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  • Accounting students see life as IRS agents

    DENVER — When you think of college level accounting classes, you think of students in a class, taking notes from a professor. The last thing you’d imagine is students with fake guns and bullet proof vests arresting people suspected of committing a tax fraud related crime. But that’s exactly what happened Friday at Metropolitan State University in Denver. Twenty-five accounting students at MSU signed up for a one-day seminar to see what it’s like to be an investigator for the […]

  • International Church of Cannabis opens in old Denver church

    DENVER — It’s a beautiful building. Lots of friendly faces and a great Denver neighborhood for a church. But as you get closer, you realize this church is unlike any you’ve seen before. Welcome to the International Church of Cannabis. “Elevationists are what we call our congregation,” said Steve Berke, CEO of, which owns the property. “An individual’s spiritual journey and search for meaning is one of self discovery that can be heightened and deepened through ritual cannabis use.” […]

  • Colorado’s first drive-thru pot dispensary opens on 4/20

    PARACHUTE, Colo. — The first drive-thru pot shop in the country is opening in Colorado, just in time for the annual “high holiday” of 4/20. The Tumbleweed Express Drive-Thru in Parachute in the western part of the state is holding its grand opening on Thursday. Owner Mark Smith, 58, was a pawn shop man. He owned 23 of them and eventually sold them to EZ Pawn. With the cold hard cash in his back pocket, he headed west and landed […]

  • A day in the life of Zipper’s training

    DENVER — Places to go, people to see, things to learn, it’s all in a days work for Zipper, the service dog-in-training. “Zipper is 21 weeks old, he’s 20 inches tall and he is 35 pounds. He’s in about week six in his training and he’s doing an awesome job,” Erin Conley with Freedom Service Dogs of America said. At Freedom Service Dogs of America, Zipper’s day is all laid out. He just doesn’t know that. A very important part […]

  • High school senior making motorized rickshaw for his homeland

    DENVER — Some call it a rickshaw. Others call it a tuk-tuk. Tomato, tow-mah-tow, it doesn’t really matter. For 17-year-old Mohamed Idris, it’s why he’s building it that matters. “These vehicles can go through any terrain and go through small roads and I feel this tuk-tuk is able to support them,” Idris said. The “Rik Tuk” as he calls it will be his senior project at his high school, The Denver School of Science and Technology at Stapleton. He’s hoping […]

  • Mother goose makes annual visit to Westminster restaurant

    WESTMINSTER, Colo. — You just might notice something a little odd about the planter in front of the Afghan Kabob restaurant in Westminster. But if you weren’t paying attention, you’d walk right on by. A goose sits outside the restaurant at 1975 W. 120th Ave. “I’m assuming since the eggs came out of that one, that’s probably the female,” said Haroon Rashidi, part owner of Afghan Kabob. Haroon would know; the momma Canada goose has been hatching her babies in […]

  • Mobile laundry truck cleans clothes for homeless — free of charge

    DENVER — By any standard, 57-year-old Denver resident Mark Rodgers has not had an easy life. In prison for more than half of his years, he quickly admits to making some big mistakes. “I was using drugs night and day night and day. Everyday, you know, I was broke all the time. I was dirty,” he said. Sometimes in life, it’s nice to catch a little break. And this time, that break came in the form of a truck. A […]

  • Pizza chains reluctant to add calories to menus

    DENVER — When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that might be amore, but it can also be a whole lot of calories, too. Pizza is one of the most popular foods in the United States. A recent Gallup poll said more than 3 billion pizzas are sold and devoured every year. It’s big business. “And, of course, everything that we add to it from super thick crust to cheese stuffed crust to loading it with […]

  • Colorado hunting, fishing licenses could increase by 50 percent

    DENVER — A bill introduced at the Capitol could increase hunting and fishing licenses in Colorado by 50 percent to help pay for our resources. With unmatched beauty and natural resources, it’s no wonder that in 2015, more than 77 million people paid Colorado a visit. With those kinds of numbers, more money is needed to protect the resources. “Taking care of our natural areas through access and maintenance of our public lands is through fees outside the general budget […]

  • Arvada’s dog waste problem perplexing police

    ARVADA, Colo. — Dog ownership has many facets. But the least desirable one is, well, we all know about that one. In Arvada, too many dog owners are not picking up after their furry family members. It has become a big problem. “A lot of Arvada citizens do the right thing and clean up after their pets, so we also have some that think, ‘Someone else is already cleaning up, I’ll leave mine,'” police spokeswoman Jill McGranaham said. “There was […]

  • Zipper the service dog’s training right on course

    DENVER — At 19 weeks old, Zipper the service dog-in-training is a teenager. And like any teenager, he can be defiant. But at this point in Zipper’s training, dog trainer Mike Connors likes what he’s seeing from his pupil. “I’m very pleased with his progress. He is, for 19 weeks, very far advanced of where I would expect a puppy to be,” Connors said. At this stage in Zipper’s training, he’s still learning the basics. “Zipper has pretty much figured […]

  • Trying to show the competition some love on ‘Hug a News Person Day’

    DENVER — We don’t know exactly how National Hug a News Person Day started or why. But it doesn’t really matter, does it? We set out Tuesday to hug, and be hugged, by news people. We didn’t just limit hugs to news people. We reached out to the police, the mayor of Denver, (who was out of town, sorry, no hug), even our competition, Channels 4, 7 and 9. You’ll be surprised who and who did not, give us a […]