Teacher gets kidney from student’s parent

DENVER -- Some lessons in life cannot be taught in a classroom.  But that's where one very important lesson was learned.

Andy Klaus-Corritore teaches ninth-grade history, literature and writing at Denver Academy.  He's been doing it 12 years.

"I love it because every day is a different day. You're never quite sure what you're gonna get when you have thirteen different personalities in your classroom," he said.

Two years ago, Klaus-Corritore got something he wasn't expecting to get either.

"I was 273 pounds. In three days, I lost 40 two pounds in water weight after they put me on dialysis," he said.

He was diagnosed with 90 percent kidney failure. Time was not on his side.

"I was close to dying," he said.

Stacey Folk, one of Corritore's home room parents, wanted to help.  She made a video, and posted it online.

The video, with music from the American pop band The Fray, touched the heart of Scott Patten, the father of another student at Denver Academy.

Patten decided to give one of his kidneys to Corritore.

"If I could help him live another decade or two, and keep helping kids like that, it would be a big change for the world that I can't do myself," Patten said.

A grateful Corritore called Folk, who made the video.

"She's the first person I called when I found out I was getting a kidney. I didn't call my mom, I called Stacey because she was the one who got me here," Klaus-Corritore said.

Klaus-Corritore teaches for a living, but has learned what the power of love, from people he barely knows, can do to save a life.