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Chris Halsne joined the FOX31 Problem Solvers investigative team after spending 14 years as lead investigative reporter for KIRO-TV in Seattle. His in-depth reporting on controversial topics have earned him a National Edward R. Murrow award for Investigative Reporting, several National Press Club Consumer Journalism awards, and numerous regional Murrow and Emmy honors.

Halsne’s specialties include exposing government corruption, cold case crimes, aviation, using computer data to discover new truths and keeping politicians and powerful community leaders honest.

In addition, The Humane Society of the United States has recognized his exposes’ into animal abuse with its highest honor – the national Genesis Award.

Halsne believes strongly in the Society of Professional Journalists principal: Give voice to the voiceless.

After receiving his journalism degree from the University of Kansas, Halsne worked for television stations in Missouri, Florida, Michigan and Oklahoma.

Halsne is a documentary filmmaker, an author and a guy who loves sports and the outdoors.

His wife of 27 years grew up in Colorado and has always considered this area her home. They have two grown daughters: The oldest is a Certified Prosthetist-Orthotist pursuing a PhD. The other is an officer in the United States Army.

You can send Chris an email at Christopher.Halsne@KDVR.com

Recent Articles
  • County shirks responsibility for fatal horse race

    EADS, Colo. — Earlier this month, 22-year-old jockey Jesus Munoz was thrown from his horse during a promoted event at the Kiowa County Fair. The next week, he died from the traumatic head injuries incurred during the race. This week, the FOX31 Problem Solvers discovered Kiowa County Commissioners have insurance for accidents at the fairgrounds, but all indications are, they are not going to let the jockey’s family utilize it. Our investigation found Munoz had already guided three horses to wins […]

  • Cheer coach under investigation claims to be Olympic athlete — but he’s not

    DENVER — The East High School cheer coach who is under criminal investigation for allegedly physically forcing teenage athletes into painful forced splits also runs nonprofit youth development program Mile High Tumblers Foundation. Video show 28-year-old Ozell Williams is a talented tumbler, and shows him flipping across the University of Colorado football field in 2009 as part of the cheer squad. But the FOX31 Problem Solvers found Williams has been inflating his resume. According to the Tumblers website, Williams’ biography claims, […]

  • Denver jail hires much needed help

    DENVER — Denver has taken a small step toward reducing the shortage of jail guard deputies. Eighteen new Sheriff`s Department employees were sworn into their jobs at a graduation ceremony in front of family and friends Friday. The event was an opportunity for FOX31 to speak in person with Sheriff Patrick Firman about a series of recent, critical headlines which include excessive use of overtime for deputies working at local jails. The FOX31 Problem Solvers previously reported overtime for “uniformed” […]

  • Foul play suspected in case of missing mother

    CRESTONE, Colo. — Former Denver resident Kristal Anne Reisinger, 29,  moved to a small town near the Sangre de Cristo Mountains seeking religious enlightenment. Then around July 13, 2016, she disappeared. Over the past year, the Saguache County Sheriff’s Office has transformed its investigation from that of a missing person to a case of suspected foul play. Two detectives from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation have also joined the team looking into what might have happened to Reisinger. Although those […]

  • Emails tie DMV computer failures to $17 million in upgrades

    DENVER — Two years ago, state lawmakers allocated $93.3 million to the Governor’s Office of Information Technology to upgrade computer systems at the Division of Motor Vehicles. The project was nicknamed DRIVES — Driver License, Record, Identification and Vehicle Enterprise Solution. OIT records show it has spent more than $17 million from the DRIVES fund. But repeated computer-system meltdowns at DMV offices this year continue to cause long lines and delays for people trying to get driver’s licenses. From Feb. 22 to […]

  • Police crackdown on adult skill games arcades

    EVANS, Colo. — At least three Denver-area adult, skill games arcades have been raided by police – shut down for “alleged illegal gambling.” This comes on the heels of an exclusive FOX31 Problem Solvers investigation into whether these kinds of strip-mall quasi-casinos are flaunting loopholes in Colorado statute. Multiple law enforcement sources tell FOX31, the Colorado Attorney General’s Office has taken the lead in a statewide crackdown. Based on witness testimony and visits by the FOX31 investigative team, police showed up […]

  • Man accused of killing fellow inmate released from Denver jail despite ICE detainer

    DENVER —  Prosecutors in Denver have declined to file homicide charges against a teenage jail inmate who allegedly beat another inmate to death on Monday. Now he’s free and wanted by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement after the Denver City Jail already released him. Police, prosecutors and jail sources said 19-year-old Ricardo Lopez Vera got into a “mutual combat” fight with 42-year-old William Anderson in or near the shower area in pod H on Monday morning. The Denver Office of […]

  • ‘No bail jail:’ Simple divorce disputes resulting in jail time for some

    DENVER — Colorado couples go through about 22,000 divorces a year, most turning to the courts to settle all sorts of family, custody and financial matters. In the ugliest of situations, one ex-partner can get the other ex-partner locked up. Some local attorneys called it “no bail jail,” simple divorce disputes that result in hard time for clients who break the rules of an agreement. The offending party is often arrested inside the family courtroom under a civil commitment MITT, […]

  • Denver Public Schools sued over ‘family enterprise’ inside school

    DENVER — Denver Public Schools is facing a pair of federal lawsuits for its alleged failure to monitor a principal, her charity-organizer husband and sex-offender son. Two former PUSH Academy employees separately claim, among other things, harassment, hostile work environment and retaliation. A FOX31 Problem Solvers investigation last summer exposed a tangled web of financial dealings and nepotism connecting DPS, the PUSH Academy, a nonprofit Youth Adults for Positive Action and the well-connected Robertson family. All are named in the […]

  • Governor discusses oversight for unsanctioned horse races

    DENVER — After seeing a months-long FOX31 investigation into the dangers of unsanctioned horse racing, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper said he’s supportive of some sort of new oversight. “When financial self- interest is involved, people might dope up horses — do things that are unacceptable for almost everyone,” Governor Hickenlooper told FOX31 during a recent on-camera interview. “You want to get all those people together and say how can we make sure these horses are not mistreated for the lowest […]

  • Unsolved death on Amtrak train ‘frustrates’ medical examiner

    DENVER — Denver Chief Medical Examiner Dr. James Caruso doesn’t like mysteries. Over a two-year period, he and his staff of forensic pathologists performed 1,257 autopsies and 357 chart reviews. Of those, doctors failed to determine a specific cause of death only 47 times. “We try not to use undetermined very often. It is very unrewarding for the doctors. We don’t like it, but in some cases it’s all we can do,” Caruso said. “We sort of feel like we […]

  • Arapahoe County deputies hired to work at unsanctioned horse races

    DEER TRAIL, Colo. — The FOX31 Problem Solvers first exposed unregulated match races: Doping, gambling and abuse of horses going unchecked by regulators and politicians. Now, it’s been uncovered that Arapahoe County sheriff’s deputies not only knew about the horse races, they profited from them. Public records show the organizers of an unsanctioned series of “Mexican Horse Race” events held in Deer Trail hired at least 30 deputies on 14 occasions to provide extra patrols. Residents who live near the rodeo […]