Police: Venmo users beware of new scam

DENVER -- Police are issuing a warning to users of the popular money-transferring and social network app Venmo, saying a scam is circulating the area.

According to the Denver Police Department, 13 thefts have been reported in a scam that not only steals phones, but takes money out of financial accounts.

The theft, according to officials, involves a suspect identifying a victim that has the Venmo app their smartphone, stealing the phone and using the app to transfer money.

The scam seems complicated, considering the suspects must find a way to get on a phone in the first place, but police say there are safeguards to protect phones.

  • Keep phones and other belongings close by.
  • Do not make use of the Venmo app public.
  • Do not give a PIN at any time to anyone.
  • A PIN should never be a date of birth.

Anyone who is a victim of the scam should call police.