Aurora Central High School enacts stricter dress code

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AURORA, Colo. -- Students at Aurora Central High School are getting ready to head back to classes next week, but this year, they're facing a stricter dress code.

Aurora Public Schools said the idea came from parents and officials worked with students to come up with the code.

Hats, jeans with holes, yoga pants, sweat pants, athletic shorts and tank tops are not allowed.

Students will also have to wear school colors: Dark green, white, gray and black.

The district has new school clothing that can be purchased, but it's not required. Prices range from $6 for a shirt to $20 for a hoodie.

The district said feedback has been positive overall.

"We really don't feel that this is all that restrictive for students," said Corey Christiansen with Aurora Public Schools. "There's still a lot of different options as far as what students can wear

"It's not being referred to as a uniform. You can still wear blue jeans, you can still wear all types of shirts, different colors that are acceptable. It's not as restrictive as keeping students from expressing their individuality."

Students received a free T-shirt after registering for the school year. If parents need help being able to afford the new clothes or to get clothes in the proper colors, the school will help.

"In a school atmosphere, it's all about promoting a learning environment and when people know what the expectations are as far as what's acceptable and what's not acceptable for them to wear, there is less distraction," Christiansen said.

"There's more opportunities for students just to focus on learning, which is what they're there to do."

Dress codes vary across Aurora Public Schools. Some other schools also identify specific colors.