El Paso County charity worker has no access to home after bridge collapse

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. -- Imagine having to wade through a creek just to get to your car for a grocery store run.

That's what's happening to an El Paso County children’s charity worker living on her own.

The only way for Jodi Fuerstenberger to get to the home she's lived in for more than a decade is a bridge.

The bridge was destroyed by flooding two years ago, leaving Fuerstenberger to ride a four-wheeler or wade across the creek to get to her car.

It is very inconvenient considering she must travel to administer aid to  poor children as part of her work at a charity organization.

"I had to walk luggage across the creek, it was very wet," she said. "This just isn't a good experience.”

She said neighbors were letting her cross their land to get to the road but have now cut off access.

Neither Federal Emergency Management Agency nor the county are obligated to repair the bridge.

With cooler weather, more rain and eventually winter conditions coming, she is worried.

Propane trucks can’t access the home without a bridge.

“I’m scared to death. ... Propane is the only way I can heat my house and have hot water, and I cook with propane," Fuerstenberger said.

A GoFundMe is set up to help Fuerstenberger build a temporary bridge.