Boulder SWAT team responds to reported hostage situation

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BOULDER, Colo. -- Officers responded to reported hostage incident that turned into a SWAT situation at an off-campus housing facility on Friday morning, the Boulder Police Department said.

The incident began at 2 a.m. at the U Club Apartments at 820 28th St. when a woman from North Carolina called to say her adult son, Ian Burch, was being held hostage at gunpoint.

She said her son refused to speak with law enforcement but she would relay some information.

Police said officers contacted the occupants in the apartment at the address provided by Burch's mother.

"It was determined that they were not involved in any criminal activity," police said in a statement. "While leaving the apartments, officers located Burch hiding in another area of the complex."

Officers talked to Burch, who said he had spent some time in a different apartment and the people in that unit had multiple weapons.

Based on that information and safety concerns, the SWAT team was called for assistance.

"The occupants of the second apartment were initially uncooperative but police ultimately gained access inside. No weapons were located," police said.

No one has been arrested. Investigators believe Burch and the occupants of the second apartment know each other.

The investigation continues.