Complaint filed against Walker Stapleton with Denver district attorney

DENVER — A complaint has been filed against GOP gubernatorial candidate Walker Stapleton with the Denver District Attorney’s Office.

The complaint was filed by Jason Legg with Strengthening Democracy Colorado, a group known for suing elected officials and government agencies over transparency issues.

The DA’s office has confirmed it has received the complaint.

Legg is asking for an investigation launched into what Stapleton knew about Kennedy Enterprises, the embattled signature-gathering firm accused of hiring out-of-state individuals to collect signatures for candidates.

Under state law, Colorado residents are only allowed to collect signatures for candidates.

Earlier this week, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled Congressman Doug Lamborn could not appear on the primary ballot because he hired Kennedy Enterprises.

Stapleton voluntarily withdrew his signatures from the Secretary of State’s Office earlier this month and got on the ballot for governor through the GOP State Assembly.

At the time, Stapleton said Kennedy Enterprises “lied” to him. 

“I want to know what he knew and when he knew it,” Legg said. “I’m asking for an investigation into possible fraud by Stapleton and Kennedy Enterprises.”

Any complaint this close to a major primary election is sure to raise questions about political motives.

Legg has a reputation of suing politicians on both sides of the aisle. He has recently filed complaints against Denver City Council President Albus Brooks and State Sen. Angela Williams.

Ken Lane with the Denver District Attorney’s Office said  it is reviewing the complaint and determining if any action is warranted.

The Stapleton campaign did not issue a statement in response.