Washington dad returns $1,200 mistakenly sent to him; people reward him with more money

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UNIVERSITY PLACE, Wash. -- A Washington man’s good deed went viral this month after he returned money mistakenly sent to him on PayPal.

Gerrell McAllister, 28, received $1,200 in his PayPal from a stranger. The money came with a message that said it was a birthday gift to 30-year-old Melissa Trusler from her father, KCPQ reports.

Despite being a struggling, low-income father to a 5-year-old, McAllister said it was a no-brainer to hit the “return money” button with a note that said "Tell her I said happy birthday."

The mistake happened after Trusler’s dad sent the money to her old phone number, which now belongs to McAllister.

"Returning the money was instinctive because of the values my mom instilled in me," McAllister told BuzzFeed. "I’m trying to be the best person and provide the best example for my daughter."

Trusler shared the story on Facebook. All McAllister asked was that she told people he was “a low income 28-year-old Black man from Tacoma with a 5-year-old daughter returned your money. I would find that helpful in improving race relations."

“They might assume that I might be untrustworthy, trying to get over on whoever I come in contact with, that I’m low-class or don’t have morals,” McAllister told KCPQ.

Soon after Trusler posted the story, her friends started asking for McAllister’s PayPal information so they could send him money.

Trusler posted McAllister’s PayPal address on her Facebook post so people could donate to him, if they want.

“It shows that there are other good people out there and we’re unifying, hopefully, that means there’s still hope. There’s still faith in humanity for me," McAllister said.