Why do we celebrate the Fourth of July?

DENVER -- Happy Fourth of July.

Wait a minute.  We don't say, "Happy December 25th." Or "Happy November 23rd." Or "Happy April 1st."  So why do we say "Happy Fourth of July?"

Just exactly what are we celebrating on July 4?  What better place to find out than at your friendly, all-American, Fourth of July parade.

"What are we celebrating today?" I ask one 12-year-old boy,

"The Fourth of July, which is the independence of America," he said.

That was a good start.

"What is Independence Day?"

Another boy responds with a question, then adds, "When America had gotten their independence against the British."

The Fourth of July is a date; the event is in fact the birth of the nation. It's about liberty.

"What does liberty mean to you?" I ask a little girl.

"It means God has given freedom to our land," she responded.

Now, on to the adults. The question is what is liberty?

"Oh, gosh, wrong question."

One mom responds, "My daughter, her name is Liberty."

I had to ask, "Your beautiful daughter is named Liberty, but you don't know what Liberty means?"  She says, "I know, I'm horrible, right?"

Perhaps little Allie, six years old, said it best when asked what does the 4th of July means to her, "It means I love it so much."