Aurora couple return home after surviving Category 5 Hurricane Irma

AURORA, Colo. -- Dave and Sheri Bryant returned home Tuesday after a multiday ordeal in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The couple shared pictures of a soggy windy mess. They said they weren't sure if they would survive the storm.

Irma was a Category 5 storm as it moved across St. Thomas where the couple sought shelter in a small motel.

"We had water pouring through the light fixture in our room,” Dave Bryant said. “There was no power."

Before arriving on St. Thomas, Dave Bryant spoke via Skype on St. John.

“This is one to put on the bucket list and hopefully we'll be home watching on TV next week,” he said during the Skype chat.

The couple couldn't stay on St. John for long. Authorities told them to ferry elsewhere, but there was no way to get out of Irma's path.

“The pressure was changing in our ears,” Dave Bryant said.

The Bryants made their own playing cards to help stay calm. They said a knife allowed them to cut holes in the ceiling to relieve water pressure and prevent a roof collapse.

"I think the knife saved our lives in that room,” Dave Bryant said.

The Bryants, stranded for days, thought it could take months to get back to Aurora. Thanks to a Delta Air Lines humanitarian flight, they're now home.

"When I sat in my seat [on the plane], that's when I was like -- I am going to get to go home," Sheri Bryant said.

The couple said they're the lucky ones because so many people lost their homes on the islands.