Man convicted of kidnapping, sexually assaulting fellow CU Denver student

DENVER — A former University of Colorado Denver student was found guilty last week of multiple counts after kidnapping and sexually assaulting a fellow student who had passed out after a party, the Denver District Attorney’s Office said Monday.

Prosecutors said John Kennedy, 23, carried a fellow Auraria Campus student from one apartment to his after Halloween celebrations, then sexually assaulted her on Nov. 1, 2015.

Kennedy was convicted after a six-day trial of second-degree kidnapping-victim of a sexual offense, sexual assault-victim physically helpless, sexual assault-victim incapable of appraising nature of her condition and unlawful sexual conduct.

Surveillance video showed Kennedy moving the victim after her friends put her in one apartment.

A friend of the 23-year-old victim realized she was missing and found her in Kennedy’s apartment. The victim said she didn’t know she had been moved or had been sexually assaulted, prosecutors said.

Kennedy was convicted by DNA evidence, witness statements and a confession.

He will be sentenced Sept. 18.