Shooting suspect’s grandmother speaks out about man’s death

DENVER -- Two men wanted for first-degree murder were still on the run Thursday.

Justin Slyter, 39, was killed outside a Denver 7-Eleven store just after midnight Sunday. Two suspects are in custody. One is a juvenile, the other is 25-year-old David Houston.

He turned himself in at the urging of his grandmother, who didn't want to be named.

She said she believes her grandson was just with the wrong people, in the wrong place at the wrong time, but also said if he was involved in taking a man’s life, he needs to pay along with anyone else there that morning.

It started outside the 7-Eleven near East Colfax Avenue and Grant Street. The Denver Police Department said Slyter was arguing with a homeless man, 44-year-old Ru Shawn Wharton.

For whatever reason, three men associated with a white Chrysler Sebring got involved in the scuffle between Slyter and Wharton. One of those men was Houston.

“He was just out there with his other buddy. They went in to get some drinks. And the people in the parking lot were already arguing,” his grandmother said.

Police said Houston or someone he was with reportedly stole Slyter’s wallet as he fought with Wharton.

When Slyter walked up to the car the three men were in, a shot was fired and Slyter was killed. Houston told his grandmother he didn’t do it and she told him to turn himself in.

“The best thing to do, little David is just go turn yourself in because if you didn’t do nothing wrong, let them get you out of the equation of whatever happened,” she said she told him.

Houston and the juvenile remained in custody Thursday night. Wharton and the driver of the white car were on the run.

“Everybody that's got something to do with this, you better turn your tails in and let this family get some relief somewhere because their family member is gone, he ain't coming back,” Houston’s grandmother said.

“Everybody has the right to live and for somebody to snuff your life out, that's not fair. That's no fair. Everybody who has something to do with that needs to go down, whether it be my grandson or whoever, it's just not right."

Police are still looking for the driver of the white Chrysler Sebring who is believed to be the shooter and for Warton. Both are wanted for first-degree murder.

It's not clear why Slyter was on Colfax that night, why he was arguing with Wharton or why the three men in the car got involved in the fight that led to the homicide.