Unforeseen twist in case of 10-year-old rape victim who gave birth

DELHI, India — There has been an unforeseen twist in the highly publicized case that had seemed to be at its end.

DNA results show a 10-year-old girl in India who was pregnant by rape and not permitted to abort, and in August gave birth, was not impregnated by her uncle as has been alleged.

“So far no one had thought of any other possibility,” an official with ties to the investigation tells the BBC, and for good reason.

The girl had provided court testimony that named the uncle and detailed facts about the alleged abuse.

Further, police say the uncle confessed, and the girl’s father told the BBC the accused hadn’t denied the charge.

But as the uncle’s lawyer puts it, “At this moment, I can only say that the DNA of the accused does not match that of the newborn.”

The Hindustan Times cites the victim’s statement and details from police in reporting the girl said she was “repeatedly raped” by her maternal uncle, who worked nights and was thought to have been around the girl after school, while her parents were still at work.

He was arrested in July. The case has been reopened and the DNA results will be reviewed for errors.

But the BBC reports the family has offered no other ideas on suspects to police.

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