Repairing summer skin damage

Skincare. Closeup of female face. Young woman beautiful girl taking care of her dry complexion applying moisturizing cream isolated. Beauty treatment.

Do you suffer from summer skin damage?  Certain products lighten age spots and repair sun damage. Using lightning products is the perfect solution during the fall and winter seasons. Melasma (dark spots) are a very frustrating skin concern. Because of how close we live to the sun, we need to give our skin a much needed sun break with added protection and active cell turnover. Skin Care Specialist  Leah Shafer, from Skin By Leah has some amazing products and techniques that will keep your skin active, hydrated, and youthful looking; especially in the winter.

Not only is it a sunscreen for UVA /UVB RAYS But it is also an organic treatment. It helps with pigmentation and has extreme hydration. Plant-based organic solution. Helps fight aging while it protects