Builder accused of cashing customers’ checks then ‘dropped off the grid’

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DENVER -- The Better Business Bureau issued a warning about Fabrum Builders after it said it received three complaints from customers who paid large sums of money, and after the owner cashed the checks, he stopped responding and never completed the work.

Rick Kane hired Fabrum Builders' owner Craig Holman as the general contractor for the Blue Spruce Brewing Company's second location in Littleton.

Kane said subcontractors had worked with Holman and recommended him. Kane said he and his business partners met with Holman, went over plans and signed a contract.

"He drew up the plans and got the ball rolling," Kane said.

Kane said Holman asked for a $10,000 deposit before he submitted the building permits. Kane said he paid, and then as soon as Holman cashed the check, he was gone.

"We haven't heard a word from him. We've called him, we've texted him. We've emailed him, and we've gotten zero response. He's just dropped off the grid," Kane said.

After a month, Kane said Holman responded once, detailing everything he'd been working on with the project.

However, when Kane followed up with Jefferson County, he was informed no one had heard anything about Blue Spruce Brewing Company's building permit and nothing had been submitted.

After that, Kane said Holman never said anything.

"It's a horrible feeling because to open up a brewery or any kind of business, it's a leap of faith, you're jumping off the cliff and hoping this thing is going to stick," Kane said.

The BBB said it has received two other similar complaints from October through March. The BBB said it switched Fabrum from not rated status to an "F" if the board chooses to revoke accreditation.

The BBB said it followed up with Holman, but he never responded about the complaints.

Several attempts to reach Holman were unsuccessful.