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    Teddy Ruxpin, the iconic ’80s toy bear, is back

    NEW YORK — Teddy Ruxpin, the iconic talking bear from the late ’80s, is back — and he’s flaunting some timely upgrades. The toy bear made a splash when he launched in 1985. He was a first-of-its-kind animatronic toy with motorized eyes and mouth, and he told stories through a cassette player (remember those?) in his back. “Kids adored Teddy Ruxpin so much that he became a multi-billion dollar product in five years,” said Jeremy Padawer, co-president of Wicked Cool […]

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    Outrage after dolphins are shipped in crates from Hawaii to Arizona

      SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (CNN) — Animal activists are angry after three live dolphins were put in containers and shipped from Honolulu to Arizona. A cell phone video shows workers and the dolphins’ containers at a cargo warehouse. Alexis Thomas and other members of Animal Right Hawaii went to the FedEx warehouse and claimed to see stretchers that are often used to transport dolphins, “I approached Dolphin Quest while they were doing the transfer and I asked if they had a permit […]

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    Rosetta landing: Comet-chasing probe captures close-up images before final touchdown

    (CNN) — The Rosetta space probe has crash-landed on the surface of a distant comet, ending a remarkable 12-year mission that made a series of breakthrough discoveries. It was the final act of an epic project to chase a comet in its orbit around the sun, put a sister probe on the surface and gather information about its behavior and chemical composition. After confirmation, the mission controllers sent out a simple tweet in many languages, saying: “Mission complete.” Mission complete […]

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    Officials identify train driver involved in deadly crash

    HOBOKEN, NJ (CNN) — The engineer operating the New Jersey Transit train involved in a fatal rush-hour crash at a station in Hoboken is Thomas Gallagher, 48, said New Jersey Transit spokeswoman Nancy Snyder. Gallagher has been an employee of New Jersey Transit for 29 years, Snyder said. Thursday’s train crash in Hoboken, New Jersey, is an “extraordinary tragedy,” Governor Chris Christie said. He gave this description: ‘The train came in at a high rate of speed into the station […]

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    Obama, world leaders gather for tribute to Shimon Peres

    JERUSELAM  (CNN) — When President Barack Obama visited Jerusalem in 2013, Shimon Peres, then 89-years-old and in his fifth decade of public life, might have been expected to forgo the tour of high-tech innovations at the Israel Museum. But Peres, ever-passionate about the unfolding opportunities of science, was there introducing his ninth US president to a panel of Israeli and Arab engineers cooperating on boosting the country’s computer and technology sectors. It was a convenient alignment of both men’s visions […]

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    One dead, 114 injured after commuter train crashes into New Jersey station

    HOBOKEN, N.J. -- A New Jersey Transit train crashed into a platform in Hoboken -- one of the busiest stations in the New York metropolitan area -- during Thursday morning's rush-hour commute.

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    Chipotle to pay $8 million for ‘outrageous’ sexual assault of then-16-year-old

    DENVER — It took the jury only 3 1/2 hours to award a former Chipotle worker nearly $8 million in damages in a harrowing sexual assault case. The victim was 16 when she started working at Chipotle in late 2013 to earn extra money. Within weeks, she says her 26-year-old assistant manager started touching her breasts. He pretended it was an accident at first. Soon assistant manager Gerardo Solis was regularly touching her and “grooming” her for sex at a […]

  • Home Depot has pulled a Halloween prank prop called the Scary Peeper Creeper from its shelves in Canada. Credit: CNN

    Home Depot pulls ‘Scary Peeper Creeper’ from stores in Canada

    NEW YORK — Home Depot has pulled a Halloween prank prop called the Scary Peeper Creeper from its shelves in Canada because some customers found it too scary. The gag is a lifelike face that can be attached with a suction cup to the outside of a window, looking in, to resemble a Peeping Tom in a hoodie. Not everyone found it funny in Canada, where a notorious serial killer and rapist from the 1980s was a voyeur. Home Depot […]

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    World’s oldest man to celebrate bar mitzvah at 113

    HAIFA, Israel — The world’s oldest man, Holocaust survivor Yisrael Kristal, is to celebrate his bar mitzvah 100 years late — at the age of 113. Kristal, who was born in Poland in 1903, began learning Hebrew at the age of 3 and studying the Mishna, or Jewish laws, at 6. But he missed out on the Jewish coming-of-age ceremony, traditionally marked when a boy turns 13, because of World War I. His daughter, Shulamith Kristal-Kuperstoch, said Kristal’s long-delayed bar mitzvah would […]

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    Deer tries to settle the score with driver who hit it

    EDISON, N.J. — Guess deer don’t believe in letting bygones be bygones. A New Jersey woman was driving down a road, when — bam! — she hit a deer that had crossed her path. The deer took off — or so she thought. As the driver, Ellen Snyder, opened the door to check out the damage to her SUV, the deer suddenly charged back across the road toward her vehicle, pinning her inside. “It was trying to get in. I […]

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    Freebies, other deals available on National Coffee Day

    DENVER — Thursday is National Coffee Day and to mark the occasion, several places are offering free cups of joe. The origins of this day of caffeinated celebration are largely unknown, but who needs an origin story to justify that second, third or fourth cup? Statistics suggest that coffee-loving Finns will outdo the rest of the world. Finland is No. 1 in the world for coffee consumption per capita, according to data collected by market research provider Euromonitor International. On […]

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    Officials: Firefighter took down shooter at South Carolina school

    TOWNVILLE, S.C. — A firefighter is being credited with stopping a teen who allegedly shot two children and a teacher at a South Carolina elementary school on Wednesday. The unarmed, volunteer firefighter held the suspect at Townville Elementary School until deputies arrived, said Taylor Jones, Anderson County Emergency Services’ deputy director. The firefighter, who hasn’t been named, is said to have 33 years of service, according to KWCH. The suspected shooter is in custody, Jones said. The incident occurred just before 2 […]