Pack of puppies sends bulldog dad scurrying for safety on sofa

BELLEVIEW, Fla. — Parenting can leave you dog tired and desperate for a short break on the couch.

Sir Spanky, an English bulldog, totally gets it.

When a litter of nine energetic puppies wanted his attention at the same time, Sir Spanky was understandably overwhelmed.

Sir Spanky’s owners captured a video of him on the run — with the pack of pups right on his tail.

The drastically outnumbered dad gets chased down the hall and under a table, but finally manages to get above the fray by seeking sanctuary on the sofa.

The puppies’ mother, Fiona, uses the same strategy when things get a little “ruff.”

It appears Fiona and Sir Spanky are getting a little more alone time these days.

The puppies, born in March, started moving into their “forever homes” earlier this month.