Unique 2 Colorado Products

Kim's Gourmet Sauces has been in business since 1993. Products are all Natural, no Preservatives, no High Fructose Corn Syrup or MSG. There are eight flavors to choose from:  Spicy Teriyaki, Original Teriyaki, Gluten-Free Teriyaki, Asian BBQ, Spicy Peanut, Bourbon-Aki, Cracked Pepper Dijon and Wasabi-Aki. They are available locally in King Soopers/City Market, Safeway, Sprouts, Tony’s Meats & Market and other various places around town.  All of our products are available for purchase online.


Teton Waters Ranch is a purveyor of delicious foods made with 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef.  We started small, on a ranch in Idaho’s secluded Teton Valley, and we’ve grown to include other ranchers who share the same passion for the land, the soil, and raising cattle with care on open pastures.  We invite you to taste the difference.