Union Station Whole Foods store opens

DENVER -- A new Whole Foods store opened its doors near Union Station in downtown Denver on Wednesday.

The store will be an anchor for a part of downtown that has experienced explosive growth over the past few years, including business and residential development.

The new store at 1701 Wewatta St. is not small by any means. At 50,000 square feet, a lot of the space is dedicated to a chicken restaurant and prepared foods.

It will serve a downtown population that has grown 58 percent since 2010.

In all, 10,000 housing units have been added over the past seven years in a neighborhood that once was home to nothing but old rail yards and abandoned buildings.

So the need for another grocery store was all too obvious.

"There is only the King Soopers down the street so we end up driving," a resident said. "So we're looking forward to not having to do that."

Whole Foods closed its Capitol Hill store to make way for the new location. All employees who worked there are at the new location.