Donnie Wahlberg leaves $2,000 tip at North Carolina Waffle House

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — New Kids on the Block star and “Blue Bloods” actor Donnie Wahlberg left a $2,000 tip for workers at a Waffle House in North Carolina.

Wahlberg, who is in Charlotte for a New Kids on the Block concert on Thursday night, posted a picture on Facebook of the tip handwritten on a $82.60 bill.

“My mom waited tables, and my dad tended bars, for years! So, when I walk into a Waffle House, and the staff treats me like a king, you better believe I treat them like queens! Thanks to the team at Waffle House in Charlotte,” the Facebook post read.

Wahlberg also posted a Facebook Live video from the Waffle House.

Wahlberg is seen sitting with a “Blue Bloods” fan named Jasmine, who he said would receive tickets and backstage passes to meet New Kids on the Block.