Westminster couple hope to spark kidney donor to save man’s life

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DENVER -- Scott Lane’s wait for a new kidney could be seven years.

“My kidney function has steadily gone downhill," he said.

But the Westminster man’s wife says he's going downhill even faster than he's willing to admit.

So she took to social media to increase his chances of finding a donor.

Lane is one of more than 115,000 people nationwide desperately waiting for a kidney donation, 2,000 of them in Colorado.

"Back in March, I almost lost him. He went unconscious," Mary Ann Lombard said. "He's going downhill quicker … his kidney function is failing.”

To raise Lane's chances, his wife enrolled in UCHealth's Donor Champion program, which taught her to reach out on social media such as Nextdoor to appeal to the community.

"Every year people get added to the waiting list and every year transplants happen but unfortunately the number of transplants happening is always less than the number of people that get added to the list,” said UCHealth nephrologist Dr. James Cooper, who has treated Lane.

Lane's family members were ruled out as potential donors.

"It takes a large pool I think of people generally so that you can get one kidney that works for you," Lane said.

So they're hoping to increase interest and public awareness of donation through UCHealth's simplified screening process.

"It's an example of  somebody in need of a kidney there are many that need kidneys and somebody that took the extra step to try to find someone who can help," Cooper said.

"I would really like them to consider,” Lombard said. “Obviously, my husband needs a kidney. I really would like it if someone would consider it in general there are a lot of others just like me out there."