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Dan Daru is a reporter on FOX31 Denver & Colorado’s Own Channel 2.

Born in Detroit, Michigan. Moved to Denver as a wee lad.
Attended John F. Kennedy High School in Denver.

Applied Science degree in Criminology, Red Rocks Community College
Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice, Metropolitan State University of Denver
Bachelor of Arts in Communications, Metropolitan State University of Denver

First TV job in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina as a news photographer
Chief Photographer at KBAK in Bakersfield, California
General Assignment reporter, KWGN, Channel 2
General Assignment reporter, KDVR Fox 31, Denver

Favorite story: WWII Soldiers of the 10th Mountain Division

Bike riding, WWII history, collecting for fun.
Dean Martin, martinis and good cigars for memories.

You can email Dan at Dan.Daru@KDVR.com

Recent Articles
  • Therapy dog-in-training gets some stress relief therapy for himself

    DENVER — Zipper is in his 10th month of extensive training to become a service dog and so far, so good. So far he’s been working on his basic commands and on the duration, the amount of time he is able to be in a down, stay position. It will not be long before Zipper is paired up with a client. If all goes as planned he will be paired with a client in June 2018. A well-trained service dog […]

  • Punch Bowl Social set to open in Stapleton flight control tower

    DENVER — Standing alone among the houses, apartments and condos. Almost defiant as progress swallows up every square inch of marketable real estate around it. It was scheduled for demolition. Robert Thompson, founder of Punch Bowl Social, had a different idea, “Punch Bowl Social is an entertainment concept that has a diner-influenced menu and a craft beverage program. We do all this in a large format.” Thompson said. And what better format than a unique, and available, flight control tower. […]

  • Astronaut just back from space station returns home to Louisville

    LOUISVILLE, Colo. — He is no Capt. Kirk from the starship Enterprise. That’s because Col. Jack Fischer is a NASA astronaut, the real McCoy. On Thursday, after spending five months in space, he came home. Fischer grew up in Louisville and went to Centaurus High School. “Such a great education from the school and it is 100 percent due to the teachers just caring so much,” he said. After 136 days in space and two spacewalks, Fischer is back on […]

  • ‘Dream Chaser’ spacecraft is Colorado designed and built

    LOUISVILLE, Colo. — Space, the final frontier, this is the voyage of the starship ISS. That starship is the International Space Station. And space stations need to be supplied with food, water, clothing and scientific experimental equipment as well. Space shuttle astronaut and rocket man Steve Lindsey is vice president of space exploration systems for Sierra Nevada Corp. in Louisville. “We’ve been on basically every planetary mission in the solar system,” he said. SES has built and successfully launched what it […]

  • Denver barber shop loses lease, will close after decades in business

    DENVER — In the 4300 block of East Eight Avenue in Denver sits a small row of businesses made for another time. At one time the barber shop was as common as the full-service filling station. But in time, all things must pass. Such is the case with O’Brien’s Tonsorial Parlor. “They are not renewing our lease because they want to put other businesses in,” owner Dick Alderson said. “Take the little business out and put in the bigger business.” […]

  • City council approves Denver International Airport gate expansion project

    DENVER — The Denver City Council voted on Monday night to allow Denver International Airport to add more gates. The $65 million expansion project will see 39 additional gates installed at the airport. The new to be installed gates have yet to be assigned to any airliner, but one thing is for certain, more passengers will make their way through DIA. You know how much you love spending time at the airport, so more gates will be great, right?  Some […]

  • Colorado World War II vet recalls bloody battle on Iwo Jima

    Throughout history, some men desire a place in it. For others, they were simply chosen, like Jack Thurman of Longmont. Dateline, Iwo Jima, 23 February 1945, the United States Marines were locked in a bitter and bloody fight for the tiny island. It would be turning point for the United States in the war with Japan. 19-year-old Jack Thurman was right in the middle of it. Casualties were high. Living conditions on that coral island were barbaric. 6,800 Americans died […]

  • Colorado Freedom Memorial repaired after vandalism damage

    AURORA, Colo — A memorial dedicated to Colorado’s fallen soldiers has a new glass panel after it was damaged over the Fourth of July weekend. On Memorial Day 2000, radio personality Rick Crandall was doing his radio show from the American cemetery on Omaha Beach in Normandy. Seventy graves were soldiers from Colorado. “How do you bring them home? How do you get them back here. Names is the best way we could think of,” Crandall said. Crandall’s inspiration morphed into […]

  • Ideas to talk to kids after terrible events such as mass shootings

    DENVER — Whether you like it or not, mass shootings are in our consciousness. And a lot of children are thinking about this as well. “Kids are thinking about this because not only as it’s happening, but even here in our schools we have lock down drills, lockout drills,” school psychologist Angie Wall said. As hard as parents might try, it’s impossible to shield their kids from the news, the images, the horror of it all. So, as a parent, […]

  • Gun owners getting active shooter response training

    DENVER — After the most recent mass shooting in Texas, a lot of people are talking about better gun control. A lot of other folks are talking about controlling their guns better. “More people are interested in shooting, but I think more so than that people are interested in defending their loved ones,” said Jimmy Graham with the Active Shooter Response Training Center. At Centennial Gun Club, Graham said more people want to learn how to do just that. “We […]

  • Denver Rescue Mission preps for Thanksgiving feast, asks for donations

    DENVER — For 20 years, the Denver Rescue Mission has been providing a Thanksgiving dinner for families in need. All the fixings for a complete Thanksgiving meal. This year, it plans on providing a Thanksgiving dinner for 15,000 families in the Denver metro area. The problem is, it has about 2,000 turkeys and need about 13,000 more by Nov. 22. The Denver Rescue Mission’s game plan is to get the word out as much as possible. For the 15,000 families […]

  • It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at weekend holiday show at Denver Mart

    DENVER — It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Whoa, whoa, whoa… whoa! We haven’t even had gobble gobble yet and now we’re getting ready for “ho ho ho”? Well, that’s to be expected if you’re at the Colorado Country Christmas show at the Denver Mart. 450 exhibitors from around the country offering up holiday decor, specialty foods, Santa’s Village and handcrafted items. It’s very original, things you can’t find any place else. And, there is someone you can’t […]