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Chris has Denver talking, with his hot FOX31 Denver daytime show, “Everyday.” This year, he won an Emmy Award for “Best TV Host,” tune in at 10am and see why.

Each morning at 10am, Chris brings you an hour of new trends, celebrity dish, and great ideas for the home and family. You can also catch Chris every morning on Channel 2’s “Daybreak,” as he delivers the top Entertainment headlines of the day.

Last year, Chris filled in for Regis Philbin, and hosted an hour of national television alongside Kelly Ripa. They loved him so much, Chris was invited back to the show a second time, as feature reporter for their “Ambush Makeovers.”

He has interviewed hundreds of celebrities, actors and politicians, and his live work has been featured nationally on CNN, FOX and MSNBC. Chris has also garnered two Regional Emmy Awards for in-depth reporting.

In addition to his degrees in Journalism and Political Science, Chris was a born performer. He studied theatre at Indiana University, and got his Improvisation training at Chicago’s famed “Second City.” He’s performed with Improv Troupes at countless festivals and shows.

“A fast, and facile fun factory,” says the Denver Post. The Westword Weekly raves, “Eye-opening.” Rocky Mountain News declares, “Spot On.” And Kelly Ripa sums it all up by calling Chris “Simply Divine.”

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