Professor warns of below-level standards at Aurora Community College after censure

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AURORA, Colo. -- Nathaniel Bork said he feels vindicated after a censure of Community College of Aurora over the weekend.

"My concern was about the well being of the students going forward," Bork said.

Bork said he was fired after complaining the curriculum was becoming to easy.

"They came in and they gave me a document and the document said you are going to drop 20 percent of your course content and you are going to assign a maximum of eight pages per semester," Bork said.

"That is the equivalent of high school work. I have not done an assignment like that since 10th or 11th grade."

The American Association of University Professors seemed to especially take issue with how Bork was fired.

"I'm fired while getting an oil change over the phone after seven years of service," Bork said.

"We believe that this action is unfortunate and unwarranted and that the conclusions of the investigating committee did not accurately characterize the college or the situation in question," the school said in a statement. "This action, based on those conclusions, does a disservice to the faculty, staff and students of a fine institution.

"At the Community College of Aurora (CCA) we are proud of the work we have done through our Equity in Excellence Initiative to address the student achievement gap. Instructional redesign at the college is based on national best practices for student success.

"Interventions were designed with the collective input of faculty, adjunct instructors and staff, and college efforts to address the achievement gap have earned national recognition.

"Our faculty and instructors work hard to provide a quality educational experience for our students and we value their contributions, both inside and outside the classroom."