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Jim Hooley brings his skills as a veteran Denver newsman to FOX31’s Good Day Colorado and Channel 2’s Daybreak. For the past 15 years, he’s been up before dawn, delivering breaking stories from that morning and overnight hours to kick start your day.

Jim grew up on New York’s Hudson River and worked in newsrooms in Rochester and Cleveland before proudly calling the Rocky Mountains home.

During his career, Jim has reported live on the Columbine shootings, the Aurora Theater tragedy and Colorado’s floods and wildfires.

As Oscar Wilde put it, “the truth is rarely pure and never simple.” Jim believes that’s what makes the job of being a reporter so compelling.

Email Jim at Jim.Hooley@KDVR.com

Recent Articles
  • Officials walk balancing act on assessing threats and keeping schools open

    DENVER — Schools in the Denver area are open on Friday, but some students will be going to class under the watchful eyes of law enforcement. Officers will be at a number of schools because of the increase number of threats of violence. School officials walk a delicate balancing act on assessing the danger and deciding whether to keep a a school open or close it because of a threat. Colorado schools have comprehensive guidelines for how to assess a […]

  • Cinemark banning large bags in all of its theaters, including 9 in Colorado

    DENVER — The moviegoing experience will change beginning Thursday. The nationwide chain Cinemark Theaters is implementing a new bag policy to enhance safety and security for guests. Any bag larger than 12-by-12-by-6 inches will not be allowed in theaters. Cinemark said it reserves the right to inspect all bags and packages as customers enter the theater. Moviegoers worry that will slow down getting into a show, but most believe the new policy is a good idea. “This day and age, […]

  • Lawmakers work to repeal ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines

    DENVER — Just days after a shooting at a high school in Florida left 17 people dead, a bill is being prepared at the state Capitol to dismantle part of Colorado’s tough gun control laws. The bill would repeal the ban on large-capacity ammunition magazines for guns. It’s a controversial move, but one that has the support of gun rights advocates. The ban on large-capacity magazines has been in place for the past four years in Colorado. It was approved […]

  • President of Denver police union tells Congress city’s immigration ordinance is unsafe

    WASHINGTON — The president of Denver’s police union spoke before Congress on Thursday. He believes the city’s immigration ordinance is unsafe and makes it hard to get immigrant drug dealers off the streets. Nick Rodgers testified in front of the House Border Security and Immigration subcommittee. He believes Denver’s ordinance that bans police from asking someone about their immigration status is at the root of the city’s opioid and drug problem. He and his colleagues say it allows illegal immigrants […]

  • Denver police shoot, kill man after he shot his father to death

    DENVER — A suspect was shot and killed in a home by a Denver police officer late Tuesday night. The Denver Police Department said the incident began as a report of a family disturbance about 10:30 p.m. with shots being fired inside a home in the 2200 block of South Clermont Street, near Interstate 25 and Evans Avenue. The responding officer heard shots being fired inside the home and shot the suspect during a confrontation. Police said Wednesday the suspect […]

  • Exploratory committee seeks input on whether Denver should bid for Winter Olympics

    DENVER — Denver is moving a step closer to possibly making a bid for the Winter Olympics. On Thursday night, the exploratory committee putting together a possible bid by the city will hold a webinar. It will be a chance for citizens to give input on the plan. In 1970, Denver was awarded the 1976 Winter Olympics, but voters in 1972 rejected a $5 million bond issue to help finance the Games. A week after the ballot box loss, Denver […]

  • Lawmakers to consider bill to allow legal site for drug injections in Denver

    DENVER — A plan to allow a legal injection site in Denver goes before lawmakers on Monday at the state Capitol. The idea would establish a place where drug users could legally shoot up under supervision and without fear of being arrested. A supervisor could step in and provide medical help if there is an overdose. Some lawmakers toured a legal site in Vancouver, British Columbia, a few months ago to see if that site could be duplicated in Denver. […]

  • Bill would stop landlords, HOAs from banning large-breed dogs

    DENVER — State lawmakers are considering a bill that would stop landlords and homeowners associations from banning large-breed dogs. Some lawmakers believe people with big dogs are being treated unfairly when it comes to their housing options and they want to make that against the law. HB18-1126, introduced by State Rep. Paul Rosenthal, D-Denver, would make it illegal for the owners of large dogs to be turned away or told to get rid of their pet. Rosenthal believes big dogs […]

  • Denver City Council votes to ban bump stocks

    DENVER — The Denver City Council voted Monday evening to ban bump stocks, the device that can increase the speed in which a gun can be fired. It is also now illegal to have a magazine that holds more than 15 rounds, down from 21 and putting the city in line with state laws. The ban was supported 11-1. The Las Vegas shooter used a bump stock on at least one of his weapons during the rampage that killed nearly […]

  • Denver City Council supports proposal to ban bump stocks on guns

    DENVER — The Denver City Council voted Tuesday night to support a proposed ban on controversial bump stocks, the device that can increase the speed in which a gun can be fired. The Las Vegas shooter used a bump stock on at least one of his weapons during the rampage that killed nearly 60 people in October, allowing him to fire as many as 90 rounds in 10 seconds. The bill would ban any device for a pistol, rifle or […]

  • Annual MLK Day marade in Denver will go on despite icy conditions

    DENVER — Organizers are hoping the weather does not have a great impact on this year’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day marade. The combination of march and parade is set to begin at 9:30 a.m. at City Park on Denver’s east side. Despite the icy roads, snow and cold temperatures, the marade will go on as scheduled. Organizers said they are anticipating a large turnout, in part because of the current political climate. Despite the cold and snow in years […]

  • Man suspected of 8 robberies among 3 King Soopers stores

    LAKEWOOD, Colo. — Police are looking to find a man suspected of eight robberies at three King Soopers supermarkets in the past six months. The robberies started in July when the so-called “Secret Shopper Bandit” robbed a King Soopers on Kipling Street in Lakewood. Investigators said he operates pretty much the same way. He will walk up to a cashier and hand them a bag that has a note demanding money. The man has not displayed any weapons and no […]