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    Protesters rally around woman seeking sanctuary in Denver church

    DENVER — Protesters marched from Civic Center Park to First Unitarian Church to show their support for a woman who sought sanctuary inside the church to avoid being deported. Several hundred people gathered for the rally. Organizer Queen Phoenix said the march was all-inclusive with protesters rallying for everything from immigrants’ rights to the constitution. “There are so many different venues that are hurting us and offending so many different groups of people,” said Phoenix. Jeanette Vizguerra is living in […]

  • Alex Manzanares

    Student says teacher shut him in dark closet as punishment

    DENVER — A middle school student said a teacher shut him in a dark closet, facing the wall as punishment during a detention Thursday and now that teacher is on paid administrative leave. Alex Manzanares said he showed up for detention during lunch at Adams City Middle School in Adams County School District 14. Manzanares said the band teacher overseeing the detention directed him into the closet. “It didn’t feel right. Like yeah, I have lunch detention, but why am […]

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    Grieving family pleads for answers in man’s death

    DENVER — A grieving family posted 100 fliers around the neighborhood where 63-year-old Richard Hammond was found dead. “It was just senseless and I know somebody knows something,” said Cindy Valdez, Hammond’s sister-in-law. Hammond worked as the transportation director for District 49 in Falcon. He left for work Tuesday between 3:30 a.m. and 4 a.m. from his home near Bruce Randolph Avenue and York Street. He never made it to work. Twelve hours later, police found Hammond dead in his 2012 […]

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    Woman poisoned by carbon monoxide worries home inspectors aren’t regulated by state

    AURORA, Colo. — After going to the hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning, one homeowner wants answers as to why inspectors aren’t regulated by the state. After Kimberly Klepper moved into her home, she couldn’t figure out why she constantly felt sick. “I was getting horrible headaches,” Klepper said. “I ended up in the hospital for this, but at the time, no one knew what it was from.” Finally, it dawned on Klepper that something in her new home was making […]

  • Colorado State Capital

    New Colorado bill would try to curb domestic violence

    DENVER — Lawmakers on Monday will be introduced to a bill aimed at reducing domestic violence by setting up a statewide domestic violence fatality review board. Denver already has a review board, but if the bill passes, a statewide board would be established that would review domestic violence cases that resulted in death. From there, the board would look for missed opportunities, including times someone could have had an intervention with the victim. “This isn’t about pointing fingers or placing blame […]

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    Firefighters urge caution after long week of midwinter wildfires

    DENVER — Firefighters warn that while it’s winter, it is still fire season in Colorado. During the past week, firefighters fought wildfires through the Denver metro area, Boulder, Thornton and Fort Collins. South Metro Fire community risk reduction specialist Einar Jensen said firefighters in his district fight more wildfires during the winter than during the summer. “We think that a large part of that is that false sense of security. ‘Oh, it’s the middle of winter, we can’t have a […]

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    Man scammed out of $550 says alleged property owner also a victim

    DENVER — A man said a criminal scammed him out of $550 and the alleged rental property owner is also being victimized. Paul Borger and his family wanted to rent a property in Breckenridge over the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend. Borger found a property he was interested in on Craigslist. “We looked at a couple other places and this was the best one because it was downtown Breckenridge. It was easy for all of us to get around,” […]

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    Neighbors’ patience shrinks as building’s graffiti problem grows

    DENVER — Neighbors said they are fed up with the growing graffiti problem on a vacant building on Kalamath Street. They’ve filed multiple reports with the city, but a spokesman said there’s a reason crews have left it untouched. Jeffrey Beall passes by the building every day on his way to work. Almost every side of the building is now covered in graffiti. “I feel a bit ashamed actually. This is my neighborhood and it’s going downhill,” Beall said. “I don’t […]

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    Couple warns Craigslist sellers after buyer threatens to sue them over texts

    CENTENNIAL, Colo. — A couple said they were shocked to learn they were in a legally binding contract with a buyer after negotiating by text messages to sell car parts — and now the buyer is threatening to sue them. Emery and Will Sidebotham posted an ad on Craigslist for car parts. A buyer contacted Will Sidebotham and the two hashed out the deal via text messages. Eventually, they agreed on $2,000 for the parts. Shortly after, another buyer approached […]

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    Charity steps up to help family raise $4 million to find cure for daughter’s deadly disease

    BOULDER, Colo. — A local charity event has decided to donate the proceeds from this year’s event to a family’s campaign to raise $4 million to start a clinical trial for their daughter’s deadly disease. The FOX31 Problem Solvers highlighted Mila Makovec’s story in January. She was diagnosed with Batten disease, a neurodegenerative disease, in December. It’s fatal and many children die before they reach their teens. The disease is hereditary. There is a 25 percent chance Mila’s 2-year-old brother Azlan […]

  • kidnap-and-assault-case

    Multiple arrests in alleged Arvada kidnapping, assault

    ARVADA, Colo. — Police have arrested two adults and six juveniles on suspicion of first-degree kidnapping, attempted first-degree murder, first-degree burglary, robbery and other charges after luring a teenager into a stolen vehicle. On Jan. 27, the group allegedly coerced the 18-year-old into a stolen car where he was severely beaten and threatened, the Arvada Police Department said. The suspects forced the victim to disrobe and took photographs of him. They then returned to the victim’s home where they burglarized […]

  • dps-meeting-at-south-high

    Denver Public Schools superintendent says ‘refugees are always welcome here’

    DENVER — The superintendent of Denver Public Schools took a strong stand against President Donald Trump’s executive order on Monday at a meeting with students at South High School, telling the group that refugees will always be welcome. Tom Boasberg met with students and educators in light of Trump’s executive order barring refugees from entering the country for 120 days and immigrants from seven predominately Muslim countries for three months. “We are a community that is made stronger, that is […]