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  • Video: Close call with tornado that hit near Brighton

    BRIGHTON, Colo. — Ashley Eldridge was in a vehicle when a tornado appeared outside of her window near Brighton. She started shooting video of it with her cell phone video and emailed it to FOX31 Denver. She wrote in her email, “Very close call.” She wasn’t kidding. Watch her short video clip above. And then check out the one below of the same tornado. It hit Petrocco Farms in Brighton late Monday afternoon. Anthony Petrocco shot the video of the […]

  • Smartphone may have overheated, giving sleeping teen a scare

    Teen has close call when smartphone has meltdown

    A 13-year-old girl in Texas had a close call after her smartphone had a meltdown. Ariel Tolfree woke up to the smell of burning plastic and smoke. She found that her Samsung Galaxy S4 slipped under her pillow when she was sleeping and it started melting through the bedding. “The whole phone melted, the plastic the glass — you can’t even tell it was a phone.” Samsung says its phones are safe and points out the battery in the girl’s […]

  • 88 Drive-In Movie Theater in Commerce City, Colo.

    Metro Denver’s last drive-in movie theater fighting to stay alive

    COMMERCE CITY, Colo. — A Colorado institution is fighting to stay in business. FOX31 Denver’s Greg Nieto explains why Commerce City is threatening to shut down the 88 Drive-In Movie Theater in his video report.

  • Manchester United in Denver

    Manchester United in Denver to play soccer match Saturday

    DENVER — The most famous soccer club and perhaps the richest sports franchise on the planet is in Denver to play a soccer match Saturday. Manchester United is here to take on Roma at Mile High stadium. Parking lots at the stadium open at 10 a.m., gates open at 12:30 and the match kicks off at 2 p.m. Kent Erdahl has all of the information you need in his video report.

  • Denver Sheriff's deputies fire Tasrs at inmate

    New videos show alleged cases of excessive force at Denver Jail

    DENVER — The Denver Manager of Safety’s office released two new videos showing separate incidents inside the Denver Jail Friday. That happened just as a federal judge accepted a settlement where the city will pay a record $3.25 million to a former jail inmate who was abused in the jail and then sued the city. The videos are newly released but they are several years old. The city says its new policy is to release these videos after the discipline […]

  • Car crashes into Skylark Lounge on Broadway north of Alameda

    Car crashes into Skylark Lounge on S. Broadway

    DENVER — A bar on South Broadway had an unwanted “drive-thru” Friday afternoon. A car crashed into the Skylark lounge on Broadway just north of Alameda Avenue. There was an impressive emergency response to help clean up the damage. There were no serious injuries reported as a result of the crash. Police were conducting their investigation and did not release what caused the driver to crash. Broadway was closed before Alameda at the start of the Friday afternoon rush, causing […]

  • Federal judge approves record settlement in Denver Jail abuse case

    DENVER — U.S. federal Judge John Kane has accepted a record $3.25 settlement the city of Denver offered earlier this week to a former inmate who was abused while in the Denver Jail. Jamal Hunter sued the city over brutality and corruption inside the jail. He says he was choked by one sheriff’s deputy, and another looked the other way while other inmates attacked him. There is videotape to back up his claims. Judge originally questioned settlement The judge, John […]

  • Go behind the scenes of ‘Manhattan’ ahead of Sunday night’s debut

    A new show called “Manhattan” makes it’s debut Sunday night. It’s filmed in Santa Fe, New Mexico. FOX31 Denver’s Tammy Vigil visited the set of the show recently. It’s a period drama based on the secretive Manhattan project set in 1943 Los Alamos, which ultimately led to the creation of the atomic bomb. The show features some well-established actors including Daniel Stern who plays one of the brilliant scientists. You might know him from “Home Alone.” Watch Tammy’s video report […]

  • carjacker

    Brave deputy, Good Samaritan talk about stopping armed suspect on dangerous crime spree

    DENVER — If you watched the dramatic video of the crime spree in Jefferson County Wednesday, you saw a man help pin the suspect to the ground after Jefferson County Sheriff’s Deputy Fred Haggett took him down by himself. That man is wearing a green shirt in the video. He’s school teacher John McLaughlin. He stopped and got out of his car when the deputy tackled the suspect Christopher Sullivan in the middle of westbound I-70 near Morrison. “I hesitated […]

  • Vandals slash tires in quiet Jefferson County neighborhood

    JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. — A tire-slashing spree is under investigation in Jefferson County. The sheriff’s office says vandals slashed 2 tires on 13 cars overnight Wednesday in the area of South Holman Way in southeast Golden. Vandals used knives to make 1-inch cuts, but they were enough to flatten the tires and make the cars undrivable. Each of the 13 cars had 2 tires ruined on either the driver’s side or the passenger’s side.

  • Federal judge questions Denver’s record $3.25M settlement in jail inmate abuse case

    DENVER — Not so fast says a federal judge about the $3.25 million settlement the city of Denver reached with a former jail inmate in an abuse case. The victim sued Denver over allegations of brutality and corruption at the Denver Jail. Jamal Hunter filed the federal lawsuit after he was choked by one Denver Sheriff’s deputy and another looked the other way while other inmates attacked him. The judge, John Kane, was outraged over the issue. He called for […]

  • Naomi Almodovar

    Woman suspected in apartment arson could get life in prison if convicted

    CENTENNIAL, Colo. — We learned new details in court Thursday about why police say a 23-year-old woman set fire to an apartment complex last month, forcing people to jump for their lives to escape the flames. It happened at the Copper Terrace Apartments in Centennial. Naomi Almadovar is accused of setting the fire and she now faces 37 counts counts of attempted murder. She will likely spend the rest of her life in prison if she’s convicted. According to the […]