Several one-way streets in Denver will soon allow 2-way traffic

DENVER —  Several streets in Denver that have been one-way are being converted to allow two-way traffic.

Denver Public Works will be converting 19th and 20th avenues to two-way streets between approximately Broadway and Park Avenue West.

Grant and Logan streets will also be converted to two-way streets between 18th and 20th avenues. Construction is expected to be completed by the fall.

“The emergence of multi-family residences, street-level retail, restaurants, offices and ongoing development in the area has changed the community, and this project will help reflect this change,” officials stated.

“This conversion will allow for more ‘complete streets’ and will contribute to the urban neighborhood character that has emerged.”

New bicycle lanes will be also be added on 19th and 20th avenues.

“As more people choose to live in this area and commute to downtown either by transit, foot, or bicycle, there is an increased need to better integrate multi-modal travel into the corridor,” officials stated.