Father’s Day money-saving tips

DENVER — With Father’s Day coming up in a few days, it could be hard to come up with a gift idea for Dad. The National Retail Federation reports in 2016 people spent $14.3 billion, with the average person spending $125.92.

For those interested in affordable gifts, here are some ideas:

Make a gift –  Think about the saying “it’s the thought that counts.” Consider making a nice meal, a thoughtful card, or give him coupons for activities he can redeem.

Shop and price compare online – Many internet retailers will offer Father’s Day deals. Take time to research Dad’s favorite places and see what they have to offer. Search for gift cards; some are discounted up to 35% off.

Spend time with him and do something together – As for another saying, “time is money and time spent with someone is never wasted.” If you haven’t seen dad in a while, call him up and ask him to go on a hike, a fun drive, play his favorite sport or even to the park or beach to just sit and talk.