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Chris Halsne joined the FOX31 Problem Solvers investigative team after spending 14 years as lead investigative reporter for KIRO-TV in Seattle. His in-depth reporting on controversial topics have earned him a National Edward R. Murrow award for Investigative Reporting, several National Press Club Consumer Journalism awards, and numerous regional Murrow and Emmy honors.

Halsne’s specialties include exposing government corruption, cold case crimes, aviation, using computer data to discover new truths and keeping politicians and powerful community leaders honest.

In addition, The Humane Society of the United States has recognized his exposes’ into animal abuse with its highest honor – the national Genesis Award.

Halsne believes strongly in the Society of Professional Journalists principal: Give voice to the voiceless.

After receiving his journalism degree from the University of Kansas, Halsne worked for television stations in Missouri, Florida, Michigan and Oklahoma.

Halsne is a documentary filmmaker, an author and a guy who loves sports and the outdoors.

His wife of 27 years grew up in Colorado and has always considered this area her home. They have two grown daughters: The oldest is a Certified Prosthetist-Orthotist pursuing a PhD. The other is an officer in the United States Army.

You can send Chris an email at Christopher.Halsne@KDVR.com

Recent Articles
  • Shooter threatened law professors, police before killing

    HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. — Douglas County shooter Matt Riehl had no criminal background, but according to the sheriff’s office, he was “known to them.” Part of that reason was Riehl’s angry, strange and threatening social media postings. Riehl used the alias “Matt Gonzo” on Facebook. Using various means of video recording, Riehl complained about the politics and tactics of several local police agencies. Before Riehl opened fire on Douglas County deputies early Sunday morning, he was busy on Facebook calling […]

  • Denver firefighters suspended for ‘egregious’ behavior while drinking off-duty

    DENVER — A group of off-duty Denver firefighters has been disciplined after a bar owner complained they not only brought their own alcohol inside his establishment, but were being “very loud and vulgar” during a breakfast-time celebration. Surveillance video and reports released by the Denver Department of Public Safety reveal some rowdy behavior, including “obtaining” empty coffee cups from a stand and filling them with alcohol they brought inside. When asked to leave, some members of the group allegedly “hollered insults” […]

  • Funding for anti-bullying programs in Colorado schools is relatively new

    DENVER — Funding for anti-bullying programs at Colorado schools is relatively new. Over the past two school years, the Colorado Department of Education has handed out $3.8 million to school districts seeking help. Before that, it was zero. The money has gone to 73 schools in 14 districts. They get the money in return for a requirement that they create “disciplinary consequences for students who bully and for those who take retaliatory action against someone who reports in good faith.” […]

  • Plea deals for faulty headlamps deny justice for victims

    BROOMFIELD, Colo. — Fictitious traffic tickets have been generating big money for Broomfield City Court this past year. About one-fifth of all moving violations were pleaded out to the same charge: Faulty headlamp. According to court records, prosecutors allowed 840 drivers to plead guilty to faulty headlamps, even though the Broomfield Police Department cited zero drivers for having a broken headlight. Although the plea agreements were designed to cut court costs and increase money collected from fines, the system denied […]

  • ‘Cyanide bomb’ expert under investigation by Colorado State Department of Agriculture

    LAPORTE, Colo. — Plenty of residents living in Laporte’s dog-friendly Rolling Hills neighborhood love animals. Chickens and horses prominently roam among large family homes, pens and yards. But a man living on Moccasin Circle has some of his neighbors feeling threatened. They say they are uncomfortable with the private property owner setting cage traps, placing unknown objects such as spikes into groomed ground, and according to police, allegedly setting out poison to kill skunks.  “The wildlife is not his to […]

  • Outrage over casinos prosecuting gamblers who use small abandoned slot credits

    BLACK HAWK, Colo. — Seventy-six cents. That’s how much a Denver man said he was convicted of “stealing” from a Colorado casino after he innocently played that small credit abandoned on a slot machine. On Wednesday, the FOX31 Problem Solvers exposed how casinos in Black Hawk, Central City and Cripple Creek are helping prosecute hundreds of customers a year under a little-known statute: Fraud — Take Money not Won. Since then, similar stories of casinos and prosecutors making criminals out […]

  • Colorado casino customers prosecuted for playing abandoned slot credits

    BLACK HAWK, Colo. — Casinos in Colorado have been quietly helping prosecute hundreds of everyday gamblers under a little-known law. Court records show in the past five years, 728 casino customers in Black Hawk and Central City, and 202 more mostly slot machine players in the Cripple Creek area, have been cited or arrested under Colorado Statute 12-47.1-823(1)(c). Their indiscretions range from innocently playing abandoned slot credits left on machines by other customers, cashing in credit vouchers found on the […]

  • Cheaters and dopers caught at Arapahoe Park horse track despite state regulations

    AURORA, Colo. — After an exclusive FOX31 Problem Solvers investigation this past year into illegal gambling, animal abuse and drugging of horses at unregulated “match races” throughout Colorado, viewers repeatedly asked to look behind the scenes into the only licensed horse track in this state, Mile High Racing at Arapahoe Park. It’s hard to imagine trainers thinking they can shoot a horse up with painkillers, attempt to fix a match or enter a jockey high on methamphetamine. But according to state […]

  • ‘Cyanide bombs’ in Colorado: Government agrees to stop using devices investigated by FOX31 Problem Solvers

    DENVER — An acting U.S. Attorney in Colorado on Monday signed off on a stay that orders Colorado Wildlife Services in Lakewood, a division of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, to halt the use of poison-ejecting devices M-44s. A judge ruled so-called “cyanide bombs” can no longer be used on public lands in Colorado to control predator coyotes until the federal government studies the environmental impacts of the sodium cyanide they launch when triggered. The FOX31 Problem Solvers first showed […]

  • Denver high school coach collected fees for players’ college recruiting exposure

    DENVER — The deal pitched by Denver South High School baseball coach Paul Grubesic to some families of his players was relatively simple: For a fee, a company called Athletes for College would help the high school players get noticed by college coaches. Such attention, Grabesic wrote in his sales presentation, was a “can’t lose offer … if you are serious about getting your athletes to the next level.” But an extensive FOX31 Problem Solvers investigation discovered Grubesic wasn’t fully […]

  • Cyanide bombs update: Feds negotiating a ban

    DENVER — There has been a significant development regarding the federal program that uses poison traps to kill coyotes. Thursday night the FOX31 Problem Solvers first told you about the dangers of “accidental discharges” of cyanide bombs. We profiled the case of a teenager who was injured, and his pet dog killed, after federal wildlife agents planted M-44 “coyote getters” in a field near a house in Pocatello, Idaho. Now, FOX31 has confirmed the government is leaning toward banning the […]

  • Cyanide bombs: Federal agents in Colorado set coyote traps despite accidents

    DENVER — Critics call them cyanide bombs. The U.S. Department of Agriculture calls them M-44s. No matter the name, they are controversial, indiscriminate killing-devices, aimed at wiping out predator coyotes. The M-44 is a spring-loaded mechanism that, once set vertically into the ground, looks like a thumb-sized, metal sprinkler head. Federally authorized agents bait the devices with rotten meat or other canine attractants. When any animal nudges it, sodium cyanide powder is shot up to 5 feet into the air. […]