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  • roorda

    Community meeting turns to scuffle after police union leader tries to take charge

    ST. LOUIS — An attempt to mend the relationship between citizens and police in St. Louis broke into a shouting and shoving match late Wednesday — between citizens and police. Council members considering a bill to establish a civilian oversight board over police work were holding a public meeting when Jeff Roorda, the business manager of the city’s police union, and a woman appeared to get into a confrontation, an online video shows. The room erupted into shouts and profanity, […]

  • niagara

    Frozen feat: Adventurer climbs icy walls of Niagara Falls

    NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. — Most visitors to Niagara Falls consider it a place for romance. Ice climber Will Gadd thinks of the famous falls as a spot for adventure. There have been countless attempts by daredevils to ride down both parts of Niagara Falls — the American Falls on the U.S. side and Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side. But earlier this week, Gadd made history when he became the first person to climb up the falls. The Canadian ice […]

  • knight

    Hip-hop mogul ‘Suge’ Knight arrested in run-over death; bail set at $2 million

    COMPTON, Calif. — Former rap mogul Marion “Suge” Knight has been arrested on suspicion of murder after two men were run over, one fatally, Thursday, authorities said Friday. He is being held in lieu of $2 million bond. “So far, people we talked to said it looked like it was an intentional act. So we’re handling it as a homicide,” Los Angeles police Lt. John Corina said. Knight allegedly had an argument on the set of the biopic “Straight Outta […]

  • divine

    ‘Like divine intervention’ — Telemarketer’s call saves woman being attacked 900 miles away

    LINN COUNTY, Ore. — A telemarketer making a sales call heard a woman hundreds of miles away being attacked. According to KLAS, the victim didn’t even know her phone was ringing. It happened when a telemarketer with Americare Health and Nutrition placed the call from her call center in Las Vegas to a woman in Oregon. The call was answered, but the woman never said hello. Tina Garcia, a telemarketing supervisor at the call center, said screaming could be heard […]

  • osu

    19-year-old charged with filming porn in Oregon State University library

    CORVALLIS, Ore. — Oregon State University’s main library just went viral, and not because of its state-of-the-art computer lab. A 19-year-old woman was cited Tuesday evening for allegedly using the university library as a backdrop to shoot an adult video last year. The woman was cited for public indecency and released, according to Steve Clark, Oregon State vice president of university relations. She is not a current student but attended the school for the 2014 fall term. The former student’s […]

  • Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. (Credit: CNN)

    White House responds to request to return Guantanamo base to Cuba: ‘No’

    WASHINGTON — Just over a month after the release of American aid worker Alan Gross from a Cuban prison ushered in a new era between Washington and Havana, the relationship is facing a new chill. Speaking at a summit of Latin American and Caribbean leaders Wednesday, Cuban President Raul Castro made some big demands of the United States. Among them, Castro asked for the return of the Guantanamo Naval Base to Cuba, an end to the five decades-old trade embargo, […]

  • Visa logo

    Visa makes a killing on card holders’ fees

    NEW YORK — What bitcoin? Visa is surging, and that’s likely a good sign for the economy. The credit card company reported an 11% jump in payment volume. Over $1 trillion worth of transactions were made on Visa cards from October 1 to December 31. That’s not too far off from the size of the total Australian economy, and that was only quarter for the company. Visa also announced a stock split. On March 19, investors who hold one share […]

  • Man Reunites With Stolen Dog

    Man looking to adopt new pet finds his old dog — missing for 18 months

    CLARESHOLM, Alberta — Deciding to move on after his beloved German Shepherd was stolen from his backyard 18 months ago wasn’t easy for Richard Brower. “I never gave up hope,” Brower said, “I’d just come to the realization that I couldn’t go on without another dog.” He’d enlisted the help of his motorcycle-riding buddies and nearly everyone from the dog park in the search. Anyone seen walking a German Shepherd had been, at one time, accosted by him or his […]

  • U.S. Senate Passes Keystone Pipeline Bill

    Senate passes Keystone XL pipeline measure

    WASHINGTON — The Senate passed a bipartisan bill on Thursday to clear construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, a controversial project that would transport oil from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. The vote was 62 to 36. Nine Democrats including Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet joined with Republicans to support the bill despite President Barack Obama’s promise to veto it because he thinks the decision should remain up to the executive branch. Bennet faces a tough reelection fight in 2016. […]

  • True love and kindness: A Fond Du Lac love story

    Wisconsin park workers clear path covered in snow for love

    FOND DU LAC, Wis. — A Wisconsin man who spent nearly 56 years with his wife keeps her memory alive with the help of two park employees. Bud Caldwell, 82, has a routine that he sticks to every day. He drives to Lakeside Park, rain or shine. That’s where he visits the bench he bought and dedicated to his wife, Betty, after she died two years ago. While he’s there, Caldwell tells his late wife about what’s going on in […]

  • 10875877_10153027016561323_10153027009861323_59766_1014_b

    Gitmo prisoner’s book hits New York Times bestseller list — but he may never know

    GUANTANAMO BAY, Cuba — When word got out Wednesday that “Guantanamo Diary” had made it onto the New York Times Best Sellers list, the book’s boosters were buoyant. “It suggests this is a voice we really needed to hear,” the book’s editor Larry Siems said shortly after he learned the news on Wednesday. “It comes out of a really deep, dark void.” But the person providing that voice and filling that void may have had no idea about the development. That’s […]

  • Comcast offered an apology after the name of one of its customers was changed to a profanity. (Credit:

    Comcast apologizes for changing customer’s name to profanity

    SPOKANE, Wash. — Cable company Comcast, long known for its terrible customer service issues, issued an apology Wednesday after someone at the company apparently changed a customer’s name to a profanity. Lisa Brown contacted the consumer advocate blog and provided it with a copy of the billing statement that had changed her husband Ricardo’s name changed to “A**hole.” Brown says she believes the name was changed after a recent call with the company’s customer service. Brown told the blog […]