Extra guac, hold the fat: new ‘light’ avocados have 30 percent less fat than regular

Photo: Isla Bonita

All the guacamole, none of the guilt. The popular fruit, which seems to make everything from toast to smoothies so much better, is healthy just the way it is and often touted for its heart health benefits.

But those watching their waistline have typically steered away from a perfectly ripe avocado. With the introduction of ‘Diet Avocados,’ however, calorie counters may soon have reason to rejoice.

Created by Spanish food company Isla Bonita, the Avocado Light supposedly ripens faster and turns brown slower.

But the company’s biggest claim to fame may be the assertion that their new avocado has 30 percent less fat than regular avocados, a fact certified by the Spanish Heart Foundation’s Food Health Program

For now, your guac will have to remain ‘full fat,’ as Isla Bonita currently only has plans to market these new skinny avocados in Spain.