Zipper gets spa treatment from very grateful groomer

BLACK HAWK, Colo. -- For 20 years now Kristie Clark has been grooming dogs.

She loves them.

And being a dog lover, she and husband Al have been following Zipper's tale from the beginning of his journey to become a service dog for Freedom Service Dogs of America. "It's been really fun and I hate it when I don't see stuff about him because I specifically watch on Wednesdays knowing that that is his day," Clark said.

So it was a no-brainer to invite Zips up to their business in Black Hawk, Puppy Love Dog Grooming, for a little TLC. That's tender loving canine.

Spa day for Zipper

Bath, shampoo, blow dry and nails in a beautiful mountain setting. Perfect for pampering a celebrity pooch.

The Clarks are believers in the healing power of a service dog.

Their own son, Brian, served two combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was wounded and received the Purple Heart. "When he told me what actually happened, as a father I couldn't fathom my son hurting that bad," Al Clark said.

Brian continues to hurt today. Diagnosed with PTSD, Brian still doesn't believe he deserves a service dog, "He will not ask for help. He's a Marine and he's stubborn," his dad said.

For now, the Clarks are glad to know Zipper will make a great service dog for a deserving veteran.

Not unlike their own son.

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