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Dan Daru is a reporter on FOX31 Denver & Colorado’s Own Channel 2.

Born in Detroit, Michigan. Moved to Denver as a wee lad.
Attended John F. Kennedy High School in Denver.

Applied Science degree in Criminology, Red Rocks Community College
Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice, Metropolitan State University of Denver
Bachelor of Arts in Communications, Metropolitan State University of Denver

First TV job in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina as a news photographer
Chief Photographer at KBAK in Bakersfield, California
General Assignment reporter, KWGN, Channel 2
General Assignment reporter, KDVR Fox 31, Denver

Favorite story: WWII Soldiers of the 10th Mountain Division

Bike riding, WWII history, collecting for fun.
Dean Martin, martinis and good cigars for memories.

You can email Dan at Dan.Daru@KDVR.com

Recent Articles
  • Radio show host conceived, built Colorado Freedom Memorial

    AURORA, Colo. — His face might not be familiar, but his voice is. He’s Rick Crandall from Crusin’ Oldies 1430 AM. Crandall is also the voice of appreciation for the men and women who put on the uniform and gave all for their country. “Could I have been equal to that? Would I have been equal to that. And for those who were there I have such great respect for that sacrifice,” said Crandall. Not only does Crandall talk the […]

  • Butterflies set free at Denver Botanic Gardens’ Chatfield Farms

    LITTLETON, Colo. — It was a perfect day for flying. Not for kites or balloons, but for butterflies. And what better place to spread their wings than at the Denver Botanic Gardens’ newest attraction, Butterflies at Chatfield Farms. More than 300 butterflies were set free, sort of, inside a 20-foot-by-60-foot quonset greenhouse. The butterflies were flown in from a butterfly farm in Michigan. They were shipped in breathable envelopes. They cost around $4 each. The butterflies at Chatfield Farms are […]

  • Highway 34 in Big Thompson Canyon to open for business this summer

    LARIMER COUNTY, Colo. — The ripple effect of the devastating 2013 flood in Larimer County is still felt today. U.S. Highway 34 from Estes Park to Loveland in Big Thompson Canyon was hit the hardest. More than 22 miles of road were damaged or destroyed. Since then, the Colorado Department of Transportation has been working nonstop to make the scenic drive driveable once again. With the summer fast approaching, CDOT will make some slight adjustments to accommodate the high volume […]

  • Iraqi veteran continues to fight for fellow soldiers at home

    DENVER — September 11, 2001 was a day that changed Ian Newland’s life forever. His first reaction were thoughts of duty. He raised his right arm and swore an oath to the United States and the U.S. Army. His life would never be the same. He eventually wound up in Charlie Company, 126, United States Army First Infantry Division, the Big Red One. “Our job was to learn to shoot and to shoot well and to close with and destroy […]

  • Does your dog have allergies? Know the symptoms

    DENVER — Her name is Sadie. She’s a happy and healthy little mix breed pooch. Two years old, perfect weight. She would be 100 percent care free if it wasn’t for her allergies. “Not only can dogs get allergies, dogs can be allergic to anything you can be allergic to,” said Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald from Alameda East Veterinary Hospital in Denver. At Alameda East Veterinary Hospital, they see a dog suffering some form of allergy just about every day of […]

  • Elementary school in Lakewood up for sale

    LAKEWOOD, Colo. — North Lakewood Elementary School in Jefferson County was built in 1947 but is now up for sale. For father and son real estate team Tim and T. Blake Rogers, the school listing was a first. It is the second-oldest school in Jefferson County and was remodeled in 1965. In 1998, the building was converted to McClain Community High School. In 2003, it was the home of the Sobesky Academy, a school for special-needs kids. Now, the halls […]

  • Recently restored B-17 at Rocky Mountain Regional Airport

    JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. — A recently restored B-17 from World War II will be on display at the Rocky Mountain Regional Airport in Jefferson County this weekend. “A B-17 is in town,” said Scott Maher, Liberty Foundation director of operations. They call her the Madras Maiden, a fully restored and fully functional B-17. “B” is for bomber. “The B-17 was our bomber in World War II that actually won the war,” Maher said. But if it weren’t for men like […]

  • Shoot Like A Girl mobile range at Cabela’s allows ‘safe, controlled environment’

    DENVER — Back in the day, if you told someone they shoot like a girl, you’d be cracking wise. Today, say the very same thing and it would be a compliment. And that suits Karen Butler just fine. Butler owns and operates the Shoot Like A Girl mobile range at Cabela’s. “Inside, ladies can go in and shoot a pistol, a rifle and a bow in a safe, controlled environment with an NRA certified instructor and an archery coach,” Butler […]

  • King cobra at Denver Zoo gets chemotherapy for skin cancer

    DENVER — Zookeeper Tim Trout knows his reptiles. He’s been working at the Denver Zoo’s tropical discovery attraction for almost 18 years. “This job gives me the opportunity to work with ones that you really can’t work with outside of a zoo very easily or safely,” Trout said. One reptile that Trout works closely with at the zoo is a king cobra. “He is 18 years old. He came here just a couple months after I did. As a young […]

  • Colorado State University research could add years to human life

    FORT COLLINS, Colo. — If it were up to you, how old would you like to live? If Colorado State University professors Karyn Hamilton and Benjamin Miller have any say, prepare to see your great-grandkid’s college graduation, right? Well, not exactly. CSU is working with bio-technology companies to investigate ways to help protect human cells against stresses associated with aging. In other words, researchers are trying to find ways to make people live a longer time in a healthier state. […]

  • Fidget spinners turning into big distraction at many schools

    DENVER — “When I first saw it, I was like, whoa,” a 12-year-old boy said. “I kind of wanted to try it out and see how cool it would be,” a 10-year-old girl said. If you didn’t know better, you would think these children are talking about something sinister. But they’re not. They are talking about the fidget spinner. “Fidget is a big word for anything you like to play with, really, in your hand,” said Shannon Sullivan, owner of […]

  • Kentucky Derby causing hats to fly off the shelves at Denver store

    DENVER — The fact is, most folks don’t wear hats these days. Maybe a knit cap in the winter or baseball caps. “I think they’re timid, shy, they think that people are going to look at them too much,” said Goorin Bros. shopkeeper Larry Nix. It’s not like you need a reason to wear a hat, but if you did, the Kentucky Derby is a pretty good one. “I think it came from the era of men just wearing hats […]