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  • Boulder residents peacefully protest Syrian attack

    BOULDER, Colo. — Friday’s airstrikes on three Syria targets has Coloradans responding. About a dozen Boulder residents stood on a busy street corner Saturday morning peacefully protesting the strikes by the U.S. in response to a chemical attack on Syrian citizens. Most of the protesters were part of the organization, Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center. Their goal is to advocate for a peaceful resolution between the U.S. and Syria. “I say, what we need is democracy at home, peace […]

  • Puppy stolen from Centennial pet store, owner offering reward for dog

    CENTENNIAL– A pet store in Centennial is offering a $500 cash reward for one of their puppies that was stolen from the store on Wednesday. Perfect Pets employees believe the woman who stole the dog is seen on their security footage stuffing the dog into her purse. Perfect Pets is no stranger to theft, this has been the seventh time a dog has been taken from the store. “You don’t think that something that would be so much fun and […]

  • Parker residents upset over not being notified of prairie dog extermination

    PARKER, Colo. — Residents in Stonegate Village in Parker were upset to learn their homeowners association dollars were spent on exterminating prairie dogs near their homes. One resident said they learned about the fumigation process after the damage had been done. Board members of the Stonegate Village Metropolitan District fumigated 600 colonies after some residents complained they roamed too close to homes. “They are in open space where there’s not going to be any development. They weren’t bothering anyone and […]

  • Hundreds gather for annual St. Patrick’s Day Kegs and Eggs celebration

    DENVER — Dozens of people lined up Friday morning at the Blake Street Tavern hoping to get inside for a free concert at the annual Kegs and Eggs event. The event kicked off St. Patrick’s Day weekend events in the city that will include a parade through lower downtown on Saturday morning. Thousands of people are expected to attend the parade, which begins at 9:30 a.m. when 10,000 marchers will be stepping off at 19th and Wynkoop streets. After turning […]

  • Parents of Columbine victims to meet students walking out of schools to protest gun violence

    LITTLETON, Colo. — Some parents of Columbine High School shooting victims plan to join students in Littleton who plan to walk out of schools on Wednesday to protest gun violence. About two blocks from Heritage High School, Tom Mauser, who lost his son Daniel nearly two decades ago, will meet with students along with other parents of Columbine victims. Mauser has been an advocate for gun violence legislation nationwide after losing his 15-year-old son Daniel in the Columbine massacre on […]

  • Car club honors fallen deputy in unique way

      DENVER — In addition to signing cards and leaving thank you notes for fallen deputy Heath Gumm, others crafted more creative tributes to the late law enforcement officer. Saturday, folks from a local driving club chose to honor Gumm in their own way as dozens of four-by-four vehicles formed a caravan to drive through the streets, proudly decorated in blue. FOX31’s Julie Leonardi reports.  

  • Some side roads in metro area remain icy after storm

    DENVER — Single-digit temperatures early Tuesday morning have side streets across the Denver metro area icy and dangerous for drivers. Freezing rain that turned into ice caused dozens of accidents across the metro area on Monday and led to closures on state highways and interstates. Side streets might not have been treated after the storm, and after temperatures plunged to near zero on Tuesday morning, it left icy conditions for drivers. Many people will also try to warm up vehicles […]

  • Colorado residents in Hawaii react to false alarm missile launch warning

    DENVER — Panic hit Hawaii Saturday morning as residents and visitors were warned of an inbound ballistic missile threat to the island. The notification was sent to cell phones telling residents to seek shelter immediately. About 40 minutes later, officials said it was a false alarm. Some Colorado residents were there and spoke to FOX31 about their terrifying experience. The alert told people to seek shelter right away and it wasn’t a drill. “It was a terrifying moment, overwhelming and […]

  • Commerce City residents can track snow plows with brand new website

    COMMERCE CITY, CO– Commerce City Public Works has launched a new website that will let residents track where snow plows are running through the city. The site is called Snow Trooper and anyone can access it and track the 11 snow plows and their routes around the city. “You’ll be able to see not only which streets have been plowed, but how recently they’ve been plowed and treated,” Travis Huntington, Commerce City spokesperson. When you navigate the website, there will […]

  • Clarence Moses-El files lawsuit against City of Denver for wrongful conviction

    DENVER — A man who spent nearly three decades in prison for a crime he didn’t commit has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the Denver Police Department and former Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey. Clarence Moses-El was accused of sexual assault in 1987 despite a lack of physical evidence. He was retried and freed last year. Moses-El and his attorney believe his rights were violated and the lawsuit will bring justice to the wrongful incarceration. “How do you […]

  • Friends, family continue search for missing elderly man in Golden

    GOLDEN, Colo. — The search for a missing elderly man stretched into Friday afternoon, with friends and family of the 87-year-old lending a hand. James Mitchell, 87, disappeared on Thursday night after crashing his son’s pickup truck into some rail cars just after 8 p.m. Thursday. Mitchell apparently walked away from the scene before police arrived. Search and rescue teams began working along 10th and Vasquez streets, then went north along Table Mountain. Mitchell is described as 5-foot-10 and about […]

  • Thieves steal 2 Aurora Salvation Army donation kettles, bell, apron

    AURORA, Colo. — Two Salvation Army red kettles have been stolen from two Aurora shopping centers this month. The thieves even stole the iconic red bell, apron and sign. Local Salvation Army officials are warning Aurora donors that there could be people posing as bell ringers Lt. Sam LeMar said the incidents happened within a few weeks of each other at the Southlands shopping center and Aurora Town Center. LeMar said there was a gap between shift changes during the […]