Doggie Cosplay

We are looking forward to the 1st ever Countdown to the Con doggie cosplay contest with Denver Comic Con!

Who: Denver Comic Con

What: Doggie Cosplay contest

When: 7:30pm-8:30pm June 22nd, 2017

Where: The Watering Bowl 5411 Leetsdale Dr, Denver, CO

Why: Because dogs are awesome!

All entries will be judged by Denver Comic Con staff  based on the following criteria: Originality (25%); Creativity (50%); and Craftsmanship (25%). If the dog's "walker" is in costume as well, any points for creativity will be added as bonus points to the judge's discretion.  In the event of a tie, an additional "tie-breaker" judge will determine the Winner from among all such tied entries using the judging criteria above.

1st Prize: A Kong gift basket  2nd Prize: A $100 gift card for boarding or daycare provided by Club Pet Resorts. 3rd Prize:  A dog gift "woof basket" provided by Vanity Fur. 4th Place:  A $15 gift certificate to Mouthfuls Pet Supply plus one pound of treats from the famous bone bar.


Tickets are still available for Denver Comic Con at; We'll see you there Friday, June 30-Sunday, July 2.