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  • Pet store raid in Thornton, Colorado`

    Authorities raid exotic pet store in Thornton after allegations of animal abuse

    THORNTON, Colo. — Animal Control, police and experts from the Colorado Department of Agriculture spent the day Wednesday pulling boxes of evidence out of pet store in Thornton. They raided Jurassic Pets on Washington Street at East 104th Avenue Wednesday morning. Investigators said little about the work they were doing. We do know they were conducting a criminal investigation involving allegations of animal abuse and neglect. Macradee Aegerter reports it isn’t the first time complaints have been made there.

  • Cars on street in Park Hill neighborhood of Denver

    Car thieves on a mission: They’re targeting ‘puffers’ in Denver

    DENVER — Even with this week’s mild weather conditions, car thieves are still on a mission, preying on those who start the cars and leave them running while they’re unattended. In Denver’s Park Hill neighborhood, there have been four car thefts, all within an hour of each other. The crimes happen fast. “I turned my back to tell my kids to come on outside and my son screams that somebody is getting into the car. As I turned around it […]

  • Denver Fire Department recruits

    Behind the scenes with Denver Fire Department recruits getting ready to protect the community

    DENVER — They are Denver’s first line of defense when flames break out, but they also protect us in many ways you may not expect. And they have a lot of skills they must master. FOX31 Denver’s Boris Sanchez takes us behind the scenes with the Denver Fire Department. He gives us a look as their new class of recruits gets ready to jump into the fire.  

  • Babysitting

    Babysitting prices increase during the holiday season

    DENVER — Hiring a babysitter can be bad news for your family’s budget at this time of year. An unscientific survey by a child care website says the going rate for babysitters and nannies during the holidays can be as much as $30 an hour in some parts of the United States. Moms FOX31 Denver talked to thought that price was pretty steep. A local child care company reassures Denver area parents, it’s not that high here. A spokeswoman says […]

  • USPS worker throws a package deliver to a door

    Mail carriers caught mishandling holiday package deliveries

    DENVER — The rush is on to get your packages to their destinations in time for the holidays. But sometimes delivery workers seem to sacrifice taking care of packages — for speed. Jeremy Hubbard shows us in his video report why a couple of employees of the U.S. Postal Service could be in trouble … their rough deliveries were recorded on surveillance cameras.

  • Tyson survived 2-week long ordeal

    Dog survives brutal cold, 2-week ordeal, then gets reunited with his family

    DENVER — A dog proved he clearly has the fighting spirit when he made it back home after a two-week ordeal of living on the streets. Tyson ran off from his home in Englewood before Thanksgiving, right as an Arctic blast blew into Colorado. His family searched for hours, putting up flyers, using Craig’s List and even Facebook … all without any luck. Then, two weeks later, a neighbor five houses down the street called. Tyson was in their yard […]

  • Douglas County school voucher case

    Colorado Supreme Court takes up Douglas County school voucher program case

    DENVER — The Colorado Supreme Court is now deciding whether to strike down or uphold a controversial school voucher program. Julie Hayden was in the courtroom as lawyers for both sides argued their case. See why it’s a decision that could impact every family with children in Colorado schools in her video report.

  • Elijah Taylor

    Store owner battles thief who tried to steal video game system

    DENVER — A business owner battled back against someone who tried to steal a video game system from his store. And the fight was recorded on the store’s surveillance camera system. The thief tried to get away with one of the holiday’s hottest items at Level 7 Games. But Elijah Taylor wouldn’t have any part of it. He chased him down in the store and went into battle. He kept the thief from taking what would amount to $300 out […]

  • Police investigate hit-and-run

    Female pedestrian killed by hit-and-run driver in Denver

    DENVER — Police are investigating a hit-and-run crash in Denver in which a female pedestrian was killed after being taken to to a hospital late Tuesday night. The woman was hit near East 33rd Avenue and Milwaukee Street about 8 p.m., the Denver Police Department said. She died Wednesday morning. The suspect vehicle is a silver or gray older model F150 pickup truck with a stripe on the side.

  • Broncos players like Julius Thomas take kids shopping for presents

    Broncos players take kids on a Christmas shopping spree

    DENVER — Broncos players took 25 children on a shopping spree through Target Tuesday night. The kids were recognized for their involvement in after school programs, and they got to go shopping for presents for their family members. The kids got presents, too. Julius Thomas and some of his teammates helped them each choose $200 worth of gifts. “I think it’s a really good thing we’re actually going shopping with the players,” one young shopper said. “I think it’s a […]

  • I-25 in northern Colorado

    Traffic accident deaths spike on I-25 in northern Colorado

    DENVER — The Colorado Department of Transportation is checking to see what has caused a troubling increase in deadly crashes along I-25 in northern Colorado. This year, along the 35-mile long stretch of highway from Longmont to Wellington, there have been 10 deaths. That’s more than three times the average over the last five years. Kent Erdahl has more information in his video report above.

  • Denver East High School

    East High School cafeteria closed due to rodent infestation

    DENVER — Denver Health Department inspectors ordered the kitchen at East High School to close due to a rodent infestation. It was closed from Thursday through Monday morning. A re-inspection Monday allowed the kitchen to reopen. “The employees of East High School have thoroughly cleaned and sanitized the whole kitchen facility. The kitchen has been re-opened. Food handling may resume,” an inspector’s report stated. However, inspectors will be back every day to monitor the situation because according to the health […]