn't always had those movie star good looks, he was born with a slight blemish. Dan's parents were horrified to find their son had an extra pair of lips on his left cheek.

The doctors worked their magic, and after two short operations, they moved the lips to a place more needed. Dan's parents spoke another language that they never taught him, making communication difficult.

Dan always wanted to be an astronaut, but after 9th grade he decided to go into television. He watched it for about 8 years straight, not moving from the couch once. Before embarrasing himself in front of the camera, Dan was a television news photographer. He also did some talk radio on KOA and studied at Groundlings Improv Comedy Theatre in Hollywood, CA.

Dan is imbalanced and very dangerous. Don't make any sudden moves around Dan. He thinks he's a goat.

Dan's turn on's--dog toys, milk, blue toilet water and the smell of fudge.

Dan's turn offs--Fig Newtons, luggage and the letter "Q".

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