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Dan Daru is a reporter on FOX31 Denver & Colorado’s Own Channel 2.

Born in Detroit, Michigan. Moved to Denver as a wee lad.
Attended John F. Kennedy High School in Denver.

Applied Science degree in Criminology, Red Rocks Community College
Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice, Metropolitan State University of Denver
Bachelor of Arts in Communications, Metropolitan State University of Denver

First TV job in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina as a news photographer
Chief Photographer at KBAK in Bakersfield, California
General Assignment reporter, KWGN, Channel 2
General Assignment reporter, KDVR Fox 31, Denver

Favorite story: WWII Soldiers of the 10th Mountain Division

Bike riding, WWII history, collecting for fun.
Dean Martin, martinis and good cigars for memories.

You can email Dan at Dan.Daru@KDVR.com

Recent Articles
  • Sheep in Aurora protected from coyotes by most unusual method

    AURORA, Colo. — There is a place in Aurora that time forgot. By design. It’s the Plains Conservation Center. Twelve hundred acres of open space. Central short grass prairie. Home to pronghorn, eagles, mule deer, rabbits, rattlesnakes, prairie dogs, and now, home to about 130 dorper sheep. A dorper sheep is a haired sheep, compared to a wool sheep. They actually shed all their hair in the springtime. Now, you might wonder why the Plains Conservation Center brought in 130 […]

  • Training Zipper is healing experience for trainer

    DENVER — Zipper’s trainer, 29-year-old Mike Connors, joined the training staff at Freedom Service Dogs of America in January. He’s one of seven full-time trainers. “After the Army I was looking for something I could still do that would help people and training service dogs fills both of those voids,” he said. Right now, Connors is Zipper’s full-time trainer, getting down the basics. “For his age he knows a lot more that he probably should, and sometimes uses that to […]

  • Family gets camping gear stolen; Problem Solvers, Bass Pro Shops lend a hand

    DENVER — For the Glasscock family in Denver, it was going to be the trip of trips. “See a sunset for real. See a sunrise for real. Watching the forest wake up in the morning, a magical time,” Scott Glasscock said. It was going to be daughter Abby’s very first campout. “I was actually excited about the s’mores. It’s marshmallow chocolate gooeyness is super good,” she said. That magical time, however, never happened because on the way to California, the […]

  • Cement canoe race held at Evergreen Lake

    EVERGREEN, Colo. — Students of civil engineering from around the world made their way to Evergreen Lake to compete with the best of the best. All were in canoes made from cement. “The have to find a way to make concrete either lighter than water or, with the shape of their canoe, can offset the amount so perhaps they are a bit lighter than water,” said Kristina Swallow, president of the American Society of Civil Engineers. “They also have to […]

  • Research project tracks rattlesnakes in Jefferson County

    JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. — It’s not a sound you want to hear in the great outdoors. But it’s a sound veterinarian Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald wants to hear. That highly distinctive sound from the Crotalus viridis, aka, the rattlesnake. “We are putting transmitters in 20 of the snakes out here.¬† Ten males and 10 females so we can follow them,” Fitzgerald said. Fitzgerald has teamed up with Jefferson County Open Space on a two-year study of the prairie rattlesnake. “From the […]

  • Denver Salvation Army looking for a few good bags

    DENVER — Summer camp is a rite of passage and a source of great memories that last a lifetime. The Salvation Army understands this, and that’s why it wants to send almost 1,000 inner-city kids to its summer camp near Estes Park. Camp High Peak would not cost a family anything. “It could be as high as $200, $300 a day or $1,500 a week,” Major George Hood with the Denver Salvation Army said. Sarai Williams of Denver knows first-hand […]

  • Estes Park police officer saves baby elk from certain death

    ESTES PARK, Colo. — It all started as an unfortunate mishap for a 2-week-old male elk calf.¬† He fractured his leg and was alone. In the animal kingdom, that means he would soon be part of the natural food chain. Except an Estes Park police officer found him just off of Highway 36 near the causeway. Feeling sorry for the injured calf, the officer contacted Colorado Parks and Wildlife for advice. ¬†Officials told the officer to euthanize the suffering animal. […]

  • Pinball wizards gather en masse in Lone Tree

    LONE TREE, Colo. — Ever since she was a young girl, she played the silver ball. From Greeley to Brighton, she must have played them all. “I was about 8 years old when I started playing pinball, down in my dads basement,” said Amy Hindman from Denver. You won’t see anything like her in any amusement hall. That petite, sweet and nice kid sure plays a mean pinball. “I’ll play it until I lose my hand,” she said. That’s why […]

  • Denver Zoo is looking for perfume donations

    DENVER — It takes a lot more than just food and water to keep animals happy in a zoo. After all, it’s not their natural environment. “It is definitely a challenge to stimulate our animals at the Denver Zoo,” said Heather Genter, the zoo’s assistant curator of behavioral husbandry. At the Denver Zoo, a full-time position is needed to make sure the animals are happy. That’s done by stimulating the senses. “Olfactory stimulation, visual stimulation, taste stimulation and tactile stimulation,” […]

  • Denver Iraqi war veteran trains his own service dog

    DENVER — On the outside, 48-year-old Denver resident Ryan Kelly looks like your average guy. With a quick smile and a shake of the hand, he’s just easy to be with. But on the inside, Kelly carries a very heavy load. “I couldn’t sleep. And I’d be wandering around the house with a shotgun, you know, making sure the locks are double, triple checked,” Kelly said. Kelly served 15 years in the Army National Guard. He flew Huey and Black […]

  • Colorado casinos in need of dealers

    DENVER — Casino dealers are cool, calm and collected. They need to be. You can’t mess around with other people’s money. But how did they get there? Who are these people? Where did they learn the skills necessary to become a casino dealer? Well, a lot of them started at the Casino Dealers School of Colorado in Denver owned by David Brogan. “We teach anybody from 21 to 70 how to deal blackjack and roulette, craps and poker,” Brogan said. […]

  • Lamar’s Donuts delivered by drone

    DENVER — Look, Up in the sky. It’s a bird, it’s a plane … It’s actually a drone carrying doughnuts. Lamar’s Donuts and the Denver Salvation Army teamed up Wednesday, getting ready to celebrate National Doughnut Day on Friday by making some very special doughnut deliveries. They did that with a drone. First stop, the Denver Police Department. No kidding. Second stop, the Denver Fire Department Station No. 1 on Colfax Avenue. After that, it was off to the 16th […]